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message 2: by Ciayrra (last edited Nov 30, 2015 07:27PM) (new)

Ciayrra The Scorpion Flower | 930 comments Mod
Your result: You are dean winchester.
Congrats, you are funny and a little on the wild side. You like hooking up with girls/guys. Yoou'll do anything for your sibblings. andyour family.

message 3: by Cas ❦, Lady_Paranormal (new)

Cas ❦ (rowangalathynius) | 1778 comments Mod
Which supernatural character are you
Your Result: You are Castiel

Congrats! You are castiel. You are angel if The Lord . You don't really know anything about human lifestyle. You are loyal to your dad and even you may seem geeky you are really a tough soldier who can fight off archangels.

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