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Books Ring Mah Bell It has come to my attention that my favorite review EVER written has been deleted (TWICE now). No explanation for it's disappearance - other than what I believe is blatant, UN-AMERICAN censorship! Certainly there were words that were "colorful". That was the beauty of the entire review. Whereas some people use "curse words" for shock value or without intelligence, David used the words like Picasso used paint - BRILLIANTLY and BEAUTIFULLY. It was an incredibly hilarious review...

Maybe we need to make an "offensive alert" like spoiler alerts so that the sensitive do not have to put their eyes on what others may find entertaining and delightful.

and please, put that fantasic review back up!

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Lisa Vegan (LisaVegan) | 8939 comments Books Ring My Bell, Perhaps you're being sarcastic, but I actually think your "alert" idea is a good compromise.

Edit: As as said in another thread about this: it would be helpful if GR posted guidelines so users would know when an alert was called for.

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alert ashmert

hell no we won't go

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Ken Seems like a deja view from my window, every on-line forum I go to...

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