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"And when you’re the most unhappy, someone walks into your life and shows you how beautiful you are"

☁Atlas   ☁18   ☁Korean-Chinese
☁Male   ☁Heterosexual   ☁Demi-God

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Atlas isn't too tall, standing at 5’7, but his big personality makes up for it. With hair that changes color constantly, and a body that's always gaining a new tattoo, well he's an interesting sight to be had for sure. With a Chinese father and South Korean mother, Atlas has a unique background. His eyes are one of his most interesting features, he shows his emotions easily through his eyes, if one pays close enough attention. He has a sense of style, and proudly wears whatever he deems fashionable. In Seoul he's quite known for his fashion and music. Though they think him only human, when in fact he is far more. The body parts he is most confident in are his hands, which usually are donned with at least one or two rings at all times.


There is something about Atlas that some people find irritating, and others find endearing, he's a perfectionist. Certain things have to be done exactly right, or he will make sure its done over again until its how he see's it should be. Though this really made his mom crazy at times, its made him into a very detailed young man, one that takes his time with his tasks, and does them right. He's loyal to a fault, as long as there isn't an outright, soundly logic reason to go against someone, then he's there for them, no matter the situation. He's also a huge flirt, though he never has gone after any one girl yet. He can flirt with the best of them, despite his lack of experience that some people have. For him, its more than just about the physical aspects, its about the personality, the emotion, the effort one puts into the other person that they claim to love.

✧Instinct for finding long-lasting matches
✧Rebound genius

✧Happy Couples
✧Romantic comedies

✧Nasty attitudes

✧Song writing

✧Potential love birds
✧Hard for him to give up

"To those walking in the rain, they need someone to walk with them more than an umbrella. To those crying to themselves, more than a handkerchief, they need someone to cry on."

❝A  Remembrance ❞

A god, Yue Lao, fell in love with a woman of earthly means, she was young, only 16, and beautiful. Her hair fell straight to her waist, she normally kept it wound up at the back of her neck. Except at night, when she let it down to brush it, right before bed. He liked to watch her at first, to observe her daily activities, this satisfied him for a while. Eventually though it came to not be enough, soon, before her 18th birthday, he began visiting her at night. At first they were only friendly visits, they talked about their interests and her future. But the relationship eventually developed, and she fell head over heels for him. Soon he was spending almost every night with her, in her bed, which resulted in a baby bump some months later. When that happened, the God disappeared, and she was left with whatever happened next. Shin Hye knew that this was not the ideal situation, she also knew her father would kill her, and her mother would disown her, since she was unwed. In the end she did the only thing she could do for her and the child growing inside her, she disappeared. It wasn't easy for the still minor, in Korean standards, to disappear and be on her own, and pregnant for the first time. Still, Shin Hye figured it out, she got a part time job, found a room to rent, and began tucking as much money as she could away for what she would need for herself and the baby in the future, thus began the life of her and Atlas.

Atlas would never know how hard those times were for his mom, she wouldn't reveal it to her son, never wanting to burden him. After he was born she had a bit easier time since she could work freely without the fear of hurting him. Atlas stayed with different halmeoni's while she worked, they all took care of the characteristic boy for free. He was kind, polite, lively, and always willing to help. The charming toddler could impress any of his elders with just a grin, or a light hearted laugh. Though he may not have lived by rich material means, he did have a rich life with love and affection form his mom. Once school age hit, well he of course attended, though he didn't enjoy it all that much. Sports, that was something he liked, that and being the guy that all the girls wanted to be friends with, they naturally drew to him. There wasn't a girl that didn't enjoy being around Atlas, the teachers were usually quite amused with him, and the charisma they felt he had. His mother, well she was more concerned about it, than she was impressed. So she did her best to keep him out of the spotlight when she could, not that it worked really. By the time Atlas was 12, there wasn't a girl at his school that wasn't vying for his attention. Not that he ever dated any of them, more like he was the match maker, without even realizing it. Always paying attention to how his friends liked certain girls, he would push and prod until the two would get together.

Just before his 16th birthday, Atlas' mom took him aside and explained who his father was, who he really was. He wasn't a military man that died in the line of fire, he was a god, that apparently was fairly popular in China. which meant that he, Atlas, was a demi-god. This also would mean that he would soon be sent off to a school, one that was not for mere mortals. It was a special school for other kids like him, Atlas wasn't exactly comfortable with leaving his mom on her own like that. She insisted that he go when the time came though, it was something that would benefit him, and it would help him draw closer to his father in a way, Atlas took his time, but he eventually agreed, and was sent off at 16 to the new school. Things were a whole nother ball game at Cupid Academy, it was nothing like he was used to. Of course there were a few mundane activities, and classes, but there were also other worldly things that would flabbergast most people. He's been there two years, and is still learning as much as he can. He doesn't know what his future holds, only time will tell....


