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Any Ideas?

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Well actually I have a few ideas of my own if you'd like me to share them

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Best Friends (( Different Plot perhaps ))
Adult Best Friends
Blind Dates
Student x Student
Student x Teacher
Jock x Jock
Jock x Nerd
Jock x Suicidal ( an actual plot with these two )
Demon x Angel
Demon x Fallen Angel
Demon x Demon
Demon x Hunter
Demon x Human
Angel x Angel
Angel x Fallen Angel
Angel x Hunter
Angel x Human
Vampire x Human
Vampire x Hunter
Vampire x Angel
Vampire x Demon
Vampire x Werewolf
Vampire x Other SPN creature
Werewolf x Human
Werewolf x Hunter
Werewolf x Other SPN Creature
SPN Creature x SPN Creature
FBI Agent x FBI Agent
FBI Agent x Criminal
Police Officer x Criminal
Police Officer x Victim
FBI Agent x Victim

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( ignore the brackets )

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Let's do Jock x Nerd

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Nerd Please

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Okay, it'll take a while for mine, I'm creating a new template

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(( Not to be entirely rude, XD, but can we try one of my other ideas? All you would need to do is change the age pretty much, can I tell you my idea? ))

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In My Arms
" Perhaps you should stay, just until you go?"
" Of course, I'd love to hold you in my arms for a little longer,"

Muse A has been asked to join the Marine Corps, and of course he took the offer, since he has been wanting to join the Marine Corps for a while now, but something is holding him back, something he loves very much. Muse B, has been offered to have his book published, and has been told to fly to Florida for a month, but something has been holding him back, something he loves. Muse A and Muse B have been going out forever, ever since high school, and they love each other so much that they'd do anything for each other.

It's a week before they're wedding that they tell each other about the offers, and it turns out Muse A leaves just a week after they're wedding, so Muse A decided to make his stay in ( City, State ) the best for Muse B.


- MxM
- Be the Dominant Partner Please
- I'm the Submissive Partner
- I'm Muse B please
- Done In Thread
- More then 3 sentences
- Sex through PM
- Detailed Characters
- Activity
- Patience

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I'll make my character soon

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Sorry for the long wait, so here we go:


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♚♚Alias Identification♚♚

** Full Birth Given Name ** Detroit Mist Dylan

^^ First Name Meaning ^^ (( Pretty Much Named After His Birth City ))
The city was named by French colonists, referring to the Detroit River (French: le détroit du lac Érié, meaning the strait of Lake Erie), linking Lake Huron and Lake Erie; in the historical context, the strait included the St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River.
^^ Middle Name Meaning ^^ Particles Of Water
^^ Last Name Meaning ^^ The name Dylan is a Welsh baby name. In Welsh the meaning of the name Dylan is: Son of the wave, born near the sea, influence. Famous bearers: Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, American folk singer Bob Dylan.

** Nicknames ** Deet, Troy, Misty, Mist, Dyl, Dill, Lan

^^ First Nickname Meaning ^^ Called this by his brother.
^^ Second Nickname Meaning ^^ Mainly by everyone.
^^ Last Five Nickname Meanings ^^ His Best friends are only allowed to call him these

{ Preferred Name } Troy or Deet
{ Hated Name } Lan or Dill
{ Preferred Nicknames } Troy, Deet, Misty, Mist, Dyl
{ Hated Nicknames } Dill and Lan


♚♚Birth Identification♚♚

** Gender ** Male

** Birthday ** February 14th
^^ Birth Place ^^ Detroit, Michigan
^^ Birth Time ^^ 12:00 Noon
^^ Birth Season ^^ Winter/Spring

** Age ** 22 years old

** Nationality ** American
** Race ** White
** Languages ** American, Dutch, German, English ( British ), Australia
** Blood Type ** Type -A


♚♚Appearance Identification♚♚

** Face Claim ** Dylan O'Brien

^^ Images ^^



(view spoiler)

