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I'll delete my comments now.

Skye~just Skye~ A poem for you

I know that you are here.
I know you are my friend because when I cry,
I know that you will be there,
to wipe away my tears.

You have always been here for me.
Even when it hurts.
You never said goodbye.
You never left my side.

You stayed here with me,
even when I said I wanted to be alone.
You saw past my smile and fake happiness,
you were with me when I cried.

You let me share my pain with you.
Even though you have your own.
Some people say, friendship will never last forever.
They obviously haven’t me and you.

Skye~just Skye~ a book I wrote.

Lost and Found

Rosie Lee

January 5th 2001 8:27 p.m.

My name is Rosie Lee. I am 5 years old. I have long blonde hair with some sky blue and red highlights. I have bright blue eyes. And I have been taken. I have been taken from my castle where I was going to be queen someday when I was older. I used to live a life of luxury and happiness. Now I get beaten daily, I am only fed once a week, and I get tied to a tree and whipped if I disobey or cause any inconveniences. The only thing that keeps me alive is the small chance that I might get free someday and get to see my older sister Princess Katrina and my older brother Prince Jackson and the twins that were to be born soon. He is coming. I have to go now.

March 2nd 2001 7:49 a.m.

The twins were born last night. There was a boy and a girl. The girl was born first. Her name is Princess AnneMarie Melody Summer. She is in danger. See she is magical. But not normal magic. She possesses magic that some people don't even know about. And it is not only a threat to her but to the people she loves. He is back. I have to go. Good-bye.

June 23rd 2001 6:07 A.M

Lasi was born today. She's our family surprise. Nobody knew what was going on until she arrived. From what I can see, she looks just like my mother, though, my mother doesn't look quite as young. The man holding me captive has shown me her in a picture. He says that he's going to find her soon and take her captive as well. I'm afraid for my new little sister. I hope my mother will be able to hide away with Lasi before they're both captured as well. He's coming again! I have to go. Goodbye.

March 29 2002 7:51 P.M

Well almost a year has passed since I have written and already, from what I have heard, AnneMarie climbs on everything. And Jake is extremely cautious. Hopefully they will balance each other out over time. I am also told that AnneMarie has extremely beautiful blonde hair and piercing blue eyes and Jake has green eyes and brown hair. I learned that the queen is expecting another child. A girl. Her name is going to be Princess Amelia Enna Summer, she is due in four days. That is all I know about it at the moment. By now I have learned that the person keeping me captive is named Oscar and he has 2 evil friends named Bobbio and Sage. They have stopped torturing me and are now pretending that I am practically family. But I know they are evil and I also know that if i disobey the rules they will whip me like before. So for now I just have to pretend to be on their side until I have a way of escaping, Well, I have to go now. Bye.

Later that night

I need to get out of here. AnneMarie is in danger. I need to warn her. Earlier today I heard Oscar and his friends talking about curses. So I asked them why they were talking about curses and they said that they were going to curse Princess Amelia. So I asked them if they had cursed anyone else and they said that they had cursed Lasi and Annemarie. So I asked them what curses they used for them and they said that they had cursed Lasi to only be liked by evil people so that she would become evil and that they had cursed AnneMarie so that she would lose everyone she loves. So I asked them if there was any way for them to break their curses and they said that AnneMarie would be the only one able to break both of their curses. I have to warn them before it's too late.

April 2nd 2002 10:23 A.M.

Princess Amelia was born today. I was told that she had beautiful piercing blue eyes. Hang on. They are calling me. I'll be back. They probably want to show me a picture of her. goodbye.

2 minutes later

I’m back again, and I was right. They did show me a picture of her, and they were right. Her eyes are beautiful.. I have been thinking of an escape plan, and I think I have one. I am now allowed to wander, but Sage’s son, Jaden, has to come with me. He is six, so he is one year older than me, but he is pretty nice. He leaves me alone when I want to be left alone. But Oscar said that soon, I would be allowed to wander by myself, so when I am I will finally be able to escape. I have to go now. Jaden is looking for me. Bye.

June 15th 2002 12:30 P.M.

Tomorrow I will have a chance to escape. I am so excited! I hate it here, so escaping will be great! But I have to be careful to not get caught. I have a small chance of that though. I know this place better than they do. I have to go now. Jaden is looking for me. I am going to take him with me, because I can tell how much he hates it here. We have to get ready now, though. Goodbye.

June 16th 2002 4:37 P.M.

I can’t do this. I’m not going to do this. I am only five, and they are faster than me, so they will catch me easily. I have to work on getting faster, then I will be ready. I have to go now. I have to go get ready.

May 26th 2004 11:17 A,M,

I have been training for almost 2 years, and they now fully trust me. I am ready. Jaden is coming with me. Tomorrow, we will leave. I have to go now. Bye.

May 27th 2004 7:32 A.M.

We are free!!!! We did it!!!! We got away!!!! Now we need to get to the castle and warn the princesses. Oh no. We have to go. Like right now. Oscar and his friends are coming. Goodbye.

