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Sara B. Do u like music? Singing and/or playing and instrument? If so, this is he perfect job for you! Here, there are 3 bands, and an unlimited amount of soloists. Every week, on Saturday night, either a band or a soloist will preform at different places! We are in need of 9, at the very least, workers. One band, the rockers, there are three open spots piano, guitar, singer. The second band, colorless winds, has 4 open spots, paint, guiar, bass, and singer. The last band, quiet as two,has two open spots, guitar and singer. If you want to preform solo, there is an unlimited amount of spots for that! Mr. Elkins is the boss, he isn't strict, but he expects a lot from you. Every month, he will post a schedule of who is playing a concert and where. If you can't make one, tell us! (I don't care I just need to know!) if you don't show up, but you didn't tell us, you will be fired. Mr. Elkins also expects you to practice(RP) at least once a week. Fill out the application and wait for a response!

Please copy and paste you application of enrollment for the school here.


How well do u sing/ play an instrument

Which job do you want?

Here is the employee list I will update as often as possible!

Mr. Elkins

The rockers!
Guitar- Sparrow

Colorless winds

Quiet as Two

- Candie

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Well, Sol does… And she can do Piano, too, if you want.

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Sara B. Awesome! But can u please fill out the application!! Thanks!!

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Oh. Right. Sorry bout that.


Sol was accepted into a choir when she was younger called All Eastern Honor Choir. This was before her father sent her to the school.

How well do u sing/ play an instrument

Sol sings pretty well, her range being alto to high soprano. She also has played 3 years of piano and progressed to playing music like Chopin's mazurkas. She's also played and sung gospel and rock music.

Which job do you want?

Sol wants to be a singer, but if she doesn't get that, she would like to do piano.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Achievements:
As the Grand Princess of Chernaya Gora (I made the place up), Anastasiya has been trained by a fine pianist from an early age and also learnt the balalaika from one of her father's hunting buddies.

How well do u sing/ play an instrument
She had played the piano since age eight.

Which job do you want?
She would like to be pianist or, if possible, play the balalaika.

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Sara B. You two are added! I hope you love working here! I will post a schedule in December! Thanks!

Mr. Elkins!

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Keren  (kerenhu) | 943 comments Mod
Achievements: Has been in Juilliard for 3 years. She plays instruments, encountered a little acting and dance. Her mom (rapunzel) loves to sing.

How well you you sing/play an instrument: Candie is obviously very good (since she got accepted to Juilliard). She sings as an alto, plays the violin, piano, oboe, trumpet, clarinet, flute, cello and guitar.

What job do you want to do: Candie mostly plays the piano, sings, and does violin but she is a level 7 at guitar and cello, level 5 at trumpet and flute and a level 3.5 at oboe and clarinet.

((Please accept her. She is a hero))

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Sparrow Hood

Achievements: was accepeted into a school for gifted musisians. She spent a year there.

How well you sing or play an instrument: She plays the eletric Gituar extreamily well, she has been playing sience she was 3 years old.

What job do you want to do: Gituarist for the rockers.

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Sara B. Awesome!! I will add you when I get in a computer!!

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