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A Brief History of Seven Killings
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2015 Book Discussions > A Brief History of Seven Killings - Part 2 Ambush in the Night, Spoilers Allowed (December 2015)

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Hugh (bodachliath) | 2569 comments Mod
This section has 156 pages on the events of a single day - did you feel this was too much, or did you think it was justified by the sheer number of narrative perspectives? How do you feel the various voices are developing?

Hugh (bodachliath) | 2569 comments Mod
I find it interesting that this section is not generating any comments yet - I was thinking about sections 1 and 2 together because there is a lot of continuity (and by the time I thought about how to structure the discussion, my memory of exactly what was where was fading), but I decided to split them to avoid having one topic covering almost half of the book.

Whitney | 2065 comments Mod
This was a really interesting section. It largely seemed to serve as a bridge between the first two and last two sections, but it was also one of the densest and most abstract, except for the fairly straightforward "Kim Clarke" chapter. It reminded me at parts of William Gaddis in the way characters were identified by verbal tics instead of by name, such as Funky Chicken babbling old testament chapter names.

Whitney | 2065 comments Mod
Oops, that comment refers to part 3.

Caroline (cedickie) | 384 comments Mod
I've just finished this section so am only getting here now. I found it took a bit longer to get through than the first section, though I still enjoyed it. The parts I struggled the most with were the final Bam Bam and Demus chapters where things got a bit confusing and intense. It seemed like everyone was frustrated in this chapter and that very few people, if anyone, knows what's going on. I'm keen to see what happens next with the passing of time.

Whitney | 2065 comments Mod
I loved the Bam Bam and Demus chapters. Their coked out ravings were perfect for capturing the insanity and confusion.

Caroline (cedickie) | 384 comments Mod
Whitney wrote: "I loved the Bam Bam and Demus chapters. Their coked out ravings were perfect for capturing the insanity and confusion."

Oh they definitely were - I found them hard to swallow probably because I was a bit sleepy while reading so was not at their energy level!

Johanna | 4 comments The Bam Bam and Demus chapters are the most brilliant depictions of the adrenaline and drug rushes of a group of coked-out killers on their way to a hit I have ever read. James is a linguistic magician.

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