** Hair ** Brown
** Eyes ** Dark Brownish
** Height ** 5' 8"
** Weight ** 120 lbs
** Other Marks ** Bunch of Bruises, Self Harm Scars
** Dressing Style **


♚♚Personality Identification♚♚

** Personality Traits **
Nature Lover
^^ Summary of Traits ^^
Detroit is quite the man you know, always getting the babes, men to be exact, but what you don't know is his entire personality, so here I'll tell you all about Detroit:
Detroit is majorly submissive, he will allow his boyfriend do anything to him, always has and always will, he will never destroy his lovers dream, he doesn't have the heart to crush anyone's dream or anything. Detroit is dark and mysterious, now one knows anything about him, nothing, they know he's dating the most hottest man on the planet ( Detroit's words not mine ), and they know he's an author, but do they know the truth behind Detroit's deep, dark, drama laced books about teenagers and young adults? No. Weird and Calm does not fit with Detroit, but for some reason, he inhabits these traits, Detroit is also Quiet and Artistic, which totally fits with Detroit. Detroit is impossible to understand and is impossible to even deal with, it's amazing how his boyfriend deals with his outburst and obsessive writing. Detroit is also an nature lover, reader, and an writer, he is also labeled as cute by his boyfriend.

** Strengths **
Loving his Boyfriend
** Weaknesses **
His Boyfriend
** Secrets ** He's Very Athletic
** Fears **
Large Dogs
Tight Spaces
Planes ( sometimes )
Water ( Can't swim )
** Flaws ** Hardly any


♚♚History Identification♚♚

** As A Baby **

Detroit was born a small child, very small, smaller then the smallest baby on earth, living baby of course, now his baby hood was perfect, he was always fed, always bathed, always clothed and always had a roof over his head. Detroit was born in the southwest of Detroit, Michigan, near a small lake, which really belonged to his father who owns like half Detroit, well not half, I mean the estate is pretty big, but it's not overly big. Detroit's father is and always was an homosexual, so when given they're baby, Detroits two dads took him to live on they're estate, they're very large estate. Detroits mother is totally unknown, only because she was an donor, and the men didn't want to talk to her dude to the fact that she was against homosexuals.

** As A Child **

Growing up on such a large estate, Detroit was forced to leaner things he didn't want to learn about, and he was forced fm join a boarding school, now he loved his boarding school, until he reached the special ripe age of eleven, where he told his fathers that he wanted to be put into public school. His fathers' allowed him to choose where to go, now people say he and his boyfriend met in high school, and he may say it himself, but everyone knows he had met his true love in elementary school, he just forgot because he had been pulled out for a few years because his fathers did not want to keep they're genius son in a stupid school for so long. So once in high school, he was allowed to go back to public school, where he met his boyfriend.

** As A Teenager/Now **

So once in high school, he was allowed to go back to public school, where he met his boyfriend, he loved this time in his life, where he could meet different guys and different girls, different people from different stereotypes, and other cliques. Detroit grew up to be a very special guy, as he gre up to be such a nerdy dude, he also grew to be very athletic, it's odd yes I know, but still, at least he has a buff boyfriend who loves him all the same, and now they're about to get married.


♚♚Family Identification♚♚

** Main **

** Mother ** Unknown
** Father ** Theodore Frank Dylan née Wilcox
** Father ** O'Brian Drake Dylan
** Brother #1** Lucas Krak Dylan
** Brother #2** Ryan Josh Hart
** Brother #3** Riker Ryder Dylan
** Brother #3** Nelson Ronder Alexander
** Brother-In-Law ** Mason Jadon Hart
** Sister-In-Law ** Sofia Allisa Alexander
** Nephew #1** Keith LuLu Hart
** Nephew #2** Kyle Brandon Hart
** Niece ** Theoloa Markus Hart

