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Hi :)
So did you have any ideas?

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Sure, could I be ^^^?

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I don't mind :)
If you want, you can be female

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Name: John Leonard
Age: 19
Appearance: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing...

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Ok who wants to start?

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((Wait I thought you were the alien...))

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John hid inside a tall filing cabinet, holding his little brother tightly to him. He could barely breathe when he heard the alien come into the warehouse. He knew he should have gotten out of here earlier, but there was nowhere to run to.

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John glared through the tiny gaps in the cabinet door. He knew the aliens were lying and only idiots would believe them. Some would surrender just so they would not suffer, but he knew they suffered all the same.

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John's brother made a small squealing sound when he heard her voice. John clamped his hand over his mouth, but it was too late, he knew it.

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John's brother, Michael, closed his eyes in fear and guilt as they both heard the alien's shoes clip-clopping towards them. It was a common enough sound nowadays, but hearing it approach them brought a whole new level of fear on the two boys. John's brother began to scream and cry when he saw the girl alien. John stood up with Michael in the cramped space as the door opened because he felt too submissive sitting down.

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'No,' John said as loudly as he could to give the impression that he wasn't scared. But of course he was. He knew that there was no way out. Once the alien injected the drugs into their bodies, they'd be gone forever. 'Never,' he added, stepping in front of Michael to protect him. The alien would get to them both sooner or later, but he wanted Michael to be able to be human for just a bit longer before an alien took over his body.

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John shook his head. He so wanted to believe this alien because she looked just like normal human. But he kept staring into her eyes and seeing the rings there to remind him who she really was. 'I'll fight to my death.' he said.

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John nodded and closed his eyes, determined to meet his death in a noble way. It wouldn't kill him, the injection, but it would certainly lead to his death. He felt the needle poke into his skin and he felt himself fall asleep.

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John dreamt of his family, back in their house on the quiet street. It was hard to believe that it was just one year ago when life was so peaceful. Suddenly, several meteorites crashed into earth, creating large craters and cracks around the land. These weren't just any meteorites though, they were alien spaceships. His family had died in the war against the aliens or had their bodies taken by the aliens. His elder sister, his parents, uncles, aunts and cousins, everyone. John woke suddenly, sitting up on the metal table on which he had been lying. He looked around, his vision still a bit blurry.

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John frowned, not quite comprehending the conversation. They stopped talking when he sat up and looked around him. 'Where am I? What's going on?' he demanded as he recognised the alien who had injected him. He didn't even know how long ago that was. How long had he been out? When was his body going to be taken by another alien? Had the change already happened? All these and many more questions buzzed in his head.

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John watched the doctor leave with a bit of relief, since it felt much less stuffier being with one alien than with two. He eyed the female alien next to him warily. 'I didn't know it took so long before...before the change.' he said, still not very sure of the situation. For a moment, he thought he might he able to get out of bed, stab the alien with a nearby injection syringe then bolt for his life. But he remembered that the door was locked, and besides, the syringe looked empty. Not to mention that aliens were pretty strong. Still sitting up, John looked down with a sigh.

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((It's okay and that sounds fun.))

After a few moments of silence, he finally asked, 'Why am I awake? Why hasn't the change taken place yet? And where is my brother? At least explain it to me, so I can die in peace.' he said, looking up at the alien.

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Rayan | 1 comments Mysterious ..curious about the answer

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((Um, thanks? Yes, I'm waiting for the answer too!))

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John cringed when he heard her answer. He hung his head down, trying to stop the tears appearing in his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he whispered, 'Does it hurt?' He wondered what 'not bad' last memories poor Michael had.

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John brushed away the tears in his eyes before they had a chance to fall and reveal his weakness to the alien. Not that it mattered how she perceived him, anyway. He was going to die soon.

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John stared up at her and let a tear run down his cheek. 'You can't be serious.' he said. 'You don't know what a tear is? Or crying? It's what I'm doing now, because I'm sad! This,' he shouted, pointing at the tear, 'is a tear and you and your stupid alien people are making me sad!'

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He glared at her and said, 'And you felt the need to come to our planet because you were being threatened by another enemy kingdom within your planet? Like that's any different.' he muttered.

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'Trust me, we would have been better off without your coming here.' he said shortly and turned his head away from her.

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John frowned. 'What? Uh, love. That's what it's called. Why do you ask?' he asked, surprised at the unexpected question.

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John looked at her and got off the bed, standing up. 'Uh what? Why?' he stuttered as he followed her to the door, confused.

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'So you're helping me then?' he asked, hastily putting on the sunglasses and running after her out of the room. He wasn't sure what was going on and he had a million questions to ask her, but he could tell that there was no time for that.

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((Bye, night!))

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'Mike!' John exclaimed as he rushed past the alien into the room. He grabbed his frightened and crying brother off the table and pulled him out of the room, shushing him.

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John put the sunglasses on Mike, who was still shaking visibly. He looked at the alien and whispered, 'Where now?'

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John grimaced but turned around to see a tall man. 'Hello, Sir. We're feeling wonderful!' John said, pretending to be excited about getting his own human body. He assumed that the man was someone relatively important. Mike just nodded. He wasn't shaking anymore but he still felt scared. With John's hand on his shoulder, he felt a bit more reassured though.

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John panicked a bit when he heard the man's demand, but he thought quickly after hearing Clara's explanation. He hadn't even thought to ask her name yet and hadn't known it was Clara. Taking off his glasses, he blinked rapidly and hastily put his sunglasses back on. 'I'm sorry sir, but we were literally just changed.' he explained, hoping that he would buy it.

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John and Mike followed Clara down the hallway until they reached the door. John pushed it open for them. But just as he was moving past the door with his brother, a loud blaring alarm sounded all around them. Red lights flashed above the door. 'What's going on?' John shouted above the noise.

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((No problem, good night and happy new year!))

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John and Mike ran as fast as they could, emerging outside in a small alley. They ran towards the nearest main street, but they weren't sure where to go.

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John grabbed Mike by the hand and followed right behind Clara, as close as he could. 'What was that about?' he panted out.

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((Night. Post tomorrow))

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John nodded but he was worried for her. What if they caught her and punished her for saving them, although he still could not believe that she really had saved them. He lead Mike to the old, derelict building and found a relatively hidden room to sit down in.

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John sat nervously, feeling Mike's trembling body in his arms. He started up at every sound he heard.

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John couldn't bear not knowing what was going on, so he stood up, telling his brother to stay back. He carefully made his way out of the building and down the alley. Turning a corner, he saw Clara surrounded by the aliens. 'No!' he gasped out softly and turned away, running back to his brother.

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After a few minutes, John had ths courage to stand up and leave his hideout once more. His brother followed him closely and they made their way to where John had last seen Clara. When he saw that she was lying on the ground, he ran to her immediately, not caring if there were any aliens around or not. 'Clara!' he whispered. Realising she wasn't conscious, he lifted her up in his arms and carried her back to the building.

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'Clara! Clara, wake up!' John whispered, shaking her gently. 'Please wake up.' He couldn't believe that he was trying to help an alien, but even more surprising was the fact that she had helped them, risking her life.

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'Clara!' John gasped. 'Are-are you okay?' he asked, one hand on her back to support her. 'Can you get up?' he asked.

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'No problem. I'm just glad that you're alright.' he said as he helped her up. 'Now come on.' he said, leading her back to the rundown building that he had been hiding in. 'It's safe here.'

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