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So detailed are you?

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*so how detailed are you?

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It can vary, but it's more than 3 sentences. So, yes, I'm detailed.

Ok. Plot ideas and character crushes.

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Well I really want to be the female character but we can do doubles if needed

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We can do doubles. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Crushes or married to.

I was thinking that Red Skull and HYDRA were going to find their wanted prisoners, but they couldn't find them anywhere. The brainwashing machine got destroyed by a anonymous person.

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Hmm sure, and how about both couples are married?

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Okay sure, what's your crush gonna be?

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Bucky Barnes.

And yours?

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Let's post our characters.

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Let's post our characters.

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You first please

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Name: Kendra Star BecksWorth.
Title Name: Legendary Ghost.
Age: 22
Gender: Female.
Looks: Black Hair and Purple Eyes.
Outfit: Similar to Bucky Barnes' Winter Solider outfit.
Side: Bucky's side.
Other: She's the missing girl since she was young. Everyone believes that she's a ghost. (Except her closest friends and her husband Bucky.)

Minus the Gag and Metel arm:

image: description

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** Full Birth/Given Name ** Jennifer " Harper " Jones Wilcox

** Nicknames ** Jenny, Jen, Harper ( Mainly ), Willy, Will ( Mainly )

** Super Hero Name ** Metal Bronze
** How she Got the Name ** (view spoiler)

** Gender ** Female

** Birthday ** February 14th

** Age ** 22 years old

** Looks ** Harper has long golden brown hair, that reaches all the way down to her waist, it's normal down when she's around her husband Tony, she hates when her hair is up and normal does not put it up unless she's cooking or is out exercising. Harper also bares golden brown eyes as well, it's odd how she has not seemed indimidating to people just yet, very odd, anyways her golden brown eyes will make you melt, they're absolutely wonderful. Harper measures to about 5' 9" about 2' 3" shorter then her husband Tony Stark, she also weights half the normal weight of an adult female, so she weights at about 88 pounds, which is extremely skinny and light.

** Dressing Styles **
^ When not saving people ^
^ When saving people ^

** Appearance **

** Family **

^ Mother ^ Moonsa
^ Father ^ The Green
^ Brother #1 ^ Joshua Flank
^ Brother #2 ( Her Twin )^ Murturuse Wilcox

** Pets **

Luca - Oddly Green Colored Rat
Molten - Odd Red Colored Flame Cat

** Sexuality ** Heterosexual
** Crush ** Tony Stark
** Side ** Tony's Side

** History **

Harper Will Wilcox, the name she used ever since she was three, when she was able to speak after a medical procedure that took days to perfect. Harper was born with a birth defect that gave her the disability to not speak or hear anything. Harper Wilcox was ten when she first realized she inhabited super powers, she should've known since her father was The Green and Moona, well anyways, Harper was ten when her Super Elementary school was on fire, ten people were trapped inside the fire, she raised up her hand and she was suddenly covered in metal bronze armor, it was fireproof, water proof, to be frank it was indestructible, nothing could ruin that suit. Harper ran in and saved all ten people. She was praised for her good deed, but no one said anything about her armor. Super High, the highs school for super heroes and villains, two people held people hostage on the roof, she took initiative and summoned her suit, she saved those people, and when landed on the ground, a reporter says, " Excuse me! Excuse me! Metal Bronze, can I ask you a few questions?", it was then from there that the name was kept.
Now she's married to Tony Stark at age 22.

** Personality ** TBRPD

** Powers **
Mind Reading
Solar Control
Ice Breath
Ice Stare
Ice Control
Fire Breath
Fire Stare
Fire Control
Nightmares ( Look into her deep bronze eyes and you'll see your worst nightmare )

Her other power is the same as Tony's, her suit

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(I love her! I'll probably add in Kendra's history in the RP.)

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( Okay cool, so can you begin this roleplay, and I know I'm playing Bucky and Harper and your playing Kendra and Tony )

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Kendra was thinking in deep thoughts as her haunting memories came back.
A child was stolen from her parents at age 5 and the parents were killed after the kidnapping. That child was Kendra. HYDRA agents brought her back to Red Skull. The ugly man that looked like a devil. Many years later, after many escape attempts, Kendra saved Bucky's life from them. Kendra snapped out of her flashback state as she slammed her fist hard on the table.

