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message 1: by Kate S (last edited Dec 07, 2015 07:08PM) (new)

Kate S | 5912 comments 20.8 Best of 2015 Jama's Task: Read a book from one of these year end "best of" lists: NYT Notable or NPR's Book Concierge.

message 2: by Bea (new)

Bea | 1502 comments Is there a link for NPR Concierge?

message 3: by Kate S (new)

Kate S | 5912 comments Sorry, not yet. We are expecting it this week. As soon as it is released, we will post it.

message 4: by Sam (new)

Sam (theliteraryhooker) | 1008 comments Very happy about this task! I looked through the NYT list when it was released and realized I have quite a few of these on my shelves that I haven't gotten around to yet!

message 5: by Bea (new)

Bea | 1502 comments This is the only task for which I have not yet chosen a book. I looked at the list enough to say that I did not want to read poetry or non-fiction, but I could not decide on any other books as I know nothing about any of them. I also went to NPR (I know the list is not yet up) and looked at books they had reviewed. I did not recognize any of them. HELP!

I obviously do not read in the same literary style as the NYT or NPR. Can someone recommend any fiction for me to try?

message 6: by Kazen (new)

Kazen | 619 comments If you like genre fiction you may want to wait until the NPR list comes out - they're good about covering a wide range of tastes, better than NYT. Looking at last year's selection there's sci-fi, romance, fantasy, mysteries, and more. And the way their Concierge is set up makes it easy to find something that you've never heard of that you have to read immediately. :)

message 7: by Bea (new)

Bea | 1502 comments Thanks, Kazen. Do you know when it is expected?

message 8: by Kazen (new)

Kazen | 619 comments Any day now. Some help I am! ;)

message 9: by Beth (last edited Dec 07, 2015 07:05PM) (new)

Beth Robinson (bethrobinson) | 1099 comments I'm getting Between the World and Me from the library. It's nonfiction but it just sounds like a valuable viewpoint to experience for the expansion of my own mind.

message 10: by Kate S (new)

Kate S | 5912 comments Post 1 has been updated.

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