Later that day. At the castle

I am back. We almost didn't make it to the castle. Then the stupid castle guards wouldn’t listen to me when I told them that I was the princess. Then, finally, right before Oscar got there, the guards finally agreed to take me to the queen. Now I am in my room with a bunch of other guards while I wait to see what my mother, the queen, says. I really wish that these guards would leave. Wait. Some other guards just came. The queen wants to talk to me. Bye.

Later that evening

I’m back. I learned that royal children were threatened, so the queen gave them away. She also didn't believe that I her daughter and said that if I really was the princess, I would be able to find them, and that she wants me and Jaden to leave and never come back. Now I must leave. Wait. Maybe not. The king wants to see me. I'll be back again. Bye again.

Later that night

He believed me, and convinced the queen that I was Rosie. I am Princess Rosie Lee Summer, and I am home again.

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Skye~just Skye~ the beginning of book 2

Finding the Royals

Rosie Lee


June 31st 2005 8:27 P.M.

My name is Rosie Lee. I am a princess, and I am on a mission. My royal brothers and sisters are lost, and I am going to find them and bring them home. I don't know where they are, or if they are even still alive, but I am going to find them. I have to go now. I have some Royals to find.

Skye~just Skye~ anyone have any suggestions on how to make any of my things better?

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I think it's a great start! Very straight to the point, and wonderful writing. Although, maybe try switching the words "alive still" to "still alive". That way the sentence just runs smoother! :) Looking forward to the rest!

Skye~just Skye~ :) Thanks :)

Skye~just Skye~ this one is me and my friend. it started out when I was really sad and angry. mine is I know, and hers is I know too. it was really fun to make :)

I know

I know I am different. I just don’t call it that. I call it unique.

I know I am strange. I just don’t call it that. I call it being me.

I know I stand out. But maybe I just don’t want to be like everyone else.

I know some people hate me, but there are jerks who hate everyone.

I know I should care about what others think of me somewhat, I don't.

I know I am not what some people want me to be, but I am ok with that.

And I don’t need anyone’s approval. I am who I am. And I will never change.

I know too

I know I am awkward.

But that's who I am.

I know I am weird,

But then again, who's not?

I know I look awful, but it's my beautiful.

I know I act stupid,
But I think it's wonderful.

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Aww...That was very cute, and beautiful. I like the I know too part a lot.

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Skye~just Skye~ Thanks :)

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Skye~just Skye~ I dare you

I know you want to say something. You are thinking many things. Say them. I dare you.
You can say anything you want. Try me. But if you say anything hurtful to my best friend, I will kill you. You don’t believe me? Try it. I will prove to you how serious I am.

That was a poem for my friend when she felt hated. :P

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Skye~just Skye~ Ok. So this is probably going to be chapter 6 in a book i am writing with one of my friends. She is Emily, and I am Skye. It's in Skye's point of view. I am still working on it. :)

“I can’t tonight, Emily.” I say. Emily had called to tell me she was taking me to base tonight no matter what.
“Why not?” She asked
“Because I am tired from dancing?” I said, but it sounded more like a question.
“You used that excuse yesterday”
“I fell out of a tree?”
“You can’t climb. You have a broken arm. Try again.”
“I got in a fight?”
“With who?”
“I don’t think so.”
“I am busy?”
“I’ll see you tonight.”
“I broke my leg?”
“Bye Skye.”
And she hung up.
“Where are you going tonight?” Kimber asks
“To a party.” I tell her.
“Can I come?”
“No. It's not for young children. I won’t be home until around 3 or 4 in the morning anyways.”
“Oh.” She says sadly.
“You can have your own party here though.”
“OK! THANKS!” She says excitedly and runs to her room.
I go into my room, and sit on my bed. Then I go out onto my balcony, and try to climb onto the railing, but I can’t.
“Stupid cast.” I mumble. Then I see some rope on my purple chair in my room, so i go get it, and i grab both ends, and make a loop. Then i throw it onto the roof, hooking the pipe. Then I climb up.

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Skye~just Skye~ Oh! And i really did have a broken arm when i was writing this chapter, and my room did have a balcony, and i do have a purple chair in my room :P
So not all of it is a fantasy. :P

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lol...Well the writing is good! And the way the characters talked was good too! Try adding more descriptive writing though, and show her feelings. Other wise, it's really great! You said it was chapter six of a book your writing right? You should post the other chapters! (You don't have to, if you don't want to though)

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I agree with ravanna!

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Skye~just Skye~ Ok! Thanks!

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No problem!

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Skye~just Skye~ This is a poem I am writing. It's not done yet, but this is what I have so far:

How do I laugh when I want to cry? How do I live when I want to die? How do I smile when I feel pain? How do I move forward when I don't think there is anything to gain?

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It's a beautiful start! Very deep! The questions give an emotional pull, connecting the writer to the reader. Allowing them to feel and see what the writer it trying to express without going into detail. :)

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Skye~just Skye~ <3 thanks

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