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Here you go! :)

Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley (ertica) | 86 comments Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much! :D

Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley (ertica) | 86 comments Okay!! To get this starting.. First let me post a gif.

Just so you guys know, i like birds. And i also loves a band called Birdy. It's the reason i created my name as a She'sABookBirdy.

Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley (ertica) | 86 comments I'm still new to this writing thread and my grammar are very poor but i have confident and persistent in writing my stories. You guys are welcome to criticise my works, it's fine by me but don't get to overload cause i'm really just a tiny bit of a sensitive person.

Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley (ertica) | 86 comments I currently working a novel that's about a girl name Alice(Another Alice)in wonderland.

Title: Another Alice
Retelling: Alice in wonderland

Short synopsis:

Alice aka Ave. She didn't like to be called Alice because she thought Alice is a nonsense name. Ave is a 17 year old girl. A gothic to be perhaps. She likes to keeps things mystery and she's a pro on an electric guitar. Ave has a sister named Brigitta. Her family called her "Brownie" because she had the warmest brown eyes ever. One day, Ave's mother read a bedtime story to 5 years old brownie. It's an Alice in wonderland story. Ave dislike that book when she was just a child.
On a peaceful night, ave's window slowly creeping open leaving her shivering from the cold breezy wind. Then came out of nowhere, a white hair man with a glowing red eyes was staring at her. Ave's open her eyes and before she could scream, the white hair handsome man was silencing her with his hand on her mouth. " You don't want to be late again right?." the white hair man said, grinning. Ave's was confuse and terrified of all this, she thought maybe this is some kind of prank but its true to be real..but wait a minute, is that a bunny ears?

Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley (ertica) | 86 comments Vasundara wrote: "NICE ERTICA I WANT TO READ FULL STORY"

Hey! :-). I will get to it once i done with my exams. Stay tuned.

Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley (ertica) | 86 comments I'll be posting my story tomorrow. Stay tuned. :)

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Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley (ertica) | 86 comments For myself and some people who inspire me to write.

Here is my Novel called " Another Alice. Retelling of Alice in Wonderland "

Run ...

Keep Running ...

I kept on running. The voices in my head.. It kept repeating run. My feets are taking me to nowhere in particular. I don't know why i was running for or what's the reason of why i was being told to run from. My head feels dizzy for a second and i felt that my hearts was pumped faster then before. My surrounding was dark only a couple of stars was shinning above me. It looks like i have been caught running through the same forest. Over and over again.

" Alice.." the voice called. I stopped my pace and barely catching my breath. My feets are badly bruise from all the running through the forest with my bare feets.

" Alice.." the booming voice echoes through the forest. It sounded like a man with a fruity voice. I looked all around the forest and see no one was there. " Who's there? " i gather my courage and brave myself to start the conversation. It was silent for a while and the sounds of purring was heard.

" Purr.. Why Alice, you have come here again. Its been too long since you visited us.." the voice are much clearer then before. Clearer and very closer to me. " Show yourself! " I was pretty much freak up with the voices in my head and now other voice starting to show up without any body or someone in particular.

The man let out a joyous laugh and he sigh.
" Why Alice, you have forgotten your friends. " the male voices was kind of penetrating me and it leaves me a sense of nervousness. Before i could answer him back, the alarm clock rings up. My eyes was automatically open.

" Ave! Hurry up! We're going to be late for my ballet practice." Brigitta was already downstair starting her ballet songs Swan lake. The house was filled like an orcheastra music. I was still on my same position, thinking what does that dream means. The alarm clock still ringing and i click it to snooze off. I sat up and let a long sigh. It was saturday morning and mom and dad where visiting my grandparents and they left me in charge of taking my annoyed sister.
" Ave! " Brigitta opened my bedroom door and it almost gave me a heartattack.
" Brownie! Don't scare me like that! You know that i hate it when you startled me when i'm thinking. " I stated roughly.
" I'm sorry, but you have 15 minutes to send me to my ballet practice" She said it with her non-accent french voice.
" Stop it, you're being ridiculous with your accent there. " i said, narrowing my eyes at her.
" well get your ass of that bed and go take a shower then. " i laugh at the word 'Ass' she uses eventhough she still a child.
" Brownie, dear. Who teach you those word. It didn't suits your personality. " Brownie gave me her big brown wide eyes and and bite her lips. " Okay then, if you won't tell me its alright. Come here, let me give you a morning hug." Brownie runs towards my bed and she jumped and landed on me. " Oof! you're getting heavy." She laugh heartedly and i can't help but laugh too. Her tutu is getting the way with our hugging and that makes me uncomfortable. " Okay, enough with the snuggling. I have to go shower and get dressed. " I kissed her forehead and she nodded.
She quickly runs downstair and practice her ballet dance again while i go take my shower.

Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley (ertica) | 86 comments Super? Lol

Sorry, i might suck at grammar but i already tried my best :)

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Why would they lie about that!? Such betrayal! *swoons and falls to the ground*

Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley (ertica) | 86 comments Магiеtta ☆*:.。. dяêåмëг øл тнę яüи .。.:*☆ wrote: "Why would they lie about that!? Such betrayal! *swoons and falls to the ground*"

*kneel down and shake Marietta* hello?...its me..

It based on my friend real life story. Its like i should write it but in the meantime i feel guilty to invovle in her life. Because i already a part of her drama life.

