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Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang
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Adelaide Blair | 1060 comments Mod
This topic is for those who want to discuss the work in progress. No spoilers please.

Cheryl | 929 comments I've already read this book but have taken alot of notes on it. I applied for it through inter-library loan and it came in 4 days later (!). No book has ever come in that fast, and this one came from a library half-way across the state. The last inter-library loan took 2 weeks to arrive. There is no logic to the system.

Anyway, I did take alot of notes on the story, so I can keep up with the discussion. I liked the book. It had a real 1970s SF feel to it - focusing on the social aspect of future tech. I read alot of that type of SF growing up, so there was a nostalgia factor for me. I think it's worth reading.

Sarah (sarahmott) | 367 comments I'm still waiting for my copy. The ap says I am next in line...

Adelaide Blair | 1060 comments Mod
I am picking up mine today.

Adelaide Blair | 1060 comments Mod
Am I the only one who thinks David is creepy?

Cheryl | 929 comments Adelaide wrote: "Am I the only one who thinks David is creepy?"

Do you mean David's personality, or his relationship with Celia? I thought he wasn't too creepy, compared with people you'll see as the story progresses. What chapter are you on?

Adelaide Blair | 1060 comments Mod
I am on the third story. There was just something about David that turned me off. The clones are weird, but they are mostly just following their nature.

Cheryl | 929 comments This book does have a bit of a hippy/fairytale feel to the writing. It was popular in some 70s SF back then. Maybe it's the style you don't like? Like I said, I'm used to it because of reading it in the past and has a bit of a nostalgia affect for me. It might not hold up well for others.

The story progresses for many years/generations, so you'll see new characters before long (after chpt. 10).

Adelaide Blair | 1060 comments Mod
I'm on Mark's story right now. I'm enjoying the book, but for some reason David bothered me way more than the clones.

Cheryl | 929 comments The clones got creepier as the story progressed. I wrote down some quotes as I was reading.

After the mill accident in chpt. 7:"They left Clarence. Just walked away and left him. We brought him up, but I don't know...They just left him there and brought up their own."

Chpt. 8:"A Walt with something missing, David thought. They all had something missing. A dead area."

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