^^ Others ^^

^^ Grandmother ^^ Maggie Skye the Wilcox
^^ Grandfather ^^ Martin Jay Wilcox
^^ Grandmother #2 ^^ Drake Drew Dylan
^^ Grandfather #2 ^^ Harold Marcus Dylan
^^ Aunt ^^ Natalie Wilcox
^^ Uncle ^^ Liam Wilcox
^^ Cousin ^^ Harry Wilcox
^^ Aunt #2 ^^ Drew Dylan
^^ Uncle #2 ^^ Brandon Dylan
^^ Cousin #? ^^ Nelson Dylan

## Pets ##
Fluff - Fluffy Soft Black and Gray kitten


♚♚Relationship Identification♚♚

** Sexuality ** Homosexual

^^ Crush ^^ His Boyfriend

** Status ** Engaged
** Husband ** None Yet
** Wife ** None
** Boyfriend ** Lucas Park
** Girlfriend ** None

** Friends ** Many
** Non-Friends ** Many
** Enemies ** Many


♚♚Other Information♚♚

% Allergies %
Sea Food
% Theme Songs %
One Direction 2015 Songs
Justin Bieber 2015 Songs

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Detroit was sitting at the bay window, over looking New York, he was drawing as he looked out the window, he really hated being inside when he had a cold, but since he didn't want to affect others, he stayed inside. Detroit sighed as he drew what he was seeing outside, his eyes traveled all over the place, outside, on the page, outside, on the page, it was a repetitive pattern really. Detroit was a famous writer, and author known all around the world, he was famous for his book that he wrote on a homosexual teen who had dealt with his sexuality and the consequences that came with it. Detroit was full of ideas, always, it's what everyone loved about him and his personality, at least that's what everyone says when they tell him why they love him.

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Detroit, without looking up, smiled genuinely at his boyfriend, " I'm drawing what I see outside, I'm starting on the world trade building now," Detroit says as he then looked up after one minute, he looked at Lucas and smiled softly. Detroit then sighed softly in happiness, he set down his notepad, his pencil and his colored pencils, his eyes traveled over Lucas's buff body.

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Detroit smiled softly, he was going to answer Lucas, when he suddenly began coughing harshly, now that would be a little odd, because Detroit hadn't coughed for hours, he stood up quickly and he walked into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water from the fridge. Detroit then searched for an cough drop, or rather the cough medicine that he kept in the kitchen for his late night writing outburst, he sighed softly as he looked around, coughing still.

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Detroit didn't do as told, he then hurried over to his desk in the living room, he began rummaging through the drawers until he found the cough medicine he was looking for, he opened it and filled the tiny cup, he then drank it all, his eyes opening and his throat feeling entirely better then he grabbed the bag of cough drops, " Ugh! I hope I'm feeling better by Christmas," Detroit mumbled, since Christmas was only a few weeks away.

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Fluff came dashing out of they're room, holding one of Detroit's books on her mouth, Detroit walked forward, out of the little room where his desk was, he tripped on her, and he fell, she was able to move out of the way on time. Detroit tried grabbing the kitten, " She's over here," Detroit mumbled as he looked up, he waited for Lucas to notice that his boyfriend was on the ground.

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" Get my book," Detroit says, pointing to his book in the cats mouth, her eyes glittered in the dull sunlight that filtered through the window, Detroit grabbed the camera from the living room table and he took a few photos before then waiting for Lucas to get the book. Detroit was very athletic, but no one knows so he doesn't show it off, he allows Lucas to do all the athletic stuff,such as getting his book from the cat to getting something from a high shelf.

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Detroit grinned, and he purposely took a photo of Lucas before dashing away, camera in hand and the book in the other, he didn't look back as he dashed away, his eyes slowly closing for a moment, and then re opened then when he reached the hallway. Looking at the six rooms on each side of the hallway, he chose the one in the middle and took the one on the right, he hid in that room.

