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message 1: by Diana (new)

Diana Amoroso | 9 comments Now that you have finished reading your chosen independent reading, please post a REVIEW of your book in about 250 words. Avoid summary – we can find summaries of books all over the internet, but what is important is what you thought about your book! Please also be careful not to spoil the book for anyone who may choose to read it in the future – give us something to interest us, without giving away the whole story.

Due Friday, December 4th by 11:59:59

message 2: by Mariaelena (new)

Mariaelena Arias (elenaxmarie) | 9 comments Dork Diaries was a very exciting and funny book. Basically about a teenagers life named Niki at school and outside of school, who has a very deep crush on a boy and always has some crazy funny adventures with her 2 best friends. Something that can actually grab your attention. There's also this popular girl whom she deeply dislikes named Mackenzie who's always looking for attention and wants to be the best at everything then the other students A.K.A "Dorks" at her school. She always talks behind Niki's back and at her face whenever she feels the need to. But niki won't tolerate her act. I suggest this book to anyone who's interested in some fun drama and romance :)

message 3: by Charlie (new)

Charlie V | 7 comments Like the previous book i chose the book was also made into a movie. Stephen Kings "It" is a great novel I would recommend the book to everyone. The book is somewhat better than the movie because the movie is great and everything but its only two hours which will go by fast. The book in the other hand gives you the feeling that i don't want to pit this book down. So basically the book is about for these kids grew up in a small town with this "monster" that killed one of the main characters little brother & touchers them but they eventually kill them but he somehow comes back to life and then in the future makes them all join up to toucher them again and try to kill them. Succeeding in killing some but not all.

message 4: by Elisabel (new)

Elisabel Ruiz | 8 comments A Child Called “It” was really an amazing book to read. This book focuses on how a young little boy name Dave suffers through most his life and has a really bad childhood because he is always getting abuse at home by his mother. His mother is a person who doesn’t show much love for him because shes always treating him bad. Shes also a very unfair mom because she doesn’t treat her kids equally, she treats Dave’s sibling better than him. Sometimes Dave has to starve himself for multiple days because his mom is a careless person, she never actually fed him, and when she does shes always screaming at him and telling him to do chores after. When Dave doesn’t eat during the whole day he goes through his garbage and tries to find leftover food that were been thrown away by his mom or siblings. His mom use to abuse him mostly everyday and she would force him to go to school in ripped shoes ripped clothes. This book is basically about Dave living a very harsh life and hes trying to survive through all these punishments.

message 5: by Daniela (new)

Daniela Acosta | 7 comments The book i read was Confessions of a murder suspect by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. This was a really good book. I loved this book because it had a lot of action in it. All through the book we see how the girl telling the story gives the perspective of all the characters in the room. She also finds every reason of the people that were in the house that night to find out who killed her parents. The girl is a suspect because she seems like the only one to really have a motive in killing her parents. It was only her the maids and her 2 other brothers in the house when the cops came in she opened the door, the door was locked so it had to be someone from the house to have kill the parents and that night a few hours before she had an argument with her father so the cops thought it was her that did it at first. I wont say the ending of the book because I don't want to spoil it for anyone that wants to read it but I really recommend this book to everyone who loves action and mystery.

message 6: by Omar (new)

Omar Flores | 8 comments The novel I am currently reading is "Too Close To Home" by Linwood Barclay this is a very interesting book. Because this is about a young kid named Derek who was a regular kid who stayed out of trouble. Until he made a wrong decision in braking in his neighbors house "The Langley's" and witness them getting killed in the scene. And later on was framed for murder because he was in the area when they died. And so now his parents and himself are striving to get him out and prove him as innocent. I recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery and crime because this is what this book is based upon . I really liked the book

message 7: by Eric (new)

Eric Rodriguez | 8 comments Shooters was a very well written book by Walter dean Myers I like how he related the book to teen life's and how gangs are not good in life. In the book a 17 year old kid who was white was found killed in the after math of a shooting that was going on at a high school in Harrison county. There the begins to be a whole case in to which sparked the whole thing to who's the shooter and how he shot the white male. I recommend this book beacuse not only it shows how the world we live in is crazy it shows that no matter how you put it any thing could happen a white male who is 17 got caught in the gun fire and he was innocent so not only dose Walter writes a book about a murder that happens he sends a message to young teens

message 8: by Foxae (new)

Foxae Foster | 8 comments Reading the “Lovely bone” was a great and interesting book. What happens in this book you wouldn’t expect it to be. When you're reading the book you feel like you're watching an episode of CSI or Law and Order. This book teaches you a lot about life and things that can happen , and it can be caused by someone close to you. So people who are nice you would not expect what happens to them happened in the first place. This book really shows you life, pain, and guidance all in one. It makes you wonder what if that was you in there? What if you had to make those choices? What if you was in charge to find out the truth? It's a book that makes you do critical thinking about what really happened and why. It really made me think about my life and how one thing may have a huge impact on my life not only as a young adult, but also as a human being. The name of the book doesn’t reflect as much what it is trying to say, and or point out that is happening in the world or in one’s person's life.If you like mysteries then this would be a great book to read. If I had to reread a book over again I would choose this one. The” Lovely Bone” is not a complex book to read and a lot of our generation of teens can get the big picture at what is going on.

message 9: by Jeremiah (new)

