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Mary Grace (jaded_angel) | 132 comments Someone please tell me-what is Tom Bombadil? Is he really the Witch King? But then why would he help Frodo, and why would the council say that the Ring shouldn't go to him because he would forget it and pay no heed to it? Or is he simply a demonic being, not caring about the Ring, sort of like Shelob? Someone please help 'cause I don't know! >_<

Elentarri | 13 comments Tom Bombadil is NOT the Witch King or any kind of demonic entity. Whatever gave you that idea? Tom Bombadil is a mystery. You can read up about it on this website.

Mary Grace (jaded_angel) | 132 comments I wish I could meet Tolkien in person to ask him what he was. But then again I like the mystery about him. And some of the theories on that dorkly.com are really really dumb, like the Dumbledore one. The Blue Wizards had names! They were called Alatar and Pallando. I don't know if those are their real names, but Dumbledore is NOT one of them! But I really liked the fan theory about how the Hobbit was so exaggerated because that is the way Bilbo would've written it. That made me like the movies a bit more! :-)

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