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message 1: by Jen (new)

Jen | 101 comments Mod
As always, keep it spoiler free for anything beyond these chapters!

Okay, I included more chapters in this discussion so that we have more to talk about. I'm still enjoying this book. I hate Warner as a person, but not as a character. I loved the way he told Juliette that because she feels good when she kills, that she actually enjoys killing. I really like seeing how she responds to his psychological torments.

I like Adam, but I think he needs more depth. I feel like I know Juliette really well, but beyond the fact that he used to stand up for her in school, I don't know Adam. And even though they've known each other for years, their romance feels like insta-love anyway since it seems to me that even Juliette doesn't know that much about Adam. I'd like to read a little more, and see if their romance gets more interesting.

Mostly, I want to know what you both think of Warner lol. Ceceily, I know you may know more than us since you've read this, but I'm curious to know what your initial thoughts of Warner were when you first read this book. I've been really hating Warner and wondering why people could possibly love someone so abusive (then again, people love Fifty Shades of Grey so maybe it's not that surprising). But I'm also at the point where I feel like there's more to him, we just don't know it yet. I predict that the author may have given Warner a good reason for why he's doing all of this to her...but even if he does have a good reason, it won't be enough for me to excuse his awful behavior.

message 2: by Moriah (new)

Moriah (justmaaya) I usually have a lot of extreme skepticism about certain characters, and Adam is one of them at this point. Like you said, we don't know much about him. What gaps are slowly being filled in seem to be pushing the reader in the direction of believing he's some Superman. He can touch her. He's going to save her. Even though they never talked before their recent reunion--but just because he admired her before.

I just have this creeping feeling that he's still playing a game. I want to believe in and like him, but there's just something gnawing at me.

And, holy cow, I loathe Warner. He is such a slime ball. But, no, yeah, totally intriguing as a character.
I'm dying to find out what exactly his army is even necessary for. And why Juliette is so important to him. Being stuck in Juliette's head is making me feel all the more antsy about getting answers about how they came about their weird circumstances. I love the anticipation, though it kills me.

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Jen | 101 comments Mod
Yeah I think the thing I don't like about Adam is he basically is superman which doesn't make him very interesting. Hmm I never considered the possibility that he may be hiding something! I wasn't suspicious of him at all but now you have me wondering.

I believe the army is so that the reestablishment can fight off the rebels. And yeah I still hate Warner. A LOT. As for his obsession with Juliette, I think he's just a sicko and a control freak.

message 4: by Jen (new)

Jen | 101 comments Mod
Yes the fact she can touch both is way too convenient! I'm thinking, though, if there's a good explanation then I won't mind. I'm just waiting to find out.

I hate Warner too but I saw those companion novels and I'm kind of curious to read them. I really don't think it will change my opinion of him though he is just way too nasty. I would look forward to understanding him more and understanding why he is the way he is, but I don't think I will ever accept him

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