Jeremiah T. | 3 comments Fullmetal Alchemist is a good book to read. Even as a comic this book shows a lot of emotion between the two brothers. The alchemy shown in the book is great and allows you to see what the brothers lack in detail and character and how that is made through out the book. Even the side characters have many stories that are very sophisticated. Many don't like anime or manga but this shows a lot of losses and love. It shows a lot of surprises and twist and turns. Thriller and suspense is another key element that makes the book what it is and the end leaves you wanting more. As time progresses in the book you feel a certain connection with the book. Yes, there are very long tedious parts, but reading these parts with understanding allows you to get a full picture on whats happening in the book in a subtle way. You catch on pretty quick and nothing is left out detail wise. You can see many wonderful abilities and power that makes you want more. You can even watch the anime that came out if it helps you understand the book more and learn what their lives look like from another view not just as a reader but as a god or watcher.

message 10: by Camille (new)

Camille Weston | 8 comments I loved the book that i chose. It's called My Name Is Memory and it was basically about this kid who could remember all his passed lives unlike others, who had past lives but couldn't remember them. the best part was that there was this girl that he met a long time ago, that he was in love with but because she couldnt remember her past lives, he or she would die before they could get close enough, but he loved her throughout all generations. But when they ended up in high school together and he tried to tell her she freaked out and ran away and then he was so sad and then there was this other guy who could also remember past generations that was married to the same girl in a past life and tried to kill the first one (his name is ben) and because he fought for her, she loved him and remembered him from past lives vaguely. the bad part is in the end, he goes out from the hotel that they were staying in and then thats it. it seemed like an abrupt ending to me. :(

message 11: by Burhan (new)

Burhan Ullah | 9 comments Unfortunately i didn't have the opportunity to complete The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien but what i read so far, was interesting. This book take place during the Vietnam War. Jimmy Cross was a lieutenant soldier. While battling and fighting in the war, he carries letter from a girl he barely knew. Cross was deeply love with her and affect his focus on the battlefield. As the stories goes on, O'Brien was under pressure from family and society. I would recommend this book because as reading The Things They Carried you can create images from scene. It involve romance and violence. It also shows a personal side of the character.It can give us a perspective what was the war like. There were moments where in the battle that he regrets what happened to fellow comrades. Overall, i'll advise to anyone who like some romance, violence and reflection on the character life.

message 12: by Lucky (new)

Lucky Noelien | 7 comments Diary of a wimpy kid is about a boy named Greg Heffley you think that middle school is the dumbest thing invented.He say that because in his middle school he have been bullied and due to the bullies he went through swirlies, name calling and wedgies. Also in middle school he have seen a rotten piece of cheese in the school playground and everybody in the school made a joke on how if you touch the cheese you are infected. Greg have a friend named rowdy and he is his only friend in the middle school. The book is about how he suffered to middle school and I find that book very funny because he use really elaborate on how he talks about his times middle school. I recommend everybody to read this book but only if you have a sense of humor ,this is not a book to have morals or have a strong message. This book is like reading comedy.

message 13: by Iranna (new)

Iranna Satis | 8 comments The book that I chose is This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz . The reason I chose this book was because after reading Drown in class I really began to like Junot Diaz as a writer. I'm still not done with the book but I really am enjoying it , I feel like it's kind of a continuation to Drown but not really. In the book Yunior tells stories of the women that he loved and lost. It is not a cliche love story like everyone expects it to be , in fact a lot of shocking funny, unexpected but also sad. Diaz is a genius, the way he writes is fluent and very expressive. I never liked reading as much as I do now before these 2 books. The next book that I'll be reading is also by junot Diaz. If you like books that are realistic , and that you want it to feel like it could happen to you , you should read This Is How You Lose Her.

message 14: by Kristal (new)

Kristal Bonilla | 9 comments I read Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. This is the very first book I read by her but it definitely won't be the last because she’s absolutely awesome. I recommend this book to whoever likes mystery. I was eager to finishing this book because I always wanted to know what happens next. Every single page of the book had me very surprised. This book is a about a woman who was convinced to remember the night when her mother and two sisters were murdered. In this thriller, the brother was convicted when he was young for killing his mother and sisters. After all those years of blaming her brother she found out that it wasn't him. The person who did killed them will amaze you this is why I recommend this book to anybody. From a scale 1-10 it will definitely be a 10.

message 15: by Erick (new)

Erick Rodriguez | 7 comments The book "Burn" By Walter Jury and Sarah Fine a book of action took my attention on a fast moving pace like solving a puzzle. This book I liked for being a detailed series were each new page was surprising enough to read it in less than a week and move on to the next "Scan" which am currently reading. Characters may have been described not only on how they looked but as well in how they think and act that just says to you whatever they say may not be the same as it progresses. The author's thoughts on the story and especially imagination along with some compassion to bring in ongoing events was amazing! Now am looking forward to read similar books to this one and to both authors and hope you get to read the book yourself and enjoy it. Burn brings in the feeling of excitement and worry what a young teenager may feel when the world is in your hands. Other thought that went to my head were who are some of these characters and places since it seemed realistic based on our real world or if there may have been a secret message the author placed to inform us on how we live today and what we normally do in a crisis. In the end Burn has its sentimental events and to those with fast loving connections to characters know it's bad enough what goes on in your mind while parts seem impossible near the end.

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