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Detroit came out if hiding, " But why? You look so hot and sexy in it," Detroit whined, not wanting to delete it, because he wanted to draw Lucas later on before bed, but for now, he would finish his New York drawing after this little fight. He looked at Lucas, awaiting his answer to his question.

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Detroit shook his head, " Come on, at least let me keep it as a background before I delete it," Detroit whined as he moved backwards, towards the wall for some reason, he looked at his phone before then looking back up at Lucas with his puppy dog eyes and for the finally touch the lip.

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Detroit looked up, "What?! No! You said you deleted that one!" Detroit squeaked as he walked closer to Lucas, really worried, he hated nude photos and he hated being taken a picture of when he was nude. Detroit waited for Lucas to respond, his eyes, his brown sparkling eyes filled with worry.

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Detroit frowned, he then deleted the photo before then tossing the phone onto the bed, he walked away, he hated when people toyed with his feelings that way, it really hurt that even Lucas would stoop to that level, Detroit went looking for his little furry friend, who came to him when not even called as he sat down on the living room couch, he sighed and began petting her.

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Detroit said nothing, he didn't even look up when his buff fiancé came walking into the living room, he just sat there and petted fluff as she purred and snuggled up to Detroit. Detroit sighed softly as he closed his eyes and titled his head back until his head rested against the back of the couch, his face facing the ceiling, his eyes closed.

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Detroit then sighed and he shifted, he leaned against Lucas, " Don't ever toy with my feelings again," Detroit murmured as he opened a eye and he looks up at Lucas, he sighed, he really loved Lucas, he really, really did. But he hated when Lucas messed around with his feelings, he sighed and closed his eye once more and he then felt as Fluff moved and laid down on his stomach, Detroit sighed softly.

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Detroit yawns slightly, it was still morning and he was quite hungry, " Maybe we can have breakfast this morning for once," Detroit replied as he opened his eyes and looked up at Lucas with a smile on his face. Fluff purred as she settled on Detroit's stomach, " Fluff is like our little crazy baby isn't she babe?" Detroit asked softly.

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Fluff purrs when she is petted, she then with claws sheathed, climbed Detroits body and settles on Lucas's lap, putting softly, she then stayed there, not intent on moving so soon.
Detroit watched at Fluff moved from,his stomach to Lucas's lap, he chuckled, then he decided to answer Lucas, " Pancakes and eggs!" Detroit says like a small child, he grins up at Lucas.

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Detroit smiled and chuckled and he looked at Fluff, who meows when her name is mentioned, he laughs and sat up a little bit, as he sat up Fluff moved instantly off Lucas's lap and Detroit took her place, he grinned at Lucas before kissing Lucas gently on the mouth, then he pulled back and got off of Lucas's lap.

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Detroit went into his little study and he sat down at his desk, where he began to start writing, he had been writing another book, an series about his first one, he has been going at it for at least six months now, and he was ready to send the final draft of his book in, so after adding a long chapter for the ending, he decided to add a little sneak peak for the next book he'd be writing.

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Detroit sent the final draft to his editor, he sighed and re read the final draft before then actually sending the final draft, he then stood up, stretched, cracked his back and neck. After that he walked out into the living room, over to the bay window, and he then sat down, he began to start up the drawing again where he left off, nothing really changed, so he just continued until he finished, he sighed. Getting up and deciding to change into something more comfortable, he walked into the bedroom and began rummaging through Lucas's things, since he loved wearing Lucas's clothes instead of his own small clothing.

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Fluff dashed into the kitchen, she meowed at Lucas, as if saying thank you before she hopped onto the counter,she nudged the syrup over to where it would be right above her dish, she opened the syrup and tipped the bottle over, she watched as it slowly fell down, perfectly onto the middle off the pancake below, she closed the lid and then hopped back down onto the floor, she began eating.
Detroit came out of the bedroom, wearing one of Lucas's t-shirts and a pair of Lucas's sweatpants, he yawns once as he comes into the kitchen, stretching, the shirt rose up, exposing some of Detroit's toned six pack abs, he picks the bottle up and sets it up right before then walking over to Lucas and giving him a peck on the cheek, " Thanks Hun," Detroit says as he then walked over to the refrigerator and began searching for something to drink, he was bent over as he did so.