Tony was trying to make his suits better and more powerful than his previous ones he used in the past. "Come on, Tony. Think. You're a Stark. Think like one." Tony muttered to himself. He hasn't used or called JARVIS for a week or two. He stopped to take a break from his newest inventions and went to find Harper and he was careful not to make her angry. He wants to live not die. "Harper!" Tony called in his husband tone.

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Bucky sat in a chair, staring at a wall, his eyes traveling all over the wall, looking for only one thing, a thing out of shape, his eyes traveled to the closed door when he heard someone bang on a table, he stood slowly. Walking away from the chair in the empty room, he walked to the door, opening it he then walked to where Kendra was.

Harper was in they're bedroom, playing with her pet cat Molten, she giggled and laughed as Molten pawed at her hands, she moved her hands around in front of Moltens red eyes and she giggled as Molten pawed at them with clawless paws. Harper sighed softly, remembering her childhood with ageless molten, she loved this dear little guy, she smiled and kissed Moltens nose, he purred and mewed softly, she heard Tony's footsteps, she stood and looked towards the doorway, waiting for him to appear.

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"What's happening to me? Why are those unwanted things coming back again?" Kendra asked herself, trying to keep herself from shaking. Her eyes filled with terror as if Red Skull was coming back to strike. But they've moved. Kendra stood up, tears blocking her vision, making it blurry to see clearly as she walked towards the door. But instead of walking into the door, she walked into Bucky.

Tony stopped as he heard those cute giggles from Harper. Those cute giggles were the same ones that were heard when they first met. Tony smiled and giggled a little when he remembered those rosey blushes on Harper. It was like love in the first sight. He was worried that his suits would bother her, but he found out that she loves his suits. Tony snapped out of his memory state as he carefully walk into their master bedroom with the same handsome and lovingly smile.

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Bucky wrapped his arms around her waist loosely, hugging her close, " Is everything alright sweetie?" Bucky asked as he kept his arms around her, wanting to know what was wrong with her, although he probably already knew. And this really should be the other way around, since he was staring at nothing just a few hours ago.

Harper came over and wrapped her arms loosely around Tony's neck, " What's wrong Hun?" Harper asked as she looked up at him with her lovely golden brown eyes, she smiled so softly that it almost seemed like she wasn't there, that it was just her soul and fragrance. Harper waited for Tony's answer just as Molten jumped up all the way onto Harper's shoulders.

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"Those things came back, but I don't know what they mean. They were scary as if it happened when I was a preschooler without a family." Kendra replied, trying her best not to cry. She knows that soldiers don't cry because it shows weakness and she grew up knowing that. Kendra doesn't know what's going on anymore. Talking to Bucky helps things out.

Tony smiled and gently hugged her, not tightly, just in case something bad happens. He still loves her and he's very respectful towards her. "I'm taking a long break from my projects to be with you, my love. And I was just remembering when we first met. That gorgeous woman and that gorgeous woman is you." Tony replied truthfully. There was no hint of lying or deceiving.

(I was thinking about Captain America would be the one who can destroy the brainwashing machine anonymously. That'll happen when Red Skull and his HYDRA agents went on their so-called mission.)

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( I'm sorry I gtg )

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(That's ok. I can wait.)

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Bucky stood there, he hugged her, he began thinking of what was happening to Kendra, " Perhaps your heart wants revenge and its wanting to remind you why it wants revenge," Bucky suggested, since he didn't actually know why or what was happening to Kendra.

Harper smiled, she remember the day they met very clearly, " I remember that day, it was wonderful, well not really, since half the city was destroyed," Harper says with a small smile, she rested her head on his chest, Molten mewed and rubbed his fur against the two of them. This movement from her kitten made Harper giggle, " See Tony, I told you Molten would warm up to you," Harper says with a giggle, remembering the day Tony had cursed out molten when he first met him, saying how rude and annoying the kitten was and how Molten didn't like him.

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Child screams and cries for her parents and Red Skull slapped the child. "SHUT UP NITWIT!" He yelled beastly. Little Kendra was so terrified. HYDRA HQ was very scary. "I'm going to kill that girl if she doesn't shut up." Red Skull muttered, threatening to do so.

Kendra clenched her fists until her knuckles were white as snow. She has been thinking about revenging on killing Red Skull. But there was one problem. She knows that there's an army of HYDRAS. Perhaps just killing the leader would be enough to scare the others off.