✫Yue Lao-Father
✫Shin Hye-Mother

Who You
Ringa Linga

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"And when you’re the most unhappy, someone walks into your life and shows you how beautiful you are"

☁Lynk Park   ☁24   ☁Atlanta, GA
☁Male   ☁Korean-Demi-god   ☁Archery
  ☁Heterosexual   ☁Jan. 4
☪(Kim Woobin)

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The fine, lean, physique of Lynk is thanks to his father, a god, Apollo. The slanted eyes, and Asian descent is thanks to his mortal mother, Key Park. His eyebrows have been called characteristic, for they show expression well, and he would certainly not be the same without them. His skin isn't dark, but more on the pale side, which is looked highly upon in traditional Korea. He has a good sense of style, most of the time, though he doesn't dress up often, unless its for a special occasion. His 6 foot 2 height gives him the chance to tower over most other teachers at the school, and his warm brown eyes have melted many hearts in his young life already.


✧Joking with friends
✧Good food and company

✧Depressing people
✧Hurtful intentions
✧Inadequate parents

✧Ease of teaching
✧Hard worker

✧Pretty women
✧Good food
✧Hurt souls
✧Fancy events

"To those walking in the rain, they need someone to walk with them more than an umbrella. To those crying to themselves, more than a handkerchief, they need someone to cry on."

❝A  Remembrance ❞

The thought of having an affair had never crossed Mrs. Park's mind, ever. However, when a Greek god is involved, well you really don't have a choice in the matter. The God Apollo, son of Zeus, twin of Artemis, took sudden interest in the shy, reserved young woman. She and her husband had just moved to Atlanta, Georgia at the time, and she was adapting to her new atmosphere. Thankfully there was an influx of Koreans in the area, so there were plenty of help meets for the newlywed. She was learning about the new culture of America when a strange, mystical, highly attractive, man appeared in her life. He didn't hide his attraction to her, making Key shy away even more than usual, which apparently only drew the Greek man all the more to her. Apollo soon found out that he would have to go a whole new way with the young woman than he had with his other conquests. She was going to be more 'high maintenance', and not one that would just fall into bed with him. So he began by forming a neutral relationship, slowly drawing her out of her shell, and also helping her with learning English, and understanding the American culture. Over the course of years, yes years, Apollo and she finally came together for one night. That one night immediately had consequences, after being barren for years, which greatly upset her husbands family, she became pregnant with the son of a Greek god. Of course he didn't tell her who he was until after the deed was already done, giving her a huge shock. Apollo promised to be in the boys life off and on though, because he could see how anxious she was over it all. The thing was, well Apollo couldn't help her with everything, how did she tell her husband about her infidelity? Or did she tell him? If she didn't tell him, then how would her child feel when he found out the truth one day? Apollo had informed her that their child would be attending a special school, away from home, at age 16. This would obviously lead to questions from not only her son, but her husband as well. She did the only thing she could think of, she divorced her husband and didn't even tell him she was pregnant, moving across town, and away from the mutual friends.

Lynk grew up in a loving, secure, warm home. His mom was involved in every aspect of his life, never letting him doubt whether she cared for him or not. He knew that his dad was important, but he wasn't sure why, he had no clue as to what his dad did for a living, but knew that he cared about him as well. He came around only a handful of times a year, but those rare times made his and his moms week. Both enjoying, and soaking up the vibrant man that would come for a few weeks at a time. Lynk had a wonderful sense of humor, knowing how to make those around him laugh and smile. He could encourage someone fairly easily, and took it upon himself often to encourage those that might look down or upset. Lynk excelled at certain sports in school as he was growing up, his mom made it to almost all of his meets, and made sure to put herself in the mix of it all with the other moms. His dad made it to a game or two, or a tournament once in a while when he competed in archery. Lynk figured he had a pretty average life for the most part, that is until his sixteenth birthday.

The boys life completely changed after he was sent to the special school for demi-gods. He adapted well though, and blended in with his new lot of friends with ease. His father expected nothing less of course, and complimented Lynk when he would return home for vacations. Lynk went on to college, though he really didn't need to, and returned to the school shortly after graduating, he received his degree in Outdoor Education. Lynk applied to the school for head of Archery, it was a given that he was an expert in this field, his father said that he had the skill to possibly surpass him one day in the sport. Lynk was 22 at the time, its now two years later. He's fit in at the school as well as he had as a student. He's known for his light attitude, and his humor, the kids usually love him. Unless they're being disrespectful or not putting forth any effort, then they get to see the not so bright side of Lynk, which is quite scary at times.



