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A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird, #1)
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message 1: by Belkis (new) - added it

Belkis (bminaya) | 8313 comments I'm very excited to read this one! Have heard lots of good things about it.

Tracy | 7239 comments Mod
I havent read this one either. Maybe i can get it done before the end of the month.

message 3: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura  (llbasaldua) | 789 comments Huh well I have been debating this book so Ill get to it soon enough. It does have me interested.

MadameZelda Me too, but I have too many cherries on my plate!

Nicole Has anyone read this one yet?

Donna | 1350 comments I listened to it awhile ago. I really enjoyed it but have yet to start book 2... just a bit busy currently to begin it.

Tracy | 7239 comments Mod
I haven't and i really wanted to. Where is all my time going? : (

Donna | 1350 comments @ Tracy. I haven't picked up a book in 2 days. So, it's not just you. ;)

Tracy | 7239 comments Mod
We must be going through a slump of some kind. I'm still listening to my books but can't find the time or energy to read. So sad

message 10: by Phoenix2 (new) - added it

Phoenix2 | 69 comments I really wanted to read this too and I've forgot all about it!!

Cheryl La Pa (cheryllp) | 37 comments I read it last month and just finished the 2nd book in the series Ten Thousand Skies Above You. I loved both of them and can't wait for book 3.

Here is my review:

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