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meet Mᴇ.

I watch Reign, Agents of SHIELD, Modern Family (a lot of that haha) and even though I don't seem like it, I'm pretty upset at times, but I'm happy too. I'm complicated, twisted, and struggling; my full name is Tinath Maya Effy Nyc Zaeba ((lol I know)) ;; I dance, sing, talk, bake, cheerlead, and I was Prom Queen three times in a row and always Homecoming queen;; I have tons of 'friends' ;; and the rest, you'll see.

This is my online journal;; permitted to comment;;


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Oh my god!
How do you make such templates and gifs?? :D
Too good :D

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Haha thank you XD Really, they're not that good! I'm just learning :)

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But I think they are great :D

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Aww thank you <3 your opinions matter a lot to me!

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Entry: 1 [closure];;
date: 1/12/15;; time: 7:05 PM

I never knew what closure meant. The official dictionary says it means moving on emotionally from a relationship but that's just bogus; to me closure means moving on in general by connecting to the person/event. That was before I experienced it myself.

Recently I've been busy helping with my friend's memorial and the word closure has been thrown around a lot. I just nodded and kept working but during the memorial I actually felt it.

To be just standing there, talking about her and everybody listening ━━ that was touchingly beautiful. When it came to her we were all united; we knew what we lost. We knew we couldn't get her back. But the least we could do is talk about her, remember her ━━ to keep a little piece of her wherever we go by just remembering. That made all the difference in the world.

I remember us. I remember me crashing at her house every day after school and watching Reign or Agents of SHIELD or Fringe reruns while throwing crumbs of cookies or popcorn. I remember me doing her accounting homework while she did my maths for me, and us later listening to Marina and The Diamonds. I remember us sneaking into clubs and dancing and flirting and just enjoying ourselves until we realize its dawn and we sneak back into our manor and pretend we've been having a slumber party.

I remember attending every high school party with her, I remember she getting me more and more ridiculous fake IDs ━━ Miley Kardashian? seriously? ━━ and dancing to every song we can dance to. I remember when I was having difficult, emotional nights and I would simply give her a missed call and she would sneak in my window and sit with me. Simply just there. I remember her there in every part of my life. I see her in the photographs decorating and covering my room.

and I know I won't get this back. And that's alright. It will be hard; but it will be alright in the end. I won't forget her but I will move on. I'm really ready to.

this is closure


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