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Echo then grinned as he pulled out an soda bottle, " That's not all we have, we also have my hidden Japanese Mountain Dew," Echo replied as he waved his soda bottle around, he sighed and looked over at Fluff. " Did she pour her own syrup again?" Echo asked Lucas,

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" So is orange juice," Detroit says as he took a swig of the Mt. Dew before shutting down and petting Fluff, who meweled for more food, considering she ate more human food then cat food, she always begged for more and more. Detroit stood and sat down at the chair closest to Fluff, he looked at Lucas and smiled, " Your a fantastic cook Lucas," Detroit says after he took a bite and then swallowed it.

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" It's healthy, it has acids that can damage your teeth, and Milk has fat in it," Detroit answered as he ate, he smiled softly, loving that he could easily pick fights with his fiancé and possibly win the fight,

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Detroit grinned, " But this is a Japanese soda, it has no acids and will not rot my teeth, and also Soda does not have so much sugar, and it's acids won't rot your teeth, unless you were raised on it, which I was not," Detroit replied as he continued to eat his food.

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Detroit silently cheered for himself, he leans over and kisses Lucas's cheek, he smiled softly and then finished up eating, when he did, he then rinsed his plate and placed it in the dishwasher. After that Detroit went to the bathroom to wash his hands, face, and the brush his teeth and hair, he sighed softly in happiness and he began thinking about the wedding that was in a few weeks.

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" Well, I was thinking a combination of kinda a rainbow colored inside, while the frosting is white," Detroit says as he combed his hair, he watched Lucas and bit his lip slightly, he wished he could kiss Lucas deeply, but he didn't want to risk getting Lucas sick.

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Detroit groans softly, " The colors of the little frosting flowers will be rainbow, as for my hair, don't touch it again," Detroit says as he playfully punched Lucas gently in the shoulder, but hard enough for Lucas to understand not to do it again.

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Detroit groans, he then moved until he was situated between Lucas's legs, he looked up at Lucas and smiled, " Are you willing to take a risk of getting sick?" Detroit asked softly as he slowly moved his hands up Lucas's chest and then moved them to wrap around Lucas's neck.

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Detroit smiled and he leaned up to meet Lucas half way, he grins widely when his lips met Lucas's, he began to kiss Lucas gently but deeply, he really loved his fiancé and couldn't believe he was gonna get married to him soon. Detroit kept his arms around his neck, he then let them roam down, and up into Lucas's shirt, touching Lucas's bare skin and abs.

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Detroit smiled as Lucas mumbled something into the kiss, but he said nothing as he deeply kissed Lucas, not moving away as Lucas pulled him closer, he allowed Lucas to do as he wished. Detroit loved being close to Lucas, it was his favorite thing next to Lucas ( you know ) him.

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(( well what do you think it means? ))

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Detroit gasped against Lucas's lips, but he didn't stop Lucas from doing anything, he actually loved it when Lucas became the dominant one in they're little make out sessions, Detroit hoped they weren't gonna be disturbed by anything again. Since that is what happened the last time this happened.

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Detroit nodded and he was breathing a little harshly, he smiled softly before capturing Lucas's lips with his own again, he smiled against Lucas's lips, he kissed him deeply, wanting to feel Lucas touch his bare skin. Detroit then placed Lucas's hands on his stomach.

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Detroit moaned softly as well and gave Lucas's body the same treatment, but to make this easier on them both, Detroit pulled back to take off his shirt before then taking off Lucas's shirt, in which he then continued to deeply kiss Lucas.

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Detroit allowed Lucas do as needed, he kissed Lucas passionately, loving this moment very much, but he wanted it to go farther, he knew it couldn't though, not right now at least.

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