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Sara | 23 comments Hey all :)

Here I have some poems and short stories, I hope you like them! Since I'm attempting to publish a book, I figured that getting feedback on some of my other writings would be cool, so please tell me what you think!

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Sara | 23 comments So, this is the first poem that I've written, I wrote it in 2013


Wolves, are lonely like me, at times, never in a pack.
This wolf, a white wolf, was like this.
The stars her only friends.
The rest of the world rejected her; for no reason at all.
The others would not even look at her.
She felt like a ghost, cast alone into the light of the stars.
She is not alone, nor is she a ghost.
Just isolated enough to feel like one.
She watches the others at a distance, they are laughing, having fun together; she howls at the moon.
She can't take the loneliness any longer.
She starts to speak but ceases, because they aren't listening, not watching; do they know she's there?
She resumes looking at the stars.

The stars her only friends.

©Sara 2013

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Sara | 23 comments Here's another one that I wrote in 2013. I had a writing thread called "What are you looking at?" and this poem was for that thread. Anyways, here it is:

What are you looking at?

I must ask you, what are you looking at?
Is it my writing, or is it the wonderful opinions I receive?
Did my writings make you sad?
Or did they make you glad?
Did they fill you with joy?
Or perhaps you are the adventurous type
Did you see a dragon pop out of my writings?
Or maybe you saw a vast sky filled with stars
Rubies they are, treasured around the world, gently wrapped around glowing planets
Or maybe you are curious to see what I see, which is a lot
Did you feel that characters rage as he tried to beat the hero in a sword fight? Or maybe you saw the wizard that was planning everything behind the scenes?
You might of seen that forest nearby, that had many mysterious creatures in it
Whatever you saw, and whatever you will see in the future here; I have one thing, just one thing to ask:

What are you looking at?

©Sara 2013

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Sara | 23 comments Here's a really short one that I wrote:

On and On

The journey of life goes on and on,
never stopping to look back,
it is like road that you can't turn back on,
through great mountains it journeys,
and peaceful valleys,
you never know where it will lead,
or where it comes to an end,
for it seems to go on and on,
and may go on forever.

©Sara 2013

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Sara | 23 comments This poem I wrote in 2014, and I think I put more feeling into this one:

Remember Me

Remember me whenever
the sun sets,
and whenever the heavens
open up
to let the legions of rain

Remember me when there's
nothing left
to alleviate,
When there's nothing left
to profound

Remember me when there's nothing left
to remember,
and when there is nothing
left in the world

©Sara 2014

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Sara | 23 comments Here is last of the poems that I have written so far. The Lord of the Rings inspired me on this one, though it could fit with other fantasy stories.

Journey's Rise

On the journey's rise
We shall not stumble
We shall go by sea, land, and air
Until all is done, and all has come to pass

We will march forward
through forests, through sandy coves
Under stars so bright
And sunshines filled with glory

Only the end will reveal all that is concealed
We are what we have been through
Our stories shall never end
As our journey goes on
We shall remember
That when the journey is over
There will be great rest

Until the next journey comes to pass
We will be beings of great peace
But the adventurous soul
Will be ready
For the next journey's rise

©Sara 2014

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Madi | 220 comments Wow, this is great Sara!

message 8: by Sara (new)

Sara | 23 comments Thanks Madi! I'm glad you like my writings!

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Sara | 23 comments Hey all!!! It's been a while! sorry for not posting anything lately, things got busy. Anyway, I do have a short story to share, and I hope you all like it!

The Ocean

Nikki looked over at Lane, watching him throw stones into the ocean. At least Lane remembers his past. Then again, Nikki thinks to herself he misses everything he left behind. She watches him as he keeps throwing rocks. Being stranded on an island isn't hard for Nikki Blast, as she lost her memory after the plane wreck. Land shakes his head, deep in thought. Though she is standing right next to him, she doesn't know what to say to him. Everyone on the island misses someone or something but her. Corey misses snowboarding and his girlfriend Ashley. Kim misses her best friend Mary. Jane misses her friends and her life. Tommy misses his swimming competitions.

A thought suddenly comes to Nikki. Some people here do act like they know me... "Lane?" she asks. "Yeah?" he answers, not taking his eyes off the ocean in front of him. He seems like he is almost in his own world, watching the ocean waves. They sparkle and glimmer in the suns warm rays, and Nikki has to admit, the scene does look mesmerizing. "Before we got shipwrecked... did you know who I was?" she asks curiously, wanting to know more about herself. Lane shakes his head. "No, I didn't know you. I never met you before the shipwreck. Jane and Tommy knew you though." he says.

"What was I to them?" she asks, unable to keep the question inside. "I don't know. I think you were a friend." Lane says, still looking at the ocean. "Huh." Nikki said, looking at the endless ocean. She watches the waves with Lane, staying silent. She realizes that this is the only world she knows. Lane has seen another world, he knows what's beyond this ocean. But will I ever get the chance to? She asks herself. Lane has stopped throwing stones, and is just watching the ocean too. Lane though, has a different expression on his face. An expression of sadness. I wonder if he has someone he loves across the ocean? Do I have someone who cares for me across it? If so, do they miss me? Nikki shakes her head. She might never know. She continues to watch the waves.

©Sara November 18, 2016

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