When Tony heard that, a few tears drops trickled drown his cheeks as he remebered when he first met Molten. He felt so bad for cursing and yelling at Molten when they first met. Tony was near to crying. Sometimes he felt like an idiot and he feels guilty afterwards. "I'm so sorry, Molten. You're not annoying to me. You're too cute to be annoying." Tony apologized to the kitten. He meant it. He was very sorry for what he's done in the past.

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Bucky hugged Kendra, " Don't worry honey, one of these days we'll get the revenge we deserve, starting with Red Skull," Bucky murmurs, holding his wife close to him, not wanting to let her go.

Molten meweled and licked Tony's nose, pretty much saying he forgave him, he then hopped off of Harper's shoulder and landed onto Tony's, being the small thing he was, he then curled up into the crook of Tony's neck. Harper smiled, " My boys," Harper murmured, she smiled at the two of them, she kissed Molten on the nose, as she was standing on her tippy toes to reach him, since tony was so much taller then her, then she looked at Tony, wiping the stray tears from his eyes she then kissed him lightly on the lips.

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Kendra unclenched her fists and hugged Bucky closely. Of course they do deserved to have revenge on their number one enemy. In fact, Kendra was the one who saved Bucky from the brainwashing. Kendra laid her head on Bucky's chest, holding him close to her.

Tony giggled when Molten was on the crook of his neck and smiled. The kitten's fur was so soft and very ticklish on his neck. He gently hugged Harper and kissed her on the lips. He felt very happy. "I love you all. We're all happy family." Tony said.

(I know it's short. I'm trying my best to make it feel real.)

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Bucky began to rub her lower back, " Perhaps you'd be happy if we went to see Harper and Tony, and Luca and Molten," Bucky suggested as he pulled back a little bit to see Kendra's face.

" I love you too, I love all my boys," Harper murmured, " Don't stress yourself out when your working on your inventions alright?" Harper added, she then smiled and began petting Molten, which resulted in him purring. Harper then sighed, " I'm going to go and start making dinner," Harper says.

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Kendra looked at Bucky in the eyes and replied, "I haven't seen them in a long time. Maybe we should visit them." The last time Kendra saw friends, Tony and Harper, was at Avengers Tower. It used to be Stark Tower, but Tony changed it into Avengers Tower. There was going to be a lot of changes in the future.

"My suits and my inventions can wait. My family(Harper, Luna, and Molten) are more important than my metals." Tony admitted truthfully. Tony's has been noticing something different about himself. He's not in the basement all day and all night long like he used to back at Avengers Tower. In fact, he's more alerted, thinking straightly, and socializing with people. Another fact was that Tony wasn't drinking wine for awhile and he's been drinking water.

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Bucky nodded, " Then I shall call up Tony and see if we can come over today," Bucky says, he then kissed the top of Kendra's head, then after he walked over to the landline and picked it up, he dialed the Stark's phone number and waited for they're answer, he kinda missed his best friend Harper, and he was glad that Kendra had saved him from the brainwashing before he could ever lose his memory of his best friend.

Harper smiled, " Okay, Okay, then you can help me my little tin man," Harper says. But she says the nickname teasingly and lovingly, she led him into the kitchen, where they're landline phone was ringing. " Answer that for me will you sweetie?" Harper asked Tony.

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Kendra could tell that Bucky was happy that he wasn't brainwashed. She remembered how scared he was, even for a WW2 soldier like Steve Rogers, Kendra would risk her life to save her best friends. She risked her life for Bucky and she'll gladly do it again in the future, but for now, she was glad that he's happy to be home.

Tony nodded as he walked up to the landline phone, wondering who'll be calling at this time of evening. He looked at the phone number ID and saw Bucky's phone number. He picked up the phone and answered it, "Hello, this is Tony Stark speaking, how may I help you?" Tony does this to his well known friends on the phone.

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Bucky chuckled, " So formal, no wonder Harper fell for you, anyways, me and Kendra were wondering if maybe it would be possible if we could come and visit you guys today?" Asked as he looked at Kendra as he spoke to Tony.

Harper began boiling water for something as she got out her special cook book, she began reading it, only looking over at Molten, who sat in the crook of Tony's neck still, sleeping and purring. Harper chuckled and went back to her cookbook, she then began grabbing different ingredients that it listed.