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Huh. But seriously, why did they lie??? And are they still friends now?

Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley (ertica) | 86 comments Магiеtta ☆*:.。. dяêåмëг øл тнę яüи .。.:*☆ wrote: "Huh. But seriously, why did they lie??? And are they still friends now?"

*smirking* do you wanna know how their journey went?

Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley (ertica) | 86 comments Chapter 2.

Another Alice Retelling of Alice in wonderland.

It was refreshing after i got out from my bath. I went to my closet and pick my long sleeves white T-shirt with a skull sticker infront of my shirt and short navy blue pant. I started to wear them and after that went to my makeup mirror and put some natural makeup, eyeliner and lipstick. I style my hairstyle to look like an emo girl and because i have short hair that just below my neckline its easier to style it.

After picking out my brown sling bag, i went down the stair, where my childhood friend kevin was there in the kitchen making scrambled eggs, pancakes and bacon. My stomach was churning. As i glance to my sister that still practicing her ballet dance, she stop dancing and gave me a cheeky smile. My face was clearly a crimson red and i was making a deadpan face to her. I ran to her and attack her and we landed on a soft sofa. I cover her mouth before she had the chance to screams.

" Struggle once more, you'll be dead." i said. She nodded and we rolled ourself down the couch. It took a few seconds to calm my nerves down from getting mad at Brownie. I looked over the couch to see if kev just saw what i did there. Nope. He's still busy preparing breakfast. I turn my glance towards Brownie and start the conversation.
" What in the world you're thinking, bringing kev here?"
" i was thinking it'll be nice having him here," she said, her face turn to a sheepish looked. "since he's nice, and charming. Oh please can he stay?." she begged. Ugh. Typical sister. I hesitated for a bit, thinking having kev here. He's been my friends since, well since we still in our diaper. Kevin is the boy who lived next door to my house. Called it " The boy next door ". He always been a part of our family. My mom and his mom are the BBF, so there's no kidding they agree to live next door to each other when they planned it during their high school year.

I took a deep breath and sigh. " Okay, fine. Just this once, i don't want him to messed up the kitchen when mom and dad get back," I stand up and brush off my clothes. " Oh, and no funny business telling mom i agree to let him stay here." Brownie stood up and she gave a salute. " Sir, yes sir." I rolled my eyes and when to the kitchen. Kevin was done serving three plate on our imported birch table.
" Hey." i said. Leaning my shoulder on our arch kitchen entrance. He left his glance from the plate after finish putting the bacon on each of our plates.
" Hey." he answered back.
" Woah, you're looking busy."
" as i'll ever be, sorry to barged in without your permission."
I scoff. Walking towards the table.
" Barged? More like breaking in without any words." He let out a chuckled and served out the pancake beside the bacon.
" Words. " he smiled.
" Yeah? Like hello?." barely waving my hands.
" Well, technically you won't talk to me," he said, in a matter of fact. " So i was thinking if i treat you the same as you treat me maybe i can get you talk to me." This guy surely have his guts. I sat on the chair seeing that this conversation has becoming interesting for a while.

" I thought that you were the one who scared to ask me talk to you."
He untie my mom's apron and put it on the back of his chair. He sat down and beginning to rolled up his sleeves.
" Me? Well thats just wrong." No matter what i see in Kevin, he is the person that has been there for me eventhough we hardly talk to each other. He still got the same ash brown hair, same short messed hairstyle and same crystal blue eyes. He starting to slice his pancake into two and he sprayed down some whipped cream on top.
" Why you came here after my mom forbade you to come over?." He started to shifted and looked straight at me. My brown eyes met his and we both stayed silent until he let out a sigh. Mom and kev's mom has been fighting for a week about something we could'nt comprehend and lead both of us to stayed on our own business. I never asked about it because i really don't like to be invovle in their fights. Mom has forbade kevin to enter our house as he has been the one to prepared our breakfast, lunch and sometime dinner whenever mom and dad was'nt around.

" I have to looked over you two since you guys barely touches a single pan in the house." he said, beginning to eat his pancake. Kev being two year older than me seems a little drastic because mom entrusted him to take care of us and treat us like a baby.
" Haha. Funny." i said.
" Brigitta, your breakfast here" he said, waving his hand to catch her attention. Brigitta turn off the radio and came running towards the kitchen. She washes her hands and sat beside Kevin.
" wooh, this looks yummy." brownie said, ready her whipped cream and sprayed it on top of her pancake. I kinda admit that having kevin here makes me feels calm before mom forbade him to come over again due to the ridiculous fighting. I kept on staring at him until our eyes locked again.
" Ave?, are you alright?." he said, worriedly. I shake my head off and nodded. " Yeah, i'm fine, Come on we gotta hurry or else brownie will get late on her ballet practice."
I said, starting to eat. This is going to be a rough day for me.

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Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley wrote: " *smirking* do you wanna know how their journey went?"

Yes! I do!

Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley (ertica) | 86 comments Магiеtta ☆*:.。. dяêåмëг øл тнę яüи .。.:*☆ wrote: "Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley wrote: " *smirking* do you wanna know how their journey went?"

Yes! I do!"

Hmm. I afraid that she'll be monitoring my works well i dont want to get karma if i start telling her lifestory.

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Oh ok, but are they still friends?

Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley (ertica) | 86 comments Sort of. I think.

Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley (ertica) | 86 comments I'll be posting my third chapter tonight.

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