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message 1: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Davis (skyledavis) | 3 comments Hey guys,

I have been wondering if anyone had any recommendations on audiobooks in the superhero genre. I read books pretty much exclusively on audio (on the way to and from work, mostly). It's one of the reasons I've never dove into the world of comic books much (other than the tremendous amount of content you have. I mean, where would you start?!?). However, I am on a huge superhero kick, and would love some good superhero books to read. I haven't read ANYTHING so far. Just movies and TV. However, I recently downloaded Marvel's Forever Red, which looks interesting (especially Margaret Stohl). Haven't gotten to it yet, but looks good.

Anyone have any audio books they would recommend. I don't know how I feel about cinematic readings of comics (like GraphicAudio). Graphic novels utilize a different form of world building than "non-graphic novels" (or rather, novels that don't have graphic accompaniment). Not sure how that would translate to an audiobook. Maybe it would be good? Thoughts? Experiences?

I would love some good novels that I could pick up and read, especially ones that don't require a tremendous amount of backstory I would be unfamiliar with (always my fear when it comes to comics). HELP PLEASE!


message 2: by CoolNameGuy (new)

CoolNameGuy (sycomantis91) | 4 comments Brandon Sanderson's Steelheart series is very well regarded, though I haven't gotten into it. It's an original series so no background needed. Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men is a great podcast where they chronologically go through and explain the X-Men stories and characters. Good for someone who doesn't wanna read the comics but has an interest, or doesn't have the time for literally thousands of issues and graphic novels.

message 3: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (mirymom) | 39 comments I listened to Arena Mode by Blake Northcutt. It wasn't the best production ever, but it was still pretty good. I got Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines through Audible and that was a great production. I'm planning to go back for more in that series at some point.

message 4: by Stabbing (new)

Stabbing Well, I have a lot of audiobooks but a lot of them I haven't listened to so it's sorta hard to rec them yet. Most of the books are parts of a series. I can't really think of a lot of stand alone stories outside of the graphic audio ones.

Both of the group reads that are up right now have audio book editions. I'm listening to Zeroes (Zeroes, #1) by Scott Westerfeld , right now and so far it's pretty interesting. I'm not crazy about the narrator but it's ok.

I'm still trying to finish Wild Cards (Wild Cards, #1) by George R.R. Martin ; it has a awesome narrator but I'm honestly finding it pretty tedious with the exception of one story by Roger Zelazny.

Particle Man by Deric McNish ; is one of the last audio books I listened to, and I enjoyed it a lot. It's not an action centric book though. It's mostly told as a memoir of the guys life leading up to and how he obtains super powers.

I've listened to the three stories by Brandon Sanderson and find them ok. I find the main character there to be pretty annoying but the secondary characters and world building are interesting.

message 5: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Davis (skyledavis) | 3 comments Thanks guys! I don't mind book series at all. Prefer them, actually. I also don't mind books that are part of a larger world as long as the book series stands alone. The new Supergirl TV show (groan if you want) is a good example of this and the way it relates to Superman. Appreciate the recommendations. I will look them up (and welcome more!).

message 6: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (mirymom) | 39 comments Larry correia's grim noir series might count as superhero, though the powers are sort of magical? Regardless, the audiobooks narrated by Bronson Pinchot were wonderful!

message 7: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Davis (skyledavis) | 3 comments Oh yeah, super heroes always teeter on the Sci Fi/fantasy line. You have characters like Iron Man and Batman that tend to be sort of Sci Fi and face Sci Fi problems and bad guys, and then you have like Superman and Green Lantern who will face more sort of magical problems (though not usually actually called that).

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