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ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 123 comments So, charries? Or actually we should probably make an actual plot first this time lol

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How about an actual plot?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 123 comments Okay, so, it was your idea, so did you have a plot in mind?

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FBI Agent #1 has been in the business long enough to know, to never mess with the bosses son, who works alongside him as his coworker, he knows he can never ever piss off the bosses son, otherwise it'd be hell for all of them. FBI Agent #2 is the son of the boss, odd isn't it? The bosses son works for the boss, not entirely odd, I mean its tradition right, for the son to follow in his dad's footsteps. FBI Agent #1 and #2 have been picked by the boss to protect an victim from harm, and guess what, they hate each other's guts, like deeply hate, they can not stand each other. They spend a week together protecting this potential victim, but when suddenly the suspect comes after the victim, FBI Agent #2 get shot in the abdomen, resulting in Agent #2 collapsing, and Agent #1 is distraught, he begins fuss over Agent #2, it's then he confesses his closeted feelings for Agent #2....... We can go from there.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 123 comments Hmm okay, that sounds interesting. Who is going to be who?

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Could I be Agent #2?

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Detailed Characters? And we Need a State, City and Age Range for them

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 123 comments Yeah that sounds good. Maybe mid twenties for the age range? You can pick the city/state.

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Tampa Bay, Florida

And sure they can range from that age, would you like me to post my character first, or would you like to post yours first?

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Okay, give me fifteen minutes, believe me, It'll only take me fifteen minutes to make my character

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I'll need ten more minutes, I just started making it

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Sorry, sorry sorry, I'll get on it tonight, but I can't right now, i gtg

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Super sorry, it's just that my mom has been sleeping a lot and my younger brother has been driving me nuts, and I can barely think straight these days, It'll be done by today I promise.

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♚♚Alias Identification♚♚

** Full Birth Given Name ** Detroit Mist Dylan

^^ First Name Meaning ^^ (( Pretty Much Named After His Birth City ))
The city was named by French colonists, referring to the Detroit River (French: le détroit du lac Érié, meaning the strait of Lake Erie), linking Lake Huron and Lake Erie; in the historical context, the strait included the St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River.
^^ Middle Name Meaning ^^ Particles Of Water
^^ Last Name Meaning ^^ The name Dylan is a Welsh baby name. In Welsh the meaning of the name Dylan is: Son of the wave, born near the sea, influence. Famous bearers: Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, American folk singer Bob Dylan.

** Nicknames ** Deet, Troy, Misty, Mist, Dyl, Dill, Lan

^^ First Nickname Meaning ^^ Called this by his brother.
^^ Second Nickname Meaning ^^ Mainly by everyone.
^^ Last Five Nickname Meanings ^^ His Best friends are only allowed to call him these

{ Preferred Name } Troy or Deet
{ Hated Name } Lan or Dill
{ Preferred Nicknames } Troy, Deet, Misty, Mist, Dyl
{ Hated Nicknames } Dill and Lan


♚♚Birth Identification♚♚

** Gender ** Male

** Birthday ** February 14th
^^ Birth Place ^^ Detroit, Michigan
^^ Birth Time ^^ 12:00 Noon
^^ Birth Season ^^ Winter/Spring

** Age ** 22 years old

** Nationality ** American
** Race ** White
** Languages ** American, Dutch, German, English ( British ), Australia
** Blood Type ** Type -A


♚♚Appearance Identification♚♚

** Face Claim ** Dylan O'Brien

^^ Images ^^



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** Hair ** Brown
** Eyes ** Dark Brownish
** Height ** 5' 8"
** Weight ** 120 lbs
** Other Marks ** Bunch of Bruises, Self Harm Scars
** Dressing Style **


♚♚Personality Identification♚♚

** Personality Traits **
Nature Lover
^^ Summary of Traits ^^
Detroit is quite the man you know, always getting the babes, men to be exact, but what you don't know is his entire personality, so here I'll tell you all about Detroit:
Detroit is majorly submissive, he will allow any of his lovers do anything to him, always has and always will, he will never destroy his dad's dream, he doesn't have the heart to crush anyone's dream or anything. Detroit is dark and mysterious, now one knows anything about him, nothing, they know he's dating the most hottest man on the planet ( Detroit's words not mine ), and they know he's an author, but do they know the truth behind Detroit's deep, dark, drama laced books about teenagers and young adults? No. Weird and Calm does not fit with Detroit, but for some reason, he inhabits these traits, Detroit is also Quiet and Artistic, which totally fits with Detroit. Detroit is impossible to understand and is impossible to even deal with, it's amazing how his dad deals with his outburst and obsessive writing. Detroit is also an nature lover, and he is also labeled as cute by his dad.

