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message 1: by Diana (new)

Diana Amoroso | 9 comments Now that you have finished reading your chosen independent reading, please post a REVIEW of your book in about 250 words. Avoid summary – we can find summaries of books all over the internet, but what is important is what you thought about your book! Please also be careful not to spoil the book for anyone who may choose to read it in the future – give us something to interest us, without giving away the whole story.

Due Friday, December 4th by 11:59:59

message 2: by Ganish (new)

Ganish | 8 comments the book that i choose to read this marking period was Red Notice by Bill Browder. Man this book is full with a lot of action and drama that you would not want to to stop reading. So Bill Browder went to Stanford's business school, he later graduated and stared to invest and making a lot of money. He mostly invested in moscow. I would say when he exposed a company for stealing money from companies he invested in his life fell apart. Moscow police then came to his office to take 230 million dollars. Sergei Magnitsky is Bill lawyer, he investigated the incident about the 230 mill and he got caught and arrested. He was handcuffed and killed in jail by 8 guards. Bill later stood up for his lawyer exposing the government and getting justice.

message 3: by Demani (last edited Dec 04, 2015 09:46AM) (new)

Demani | 5 comments The book I chose to read for this making period was Up Grade U by Ni Ni Simone. I choose this book because I found it interesting and It had all the qualities in a book that would peek my interest.I like Ni Ni Simone her books fit in my category of what i like to read outside or during school.This author uses great realistic fictional story topics . This story is about a girl name seven who is starting her first year of college at Stiles University. I recommend this book to people who are into dramas and love, because this book provides all of that. Seven's college life starts with conflict that puts her in a situation where she either leaves the school or stay and battle through this trial in her life. This book is a good one that takes you into the story and have you watch the story unfold by watching the characters life change through each event turn her college life direction into different corners. This book can undoubtedly be my favorite book this fall so far.

message 4: by Marco (new)

Marco | 7 comments My thoughts of A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah are that I recommend it for everybody who struggles in life. This is why due to Ishmael was a boy who was mostly running by accident to trouble. He was first an innocent kid who loved to express himself with the hip hop culture. He wasn’t afraid to show his crazy dance move. So should anyone who loves to do what they think is their whole world. An individual shouldn’t be afraid to do what he or she loves to do. Ishmael was an important individual that had adapted to every situation he had encountered. So relating that to my life, it’s an important characteristic especially if you want to get along with certain people. But according to A Long Way Gone if you didn’t adapt to where you were, you would mostly be killed. But in our life you could either be someone you not or be patient to meet someone like yourself. Ishmael also went to difficult time where he will do drugs so he wouldn’t let his emotions take over his body. Now I’m not saying to do drugs but you would cross a point in life where everything falls apart and your only escape is drugs. Well not really because once it wears off you ended up nowhere. As I said before I recommend this book to anyone who dealt with problems. This is because at the start of the river all the rocks are hard and rough. Within process of the water flow the pebbles will become smooth and round.

message 5: by Danasia (new)

Danasia Warmsley | 7 comments The book I chose to read was Orange Is The New Black by Piper Kerman. I found the book kind of interesting because it started off like the show. The book was more detailed about the event that led her to become incarcerated. The book was also interesting because of the language and how she opened up to talk about her personal life.

message 6: by Charlie (new)

Charlie Palma | 2 comments The book I chose was the lighting thief by Rick Riordan. This book is about a young boy that lived a regular life with his mom and his step father. He didn't know his father. He started to see things in high school Greek signs and his best friend was a human/ goat. Later on he has to fight demons and find how stole the lighting from Zeus or else their will be war between the gods. He also finds out that his father was the Greek god Poseidon the God of the sea.

message 7: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Lee | 8 comments In the book The Boring Room by Fleischmen Paul. Is based on a traditional room that her mom had gave birth in and has been stuck in their for the rest of her life. However sometimes the doctors kill the patience. This book had interest me because i love drama like that and trying to figure out away to solve the mistories. I honestly feel that why would they continue to stay in one room that is only for slaves and then the doctor might kill you. If it was me i would have tried to make a change of in my life because that's just pretty messed up .

message 8: by Raul (last edited Dec 04, 2015 04:30PM) (new)

Raul Collazo | 8 comments In the new book that I read, How to survive a teen's world, I thought that is was very interesting because the book was a how to guide. The book gave steps on how to make a teen's life easier and organised. The book gave examples and had pictures to grab more of the readers attention. furthermore the book seemed to get to the point, and not ramble on with unnecessary content filling up a page. In this book, the author describes that the rules were created by his father. I founded that it created a good opportunity for any person who read the book. It teaches kids, and i quote"Rules" to help further live life with ease.

message 9: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Cortez | 8 comments The book i chose is UNwholly by neal shusterman This book is the second book of the unwind dystology this book covers the sci-fi world perfect because this is scary to every teen out there. The way the character connor progressed since the first book amazes each and every fan because he goes from a scared and angry kid to a leader. Neal Shusterman is an amazing author because he shows an amazing story line but he also appeals to the readers sense of romance with the connor and Risas love story. If i was in this story I would most likely to be connor or Starkey because they are both leaders in their own way but connor has more sense of responsibility, compared to Starkey who is blinded by rage when he destroys harvest camps. I would actually like to be Starkey because he amazes me by being a young Hitler or Stalin in the making. He has leadership and a good sense of nationalism.He thinks its nationalism because he believes what hes doing for his country is right.

message 10: by Terrel (new)

Terrel Robertson | 8 comments Heat is about a fourteen year old baseball superstar Michael Arroyo is adjusting to life without his dad, who dies. The book deals with the important lesson that life may be bad, but things can change for the better at unexpected times. Michael's Papi died but he overcame that by playing baseball. His life changed for the better because by playing baseball and winning games, his team makes it to the Little League finals. Michael also gets to meet his hero El Grande and he gets to play inside the Yankee Stadium He has to hide from “official persons” such as police,child services, that's what he calls them in because if they find out that he and his brother are living alone, then they will be sent back to Cuba or get separated. his brother Carlos has to work at two jobs so that he can come up with enough money to pay the rent for the apartment and the bills. as a reader you the feel the stress and the pain that Carlos feels as he worries about what might happen to him and his brother. They have come up with a lie about their father so that when anyone asks where he is they will be ready. The story is, Papi had gone to visit a sick brother in Key West, Florida,The author will have you feeling excited and enjoyment as he takes you into Michael Arroyo's world. You will feel like they are in Michael's shoes, You will get so hooked into the book, you will not be able to put it down.

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