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As of now, this topic is an open discussion / list of the clubs and sports to be offered at Cupid Academy. If the club or sport you want isn't here, just comment below! I'd love to have lists of what characters are in what organizations, and I think we'll be requiring each club / sport to have a faculty advisor, but yeah, have at it~


Members- Reese Lione

Advisor- aqua, tbm
Members- Reese Lione

Members- Atlas Lao


Cross Country
Advisor- Mr. Regulus Mongomery


Student Government
Advisor- Mr. Regulus Montgomery
Members- Reese Lione

Drama Club
Advisor- Mr. Adam Martin

The Cupid Chronicle (gossip rag club)
Editor (must be a senior)- Damon Caro

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ᵉˡˡᵃ done!!!

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Can I take the editor of The Cupid Chronicle? - Damon Caro

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ᵉˡˡᵃ Sure~~

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Thank you ^.^

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Can we add swimming there to the sports? And if so, can Belle Valentina be a member of that.

And can Sloane Davenport be a member of Student Government?

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A 💞 (smokeymirrors) | 73 comments Is there a Dance Club? O,O

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At the moment, no, but I like that idea.

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A 💞 (smokeymirrors) | 73 comments Well if there shall be a dance club, I would like Vivian Onyx to be a board member and if you could add her to the Drama Club too, that would be fantastic! Thank you C:

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No problem :)

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Hi! I'm still making my character, but I think it would be cool to add an occult club or a club for people who are interested in spirits and stuff. I could imagine the children of Hades liking it.

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