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Clara 1-Lancel got in and told Cersei the battle was lost, Tyrion was likely dead, and told her she should not have gave the order to bring Joffrey back. It surprised me he treated her like that, and called her Cersei. I know not a lot heard, but still. The men she bought were deserting, there was fighting in both sides of the river but they couldn’t say why. Cersei’s reaction at first was like she knew it would happen, at least that what I thought.

2-Cersei ordered to close Maegor’s, and bring Joffrey there. Lancel yelled at her, and told her no, he should stay where he was and if they took the castle he was dead anyways. Wow, he just wasn’t thinking at that moment. The Queen slammed his wound, and he almost faint, so it must have hurt a lot. I feel bad for Lancel at times.

3-I really liked Sansa tried to calm everyone and basically took care of the situation, after Cersei left because she doesn’t give a shit. Sansa told them the Queen was going back, which was a lie. With all her fear and how sures he was Illyn would go after her to kill her, I applaud her.

4-And she helped Lancel, a Lannister. The servants were leaving, so she and other man helped the boy. She knew it was a stupid thing to do given her situation, but she has a good heart after all, and didn’t wish him dead. I liked that too, after all, he didn’t do something to her directly. Lancel said Tyrion was right, and I wonder what he meant, I don’t remember what Tyrion said to him that might have to do with this.

5-Dontos told Sansa to go to her bedroom, and she did. She saw from her window the battle, and even if it’s horrible, it was described quite nice, the colors and all. Aw, she wondered if she would see Lady again when she’s dead. I tend to forget she must miss her a lot.

6-The Hound was in her room, drunken than ever. He told her if she screams, he will kill her because all he does is scare her apparently. He tells Sansa he lost all, and wants Tyrion burned, not dead. Wow. Something awful must have happened out there for him. He is going, and when she says he would not be able because all doors are close, he said he has the cloak and his sword. I guess they would let him pass, and it was crazy anyways.

7-He was there for the song she promised, and she still couldn’t look at him. In her defense, he must have looked horrible. The Hound acted really weird. I mean, he said he could keep her safe but put his dagger in her throat for her to sing for her life. What do you want? Anyway, she did as she could, and I think he cried but I’m not sure.

8-Sandor left her room, and his cloak was in the floor. Interesting she huddled under it, maybe Sansa felt safe. She heard bells ringing, in a happy tune. Dontos walked in, drunk as always, and told her the battle was won. The men were shouting for Renly, and Tywin, the Tyrells and the lords who supported Renly fought Stannis. Now, Dontos keeps repeating Renly lead the vanguard. Of course it wasn’t him, but I wonder why the men thought so, if it was because in the mess of the battle someone yelled his name and men starting think he was there, or for something else.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments 1. Ser Lancel delivers the news that they’ve lost the battle. Lol, he looks like hell and scares the guests. He tells Cersei they saw Tyrion on the bridge of ships but it broke apart and he is likely dead. She doesn’t seem to care. I just love how Lancel yells at her about bringing Joffrey back in; it has all the gold cloaks dropping their weapons and running. Even he sees the folly of that.

2. Osney Kettleblack butts in and informs them there’s fighting on both sides of the river now. They don’t know who is attacking Stannis from the south but it doesn’t matter because the mob is now attacking the Red Keep. He also says it was stupid to bring Joffrey in. I like that a lot. That woman needs to know it’s her fault they are losing now.

3. Poor Sansa is sure she’s going to lose her head. She can’t see Ser Ilyn but she knows he’s close.

4. Cersei wants Joff in Maegor’s Holdfast with them. Right now he’s on the walls of the Red Keep, shooting at the mob with his crossbowmen. Lancel yells at her again to leave him be. You go, Lancel! But it’s not enough. The Kettleblacks are going to get Joffrey like the boy he is so he can hide behind his mother’s skirts. Lancel begs her to reconsider but Cersei actually slams her hand into his open wound and runs out of the room. This causes all the hens to freak out, thinking they’re doomed if the queen is running, lol.

5. I really like Sansa here when she calms the hens down with her calm voice of authority. It leads me to wonder if she really will become queen one day. She has Moon Boy distracting them again and she helps Lancel, despite calling herself a fool for helping one of them. She is a good person. :) I had forgotten how compassionate she is.

6. Cersei never returns and Ser Dontos quietly tells her to lock herself in her room; he’ll come for her when the battle’s over. Sansa is afraid Ser Ilyn will get to her first.

7. Lol, one of the guards is stealing from the castle. I don’t know why but I thought it was funny how she doesn’t try to stop him and he hurries on with his loot.

8. It’s so sad how she cries for Lady in her bedchambers. She wonders if she’ll see her again when she’s dead.

9. Suddenly the Hound is in her room. He is drunk and bleeding. When I first read this I thought he’d rape her for sure. I mean, the man has nothing else to lose, and he’s been waiting for her in her bedroom for probably several hours. He tells her he’s leaving King’s Landing. She asks why he’s still here then, and he says she promised him a song. So weird. I don’t know why he cares so much about a damn song. I forgot he said he could protect her, indicating she could escape with him when he leaves. I wish she had. :( Things might have been different.

10. In the end she sings him the hymn for the Mother. Afterwards she finds the courage to touch his cheek and feels tears, awe. He calls her “Little bird” one last time and exits the room. He’d left his Kingsguard cloak in her room and she huddles in it; it’d gotten cold.

11. Later she hears bells ringing in the city and gets up to go to the window. Dawn finally arrived and everyone is excited down below. Ser Dontos enters her room and tells her the great news that they’ve won the battle! He keeps saying Lord Renly and his host came in from Stannis’s rear and slaughtered them. They came up from the Roseroad, the rest of Renly’s army that refused to join Stannis: the Tyrells, Marbrands, Rowans, Tarlys, Redwynes, and Oakhearts. And the Lannisters, too. Seems Tywin Lannister decided to come to King’s Landing after all!

12. We know Renly is dead, but someone was wearing Renly’s armor and that person led the vanguard that did the most damage to Stannis’s men. *SPOILER FOR A STORM OF SWORDS* (view spoiler). Seems Littlefinger came through for them after all!

Clara Lancel was so good in this chapter, I really liked him!

I thought the same as you in your point 9. I'm glad he didn't.


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