** Strengths **
Loving his work
** Weaknesses **
His work
** Secrets ** He's Very Athletic
** Fears **
Large Dogs
Tight Spaces
Planes ( sometimes )
Water ( Can't swim )
** Flaws ** Hardly any


♚♚History Identification♚♚

** As A Baby **

Detroit was born a small child, very small, smaller then the smallest baby on earth, living baby of course, now his baby hood was perfect, he was always fed, always bathed, always clothed and always had a roof over his head. Detroit was born in the southwest of Detroit, Michigan, near a small lake, which really belonged to his father who owns like half Detroit, well not half, I mean the estate is pretty big, but it's not overly big. Detroit's father is and always was an homosexual, so when given they're baby, Detroits two dads took him to live on they're estate, they're very large estate. Detroits mother is totally unknown, only because she was an donor, and the men didn't want to talk to her dude to the fact that she was against homosexuals.

** As A Child **

Growing up on such a large estate, Detroit was forced to leaner things he didn't want to learn about, and he was forced fm join a boarding school, now he loved his boarding school, until he reached the special ripe age of eleven, where he told his fathers that he wanted to be put into public school. His fathers' allowed him to choose where to go, now people say he and his boyfriend met in high school, and he may say it himself, but everyone knows he had met his true love in elementary school, he just forgot because he had been pulled out for a few years because his fathers did not want to keep they're genius son in a stupid school for so long.

** As A Teenager/Now **

So once in high school, he was allowed to go back to public school, where he met his boyfriend, he loved this time in his life, where he could meet different guys and different girls, different people from different stereotypes, and other cliques. Detroit grew up to be a very special guy, as he gre up to be such a nerdy dude, he also grew to be very athletic, it's odd yes I know, but still, at least he has a job and stuff.


♚♚Family Identification♚♚

** Main **

** Mother ** Unknown
** Father ** Theodore Frank Dylan née Wilcox
** Father ** O'Brian Drake Dylan
** Brother #1** Lucas Krak Dylan
** Brother #2** Ryan Josh Hart
** Brother #3** Riker Ryder Dylan
** Brother #3** Nelson Ronder Alexander
** Brother-In-Law ** Mason Jadon Hart
** Sister-In-Law ** Sofia Allisa Alexander
** Nephew #1** Keith LuLu Hart
** Nephew #2** Kyle Brandon Hart
** Niece ** Theoloa Markus Hart

^^ Others ^^

^^ Grandmother ^^ Maggie Skye the Wilcox
^^ Grandfather ^^ Martin Jay Wilcox
^^ Grandmother #2 ^^ Drake Drew Dylan
^^ Grandfather #2 ^^ Harold Marcus Dylan
^^ Aunt ^^ Natalie Wilcox
^^ Uncle ^^ Liam Wilcox
^^ Cousin ^^ Harry Wilcox
^^ Aunt #2 ^^ Drew Dylan
^^ Uncle #2 ^^ Brandon Dylan
^^ Cousin #? ^^ Nelson Dylan

## Pets ##
Fluff - Fluffy Soft Black and Gray kitten


♚♚Relationship Identification♚♚

** Sexuality ** Homosexual

^^ Crush ^^ None really

** Status ** Single
** Husband ** None
** Wife ** None
** Boyfriend ** None
** Girlfriend ** None

** Friends ** Many
** Non-Friends ** Many
** Enemies ** Many


♚♚Other Information♚♚

% Allergies %
Sea Food
% Theme Songs %
One Direction 2015 Songs
Justin Bieber 2015 Songs

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ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 123 comments Would it be okay if I made a no detailed character and added detail later? I don't want to make you wait any more, but I've been rather busy lately...

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Yeah that's fine

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