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A Clash of Kings > 11/29/15 - Chapter 61: Tyrion XIV

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Clara 1-The battle still goes on, and the men were moving to attack. I can’t imagine how dead eyes look like, but I don’t want to find out, and this made Ser Mandon really scary in my opinion. I liked Podrick went to fight to, because he’s Tyrion’s squire. He is so different from Illyn, and I have the idea he actually likes Tyrion a bit, at least.

2-They were shouting for King’s Landing, like Tyrion said they should. I like that! Ser Mandon killed a man with Joffrey’s banner, wow, pretty harsh. Tyrion was doing his killing too, he took half of a man’s head`with the axe, which numbed his shoulder. Interesting he thought of how Shagga would laugh at it.

3-The foes were fleeing, and an arrow almost hit his eyes. I forgot how many times he was about to die in this chapter. They went to the Mud Gate, and men were shouting halfman. He wonders who taught them, probably thinking about the clansmen. This battle was a disaster, so many things going on, the men and the wildfire and the screams. Tyrion thinks he should have gone back, but goes on. I guess he has no choice at this point.

4-Most of the men who cameo ut of the river were dying, and it’s interesting he thought knights twice his size looked like little things. He was feeling the battle feeling, which Jaime told him about. Of course, he never thought he would feel it. I really liked the way it was described, so detailed.

5-The man who yielded and the gauntlet part was awful. Ser Balon looked like a spotted knight, al with blood. He told Tyrion to look, and he saw the ships were so close Stannis’s men were crossing the Blackwater that way. Sounds crazy! They went there, and Tyrion killed the man who killed Mandon’s horse. Maybe he wouldn’t have done that if he knew Mandon would try to kill him. While doing so, he lost his axe and fall. He had to kill his horse, so sad! The animals always get me.

6-He fought back to back with Ser Balon Swann and Ser Mandon Moore, a very odd scene. Tyrion then was in the water, a ship broke and he was slid back down the water again. Poor man! With everything that’s going on, and the cold water and the wildfire and all. Because the deck was turning, he thought Stannis crossed the north bank, but later realised Stannis was fighting, but of course couldn’t tell who. I had my theories about who it might be, but I don’t remember if I was correct after all.

7-Ser Mandon tried to help him back up, but Tyrion noticed he was holding out his left hand. It was because he slashed Tyrion’s face with the other. I remember I was so shocked the first time, I didn’t think it would happen something like that. I’m glad it wasn’t Ser Balon though, I like him more.

8-Tyrion was then in the water, later in the deck, where Mandon tried to kill him, again. Thankfully, someone stopped that, and Tyrion saw someone knelt beside him. It was sweet he thought of Jaime, because who else would save him if not his brother? It made me think they have a nice relationship. But of course, it wasn’t Jaime, and Tyrion heard a boy’s voice telling him to stay still, he was badly hurt. He thought it sounded like Pod, and I think at this point he was losing consciousness.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments Your point 6, when I first read the book I thought the people fighting Stannis from behind were the mountain men.

1. It’s interesting how everything about Ser Mandon Moore is black except for his Kingsguard outfit. The man is described as having passionless dead eyes. Creepy.

2. Podrick Payne is so brave to come with Tyrion, insisting he’s his squire so of course he is coming too. :)

3. I really, really like how Tyrion shouts for “King’s Landing!,” instead of Casterly Rock, like he said he would. I think he feels this place is more his home than his actual hometown. Maybe it’s an omen that one day he’ll be king?

4. Men are cheering for them on the walls. :) If this doesn’t get Tyrion kudos points with the people of King’s Landing I don’t know what will. The enemy drops their ram and retreat. They follow them back to the Blackwater. There’s more men all along the riverfront and they head toward the Mud Gate, which is directly south of the capital. Lol, people are cheering for the Halfman. Tyrion wonders who taught them that. :)

5. Over here there’s still a lot of fire and Tyrion can see why the Hound was afraid to go on. He loses his wedge and it’s every man for himself now. Tyrion thinks he should have gone back but he continues on anyway. A few are still behind him.

6. Those poor men in the water... I respect Tyrion even more for giving quicker cleaner deaths to the ones who made it on land. At this point they’re mercy kills. That wildfire sounds right evil stuff. Men seem to run from him, men twice his size! Tyrion has the battle fever. It sounds like an adrenalin rush.

7. More men climb out of a broken galley and charge at them. There are 20 more galleys like this one still in the water, coming at them, though they are all tangled together. It’s more like a bridge than anything. An easy way for Stannis’s men to cross the river. Well that sucks!

8. Ser Balon Swann and Ser Mandon Moore help him dispatch these men before they can step foot on the north shore. The enemy tries to retreat but the bridge is unsteady and many fall into the water, including Tyrion. His horse breaks its leg so Tyrion kills it to end its suffering. :) They climb further out to kill as many men as they can. Sounds so dangerous!

9. The bridge is breaking apart and Tyrion is spun around, dizzy and confused. Stannis’s side looks to be fighting some enemy but they haven’t crossed the river yet. He has an arrow stuck in his shoulder and is getting weak. Soon the bridge will break apart completely and he’ll float into the wildfire mess.

10. Ser Mandon Moore reaches out for Tyrion but with his left hand, which is odd. I’m surprised at how quick Tyrion is able to catch the ruse, because it basically saves his life as he dodges the Kingsguard’s slash at him. The sword hits under his eyes though and Tyrion falls into the water, in a lot of pain. Traitor! Tyrion somehow manages to climb back into the boat to keep from drowning. It’s interesting Ser Mandon is described as “...a white steal shadow...” This man just doesn’t seem human. Clearly Cersei wants Tyrion dead, to make it look like the enemy did it.

11. Ser Mandon is about to stab him in the throat when someone attacks him instead. Tyrion thinks it’s Jaime to the rescue, because who else would do something like that for him? Awe... Instead, the voice sounds like Pod, his good and faithful squire! I’ll bet Tyrion’s glad he brought him along now! I really like that kid. :)

Clara That's a good guess! I forgot about the clansmen were near.

About your point 6, I liked what Tyrion did too. Death by wildfire sounded like a slow dead, which is awful.

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