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Stupid, stupid robotic arm, Lydia thought, sighing and tightening her ponytail for what had to be the fifteenth time. Handy, as her twelve-year-old self had named it, had decided to pretty much give up on her. She had built the robot with her dad when she was 12, and it generally helped her out by passing tools and equipment, holding a fire extinguisher, or holding a punching bag for her to beat up when she was frustrated. She was kind of attached to the thing. She could even play catch with it (though it wasn't very good). She had spent the past hour wheeling it into her dad's workshop (because it was the only part of the building guaranteed to have all the tools she'd need) and then running diagnostics. And she still barely knew what was wrong with it, just that the elbow wasn't working. Well, she called it an elbow, but what the robot had was much more functional than a human elbow. Human elbow joints only bent one way. Handy's "elbow" let it move up, down, to both sides, and spin in a circle. Not to mention the wheels weren't working, hence why she had worked up a sweat pushing the thing into the workshop. And she wasn't used to working without her helping hand passing her things. All in all, Lydia was sweaty, frustrated, and upset, all because of a busted robot.

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Emma | 75 comments
"I'm fine." Lydia said almost as a reflex, only looking up after having said it. "The robot just broke down." She somewhat recognized the other girl, her name was something with a J, she thought, but Lydia had never been really great with names. Plus, this girl was a couple years younger than her, she thought, so it would make more sense for Margo to know her than herself... If only Margo were here/available to help her right now. Lydia didn't know where her sister was, though, and didn't have the energy or the patience to go running around the tower looking for her. Besides, she didn't need help fixing it (as she was better at that much than her sister), it was more that she needed someone to talk the problem to, and to pass her tools she needed. All normally Handy's job. Lydia sighed. "Hey, are you doing anything right now, Jackie?" The older girl hesitated slightly before saying the name, hoping she was right. "Ever fixed a mechanical arm before?" Since Jakie had just walked in, maybe Lydia could get her to be Handy for the time being--not that she would ever tell the other girl she was acting as a robot replacement.

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