Gotta Talk To You
No Make Up
I Need A Girl

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One person can’t change the world, but you can become another person’s world. A warm, bright, and peaceful world. If all people could be someone’s bright, peaceful, good world, one becomes ten, and then a hundred, and the good world grows

✿Jimin Lee    ✿17    ✿Incheon, South Korea
✿Female    ✿Bi-sexual    ✿Student
   ✿Korean    ✿April 4    ✿Demi-god


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Jimin has long, naturally wavy hair, her aegyo is commented on regularly. She's adorable, and she knows it, which can make her conceded at times, okay so a lot of the time. She stands at 5'7, a little taller than the average Korean girl, her legs go on for miles, or so they say. She has cheeks worth kissing, her skin is flawless, and her style is on key all of the time, even at bedtime. She never goes anywhere without thinking of her appearance first, unless something really drastic has happened, that is. Jimin believes in taking care of oneself, from the day you can dress yourself, till the day you're unable to.


♡Mental war
♡Hostile takeovers

♡Unwillingness to bend
♡Her mouth
♡Hot guys
♡Hot girls

♡Stirring trouble
♡Expensive things

♡Bossy wenches
♡Being pressed about her past
♡Anyone thinking they're better than her
♡Lazy idiots

To some people love is like a sign of victory, like a medal or trophy, they like to use to boast about. To some people love is a process of waiting endlessly for the other person with all their heart. To that woman love is a secret that can’t be exposed to others, not even to herself

❝A  Remembrance ❞

Not all births can be happy ones, Jimin's certainly wasn't. Her birth mother, Astarte, was impregnated by a man at random, she desperately wanted to have a baby at the time, and figured anyone would do. After she started sporting the cute bump she remained in her rooms a lot more, only letting those she trusted at her side during those months. There was still scheming, plotting, and other things going on during the pregnancy, it was just done behind closed doors instead of in the council war room. When it came to give birth, Astarte became slightly paranoid. She'd had several threats to herself, and unborn child already, and didn't feel comfortable having the child there with her as she grew up. So after giving birth, she put her in South Korea, in front of a hospital, with a note saying the mother died in childbirth, father unknown. This put the baby in the system, she was placed in an orphanage right away.

She was a beautiful baby, so it wasn't like she stayed in the system for long, plus she had no strings attached, so the adoption went swiftly and without mishap. The couple that adopted her were well off, there would be no problems in the way of financially supporting little Jimin. The mother was touched by the sad story of the child, and swore to give the little girl everything best in the world, never allowing her to want for anything. This was probably something she took a bit too seriously, spoiling her child was not the way to go about raising a daughter of Astarte. The little one already had a godess' blood through her veins, one of warfare at that, something that should've been fought against for her to remain sweet and loving, instead she was raised to think everything was owed to her, and that she should take whatever she wanted. Jimin had other girls eating out of her hand by the time she was 11 years old, there were girls begging to be welcomed into her 'group', but it was tough to be able to sit with Jimin, or to join in on activities with her. She judged each and every person that attempted to include themselves in her life. Was their style on key? How were their connections? What did their parents do for a living? What could they contribute to her life?

Something that Jimin had, and still has a hard time with, is talking about her 'real' parents. Since no one could provide her with information of them, she's known she's adopted since she was very small. Her adoptive parents never hid the fact that she was adopted, but they had nothing to tell her about her biological mother or father, besides the fact that her biological mother died in childbirth. So the subject was slightly tender for her, plus she always considered her adoptive parents her only parents, what was the use wondering about a dad, that obviously hadn't wanted her? So she tucked it all into the back of her mind as she planned and plotted in her school, making sure she was always the one on top. That is until she was a sophomore in high school. That was when she was visited by an otherworldly woman, claiming to be her mother. Jimin was shocked at first, then angry, then curious, she tried battering the woman with questions. She only waved them off though, and talked about Jimin's responsibility to go to some school for the gifted, and how it would give her an edge in life, sending her further up than most teens. Of course Jimin couldn't say no to anything that would make her more elite than others, but she wasn't so sure about going in blindly either. Astarte told her that she couldn't discuss the school with her adoptive parents, this made her weary. She'd never kept secrets like that from her parents. It took her a couple of months, but she finally agreed, they would give her parents a fake letter from an overseas boarding school. Jimin didn't know who her mother was, or who she was even, until she arrived at the school and things were explained. Anger only festered more, her biological mother was a goddess and she didn't take her in? Instead leaving her as a ward of Korea, and letting her be happened upon by mortals? Of course she loved her parents still, they were the two people in the world she trusted fully and didn't hate. However she was hurt that her mom wanted nothing to do with her until she was 16. She's gotten through her first year at the school, this is her second, and she has plans to really dive into things, and hopefully gain her mother's attention, even if its negative.

✿Astarte, Goddess of love, fertility and warfare

✿Keith, Annette, Adoptive parents

Mind Your Own Business
I'm The Best

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