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'As usual and yet it's very friendly as well as invitingly.' Kendra thought kindly. Kendra smiled and kept very quiet while Bucky was on the phone. People these days loves to interrupt phone calls, but Kendra wasn't like those people. She waits until the phone calls are finished.

Tony was shocked about this and looked over to Harper, wondering if it was alright for Bucky and Kendra to come and visit them. Covering the speaker part of the phone, Tony politely asked Harper, "Sweetie, it's Bucky on the phone, is it alright if Bucky and Kendra to come to visit us?"

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Bucky waited patiently for his friend to answer, knowing Tony had just asked Harper if the two could come over, he hoped she said yes, which she would either way, no matter what.

" Of course they can love," Harper replied, giving Tony smile as she then turned back to the food she was cooking, she began adding more of each ingredient, due to the fact that they were gonna have guests.

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Kendra was daydreaming a little while waiting. She remembered when she first met Harper at Avengers Tower. It was strange for not making eye contact while talking, but she knew that there was a reason for not making any eye contact with Harper.

Tony smiled at this and removed his hand, that was on the speaker part of the phone, placing the phone back on the ear, Tony spoke calmly, "She said yes." While waiting for Bucky to answer, Tony could feel pet love chills on his skin from all the purring that Molten was doing.

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Bucky smiled, and looked over at Kendra, " Great, Kendra will be happy, now, is that Molten I hear purring? Has he finally warmed up to you?" Bucky replied as he decided to strike up an conversation.

Harper couldn't wait to see Kendra, perhaps she get some girl time with her, Harper needed an break from everything that's been going on around the house, later she call for one of her own successful creations, called the House, which was practically just a robot maid.

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Kendra couldn't wait to see Harper again and was thinking carefully about what they could talk about with girlie things while the men talk manly things. Kendra pondered in deep thought as she thought very carefully.

Tony chuckled, "Yes, he's forgiven me and all. In fact, he's sleeping on the crook of my neck as he purrs. It kinda tickles, but I love it." Tony thought for a moment before asking, "So, how's things going with you and Kendra?"

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(( Gtg sorry ))

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(It's ok.)

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" Everything is going okay, but I'm a little worried, I'll tell you why when I get there, for now, let me let you go so that me and Kendra can get ready to come over," Bucky says.

Harper began humming lightly, her humming filled the kitchen air, she was cooking something that would smell super good, it was called Garden Dragon Pepper Tuna Salad, Harper was a huge vegetarian, she would not eat Meat.
Molten slept peacefully, still purring, he moved around to get comfortable again, so his fur brushed against Tony's neck.

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Kendra had all of her thoughts put together for her and Harper to talk about. But now, she had to think about a something for Tony. Just in case that Tony had questions.

"Ok. We'll see you two when you two get here." Tony said kindly and hung up the phone. After that, he had a concerned expression on his face. 'What was Bucky worried about?' Tony thought to himself.

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Bucky began thinking of other things to talk to Tony about as he headed to his and Kendra's room, he sighed as he looked around, his eyes landing on many pictures of him and Harper as small children.

Harper looked over her shoulder at Tony, " Can you help me with something? Since I'm short and I can't reach the top shelves, can you get that cinnamon spice?" Harper asked, pointing to the cinnamon spice.

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Kendra only had baby pictures of herself and her family. From birth to age of four. Those were the last things she had before all the bad things happened. All she remembered was an anonymous person, that knew her parents, gave her baby and family photos back to her. Kendra was looking in her side of the closet for a certain dress for this speical occasion.

Tony nodded and replied, "Anything for my lovely wife." Tony walked up to the shelf, reaching to the cinnamon spice, gently grabbing it, and handed the spice to Harper. "Here you go." Tony said. As he waited patiently for the next help order, Tony began thinking about what they could talk about to their guests. The only thing he could think is what was Bucky worried about.

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(I hope I'm not boring you to death on this. I'm trying my best to be detailed.)

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(( nah, your not, it's just that I'm not feeling up to it anymore, it's not you, trust me, it's me ))

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(Oh. I didn't know that. I thought my replies were the problem. At least I know so I don't have to blame myself. Trust me, I blame myself for thinking that I'm the problem when it comes to certain things.)

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