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First name: Kit-Rae
Middle name: Song
Last name: Lovilby
Nickname: either Kit or Rae
Age: 22
Gender: female

Class: Cleric
Weapons: (the tome and staff)

Appearance: (minus the fans and kimono)
Attire: http://loveliesbleeding2.deviantart.c... and http://loveliesbleeding2.deviantart.c...

Height: 5'11"
Weight: approx. 89 kg (196 lbs.)
Eye Color: ice blue
Hair color/style: silver; layered bob with two longer strands in front of ears that reach her hips

likes: learning new spells and getting potions correct, music, sweets, cute and shinny things, moonlight, overcast, and rain
dislikes: getting a potion or spell wrong, slimy stuff, bitter foods, the freezing cold, when someone sings or plays off key/out of tune
strengths: healing and creating potions that improve health
Weaknesses: the destruction of staff or tome results in her powers being weakened or disappears completely
Father: Drak; missing
Mother: Eveline;deceased
History: started training as a cleric at a young age when her mother was sick, she thought she could cure her if she got better at charms and potions; however, her mother passed and she was taken by the school's headmistress while her father was away at war. he's been missing ever since.
she is open to males, and has no crushes that aren't fictional (she read a lot in school)

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[Name] Taysia Fritz
-Nickname- Fritz
Fritz got her nickname based off of her sense of curiosity that often let to her causing a large mess, this caused people to loose their temper quickly with them resulting in the nickname.
-Age- Nine-Teen
-Class- Sorcerer
-Gender- Female
-Birthdate- July 22nd

-Hair Color- Bright Red
-Eye Color- Blue, Occasionally Wears Contacts
-Height- 5'4

-Favorite/Most Worn- (view spoiler)
-Others- (view spoiler)

-Good Traits- Fritz is highly driven and lucky. She also happens to be hyper intelligent which allows her to be so successful so far with discovering ways to prevent further spreading of the disease. She's fairly friendly and trusting as well.
-Bad Traits- She is far to trusting and most of what she does ends up being accidental, she tends to be clumsy as well as pushy and can cause people to easily get annoyed with her. She has a bit too much belief in her abilities as well.
-Mood- Curious
Sense of Humor- Depends on what it's about though she's usually smart enough to understand the joke. If it happens to be about her she has to be close to them for her to be okay with it.
-Phobia- Failure

-Goal- To discover a cure
-Progress- Able to prevent further spreading though so far its only on herself
-Agency- She used to work for some people though has since decided to go solo, though being low on funds has halted some of that research of hers.

She grew up the daughter of a famous inventor, this caused her to constantly be striving to find new things. Her mother was a lawyer who often wasn't home. Her parents never really liked each other though they did put up with one another for the most part. When the disease broke out her father was one of the first people recruited to find a cure, things went sour when a someone killed him, presumably a hired assassin. Her mother was one of the first to have been killed so that left her an orphan.

Fritz was, however, quickly hired to help find a cure due to her families history at being smart. She eventually left after a period of time in which she had been mentally blocked, it was a sort of depressive state she had been in. She recently started back up with her research though now has to work to get any money to do that research.


-Father- She idolized him more than she should have
-Mother- She never really cared for her
-Siblings- She's an only child.
-Friends- She has some but most have the disease by now.

-Character is Most at Ease When- With Others
-Most Ill At Ease When- Near Hollows (Not like she has to worry)
-Enraged When- She's around ignorant people
-Depressed or Sad When- She thinks about her family
-Priorities- Finding an actual cure
-Life Philosophy- Timing Is Everything
If Granted One Wish, It Would Be-
-Character’s soft spot- Blue Eyes
-Is this soft spot obvious to others- No super obvious but she may just come out and say it herself
-Greatest strength- Her Mind
-Greatest vulnerability or weakness- Her Trust In Others
-Biggest regret- Not going to work with her father that day
-Minor regret- Having quit her last job
-Biggest accomplishment- Preventing herself from being able to get infected by the Hollows
-Minor accomplishment- She only bought two dogs
-Past failures he/she would be embarrassed to have people- Not knowing how she managed to "cure" herself
-Character’s darkest secret- Most her success is accidental
-Does anyone else know- Probably, though its not like she goes around telling people


-Hometown- Riverdell
-Type of childhood- Chaotic, but homey
-Pets- Lion and Tiger
-First memory- Getting read a bedtime story by her father
-Most important childhood memory- When she finally got her abilities
-Childhood hero- Her father
-Dream job- Hero (Doubtful though)
-Education- The Best one could possibly get to, after all her father was famous and a genius
-Religion- She's never really thought about it
-Finances- Her parents, some from her trust fund

-Current location- The Main Town (preferably temporary)
-Currently living with- Her dogs
-Pets- Lion and Tiger
-Religion- She still hasn't decided
-Occupation- Researcher (for hire, mind you)
-Finances- Non existent? Little to nothing she owns


-Color- Red and Blue
-Least favorite color- Yellow
-Music- Anything, she couldn't care less
-Food- Cake
-Literature- Fantasy, or Non-Fiction no in-between
-Form of entertainment- Puzzles, Action
-Mode of transportation- By foot
-Most prized possession- Her current research


-Hobbies- Daydreaming, Wondering, Pretending she can fight
-Plays a musical instrument- She tried it once, she's terrible
-How she would spend a rainy day- Either researching or exploring the forest
-Spending habits- Food, and research
-Smokes- No
-Drinks- Too poor
-Other drugs- Not worth it
-Extremely skilled at- Mental things, figuring stuff/people out, radiating self confidence
-Extremely unskilled at- Actually having that confidence, most physical things though she's pretty lucky, repetition
-Nervous tics- Biting her lip
-Usual body posture- Unusually straight and awake like
-Mannerisms- Hyper usually, she seems kind of all over the place
-Peculiarities- Occasional Stutter, Lots of hand movements


-Optimist or pessimist- Optimist
-Introvert or extrovert- Extrovert
-Daredevil or cautious- Daredevil
-Logical or emotional- Logical
-Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat- Messy
-Prefers working or relaxing- Working
-Confident or unsure of herself- Kind of in a murky middle
-Animal lover- Yes


-How he/she feels about himself/herself- She's perfectly imperfect
-One word the character would use to describe self- Genius
-What does the character consider his/her best personality trait- Her mental capabilities
-What does the character consider his/her worst personality trait- Nervousness
-What does the character consider his/her best physical characteristic- Her eyes (though she adores all blue eyes in general)
-What does the character consider his/her worst physical characteristic- Height
-How does the character think others perceive her- Annoying
-What would the character most like to change about herself- She'd give herself the ability to repeat stuff


-Opinion of other people in general- She really loves people
-Does the character hide his/her true opinions and emotions from others- Yes, though she isn't the best at it
-Person character most hates- Her uncle
-Best friend- Her dogs?
-Love interest- Science.
-Person character goes to for advice- Used to be her father
-Person character feels responsible for or takes care of- The Dogs
-Person character feels shy or awkward around- Awkward around everyone, shy around no one
-Person character openly admires- Pretty much anyone who can be considered heroic
-Person character secretly admires- Thieves, she wants to be as rich as they seem
-Most important person in character’s life before story starts- Father
-After story starts- Closest thing she has is herself

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