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Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 495 comments Mod
We are considering adding additional moderators to this group. If interested, please feel free to submit the form below. We will announce any mods who join the team.


Mod Experience:

Group Ideas:

Time Zone:

What could you bring to the group:

Roleplay sample:

message 2: by GatbsyLover20 (new)

GatbsyLover20 (dclover) Name: The Count

Mod Experience: I have created and Modded in over 15 groups

Group Ideas: More to come later

Time Zone: Mountain

What could you bring to the group: Well i'm on here... a lot, I am a very dedicated roleplayer as well as I have a bunch of creative ideas for the group as I am a huge comics

Roleplay sample:

Verona was over the hills excited for her 10th cruise but the first with her young finance Ryan. They had met when her Vice President introduced her. And my was he handsome, so full of life and energy. Energy she was gonna use later tonight after a little wine and dine with the captain of course. “Now Ryan don’t forget, Dinner with the captain is at 8 pm sharp, no wasting time after your performance, and I was thinking of getting a message this afternoon, they’re offering High Class massages for a near steal as well as I can’t miss lunch with the girls, I told you Martha and Elsa will be here as well and I’ve learned from personal experience that you can’t keep those ladies waiting.” With her annoying chuckle he began following her future husband to their ultra-expensive first class room when she noticed she was still carrying her bag.” At hem.” She barked, when Ryan took it, she smiled, her smile was so pretentious it was almost laughable.

“Oh thank you Ryan dear, I love you” She said as she leaned in and kissed him, it was hard to kiss Ms. Winters as being ten years older and far more wrinkled lips, but before the madam could even kiss the young man he was gone like a ghost leaving no visible trace. With a shrug, Ms. Winters decided to his the Champagne lounge. If her hubbie needed her, she would find her.

Wow, Logan thought to himself as he craned his neck skyward to try to catch the top of this benomoth. It was truly breath taking and the fact he was gonna be spending two weeks on there with his brother, his friends, and be able to do what he loved. It was honestly more like a dream come true rather than just a vacation. As he made his way to the performer’s entrance, he felt a light tap on his back from Trisha, his best friend and performing partner. “Hey Texas, you excited.’ Logan couldn’t help but smile and nod to her.” Defiantly Trish, never been a cruise before, should be a ton of fun.” As he approached the entrance, Logan once again felt someone else but this time it was the tackle hug from his young brother Trevor. “Heyyyy big brother.” He said with a laugh, his accent always showing through like his brother. Logan merely shrugged.” Off you little miscreant, go see if Mrs. Eliza needs any help. Bowing a bit Tanner gave his brother a captain’s salute and rushed off to find Mrs. Eliza. Upon finally getting on the massive beast, he bumped into Mr. Wilson, his boss.” Hey Mr. Wilson, than-“ But before Logan to get another word in, Mr. Wilson raised his hand cutting him off. “Cray, I need you to get this boom box up to the mega pool performing arena and then, take a break. With nothing but a polite no, that’s the way he always ways, just a nice polite guy from Texas. Taking the boom box, he slowly began making his way to the elevator till from out of nowhere a handsome young man fell onto him causing him to drop the boom box and for the young man to fall onto him. He blushed slightly when he felt the young man’s hands all over him as he despertly tried to get up ut at his little comment Logan let out a laugh.’ No pronlem friend, just make sure yeah always look ahead never back.”

message 3: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 75 comments Mod
Name: Fiend
Experience: Quite a bit. I've been a moderator in...20? or so groups, and modded 3-4 of my own groups very successfully.
Group Ideas: Mostly pertaining to plot developing villains. I can still list some if you want?
Time Zone: EST
Roleplay Sample:
(view spoiler)

message 4: by GatbsyLover20 (new)

GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( oh I see... trying to outdo me...)

message 5: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 75 comments Mod
Uh, no?
That's usually the post I use for all my moderator applications. That, or another one I really like.

message 6: by Emma (new)

Emma | 75 comments will complete one of these soon :)

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Name:Silver

Mod Experience:i am a mod in a maze runner group

Group Ideas:a new race and planet

Time Zone:Indiana

What could you bring to the group:I love imagination,i am nice,kind,I would give different views

Roleplay sample: Silver ran.She had to get to the Empire State Building.She looked up and saw it was a few yards a way.She wanted to look back but she knew it would slow her down.But what would one small peek do?Silver turned her head so slightly and regretted it.She was being chased by Grievers.Grievers. Gaint,slug cyborgs.Silver had finally reached her goal,she though about taking the elevator, but no that would take too long.I will take the stairs,she thought.Silver took the stairs three at a time. Finally she reached the top,she climbed the antennae. When she reached the top she looked down,the whole city was in flames.The screams was unbearable when the flames reached the building and it went up in flames like it was doused in gasoline.Silver screamed.She screamed such a screamed it would freeze anyone's blood.

Silver woke with a start.It was just a dream, she thought, just a dream.It was just a other day begging for food and money hoping someone would help her.

QUEEN | 3 comments Name: Sammi

Mod Experience: Many.
Oasis mod
SOT mod etc...

Group Ideas: To be exposed...

Time Zone: America

What could you bring to the group: A lot. And activity. And plots. And secrets. Blah blah blah.

Roleplay sample: ... (you'll see it eventually)

message 9: by Kikki, Pandemonium Boy (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) | 133 comments Mod
[ Name: ] Kikki

[ Mod Experience: ]
I've left several groups because I'm cutting back in how many groups I'm a member of, but these are the ones I'm in that I'm still a mod of:
Roselake Academy
Mirrorwood Academy
Pokemon Academy
Books and Beyond
Relinquut Corpus Meum
Pokemon Master Challenge
(let me know if you want me to link you to the groups and I'd be happy to comply)

[ Group Ideas: ]
- Messaging individual members to get them to be active, join in the chat, make characters, etc.
- Assist members with character creation, especially in regards to canon since they are important claims
- I could look and find new canon characters who could be added to the list? (such as Scarlet Witches brother? Unless you are keeping him dead as per AoU) Or I could find and compile a list of abilities each of the canon characters have that could save time for the people making them?

[ Time Zone: ] Eastern Standard Time

[ What could you bring to the group: ]
- Someone who doesn't mind cleaning up spam in topics
- Plenty of mission ideas now that its a feature
- Knowledge on various superpowers and what they do as well as their weaknesses
- I can be pretty active, especially in groups like this that get me excited
- I'll pretty much help out with anything you need help with, even the tedious stuff

[ Roleplay sample: ] (view spoiler)

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