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Internal Conflict

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Juliet Stempler When Catherine was in the speech waiting room she started to draw a picture of Jason. Jason's mom saw that and called Catherine out on it. Catherine didn't know what to do. She could do one of two things. The first option is to confess and tell the truth and apologize about drawing the picture and the second option is to try and lie by saying how she wasn't drawing a picture of Jason it was someone else who just happened to look like him. This conflict is hard because she didn't want Jason or his mom to think less of her, but on the other hand she didn't want to lie. This is an Internal conflict because it was going on inside of Catherine's head and is a big problem.

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Kaleigh I agree with what you said. Even though Catherine just says "sorry" to Jason's mom right away, she at least had a second of conflict deciding what to do in HER head. (Like you said)

Juliet Stempler Yes! Even though it wasn't a long conflict, going on in her head for almost the entire book, she still did had to think of what to tell Jason's mother quickly.
Any more thoughts would be great!

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Kaleigh Something else about internal conflict in the book (not the one about Jason) is that Catherine has an ongoing conflict about David. She always says that David embarrasses her but she can't tell him and she can't tell her mom or she will get mad.

Juliet Stempler That is true. She can't express her feelings because her mom will be mad. She can't tell her friends because they won't understand. That is an excellent internal conflict.

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Kaleigh Do you have anymore ideas of internal conflict or do you think that this is just the main one?

Jack I feel that she has another internal conflict with who to spend her time with between David and Jason. They are both really important to her so she is constantly fluctuating with who to devote her time with because her time is both really important to both David and Jason.

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Kaleigh Yes, that is very good! Another one could be between if she should spend her time with Jason or Kristi. I just read the part where she hung out with Kristi for the first time and was saying how she felt bad about abandoning Jason (in her head).

Jack Yeah, Kristi plays an important part in the story and how the conflict emerges

Juliet Stempler Yes! Does anyone feel that Catherine is trying to impress Kristi?

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Kaleigh Sort of. I think it is mainly that Catherine just wants a friend who doesn't think she is weird. David makes a lot of Catherine's friends think she is weird and Catherine doesn't want Kristi to think the same way about her.

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Jack I agree, I feel that she isn't trying to impress her, I think she just wants to put all of her emotions and thoughts on her because she hasn't really had any other kid her age to put her emotions toward since she can't really put her emotions on David and Jason because they don't really understand

Nicholas Moscati It's hard to impress Kristi when Catherine's brother David, is always doing embarrassing things that Catherine is unfairly responsible for.

Juliet Stempler That is true also! But she always wants her house to look nice and David to be calm when Kristi comes over.

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Kaleigh Yes, I think she is doing that so Kristi will think of her in a good way. She doesn't want David or how her house looks to scare Kristi off.

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Jack I agree with all of you, when Kristi comes over, if David is disciplined, it would give Kristi a good impression of Catherine, but if he is misbehaving then it will give Kristi a bad impression of Catherine so it is a big hit or miss with David in the story.

Juliet Stempler That's true. It really is both. I don't really like Kristi as a character. I don't think she is a good friend. What do you guys think?

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Kaleigh I think she is a good friend, but she is not necessarily Catherine's type of friend. Catherine wanted somebody who wanted to talk with flashlights during the night and who would go and enjoy being at the lake with her. Instead of this Catherine always seems to be trying to impress Kristi. When they went to the lake Kristi thought it was pretty gross and just wanted to talk and sun bathe instead of swimming and touching the bottom like Catherine wanted to .

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Kaleigh Also, Kristi seems to think that David is cute and funny while Catherine thinks he is very annoying and embarrassing.

Nicholas Moscati Yeah, that's also true. I guess Catherine is so paranoid that people think her brother is slow and stupid while he's really just funny and cute to other people which in turn, surprises Catherine.

Juliet Stempler Yeah. Does anyone think that Catherine is over reacting about how David acts? Especially around Catherine's friends.

Nicholas Moscati Catherine really just wants to be a cool kid with no responsibilities.

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Kaleigh Yes, I agree with both of you. She just wants to be really cool and I think she feels that she David doesn't make her cool. If anything David does make her a little more popular because lots of people want to be around him and CAtherine

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Kaleigh Catherine definitley does over react with David.

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