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❧ кαтнєяιηє ☙ (jukeboxheroine) Christmas and New Year's party!

❧ кαтнєяιηє ☙ (jukeboxheroine) The Great Hall is all trussed up in Christmas and Hanukkah decorations. Garlands are hung on every wall and Christmas trees populate all corners. Lights twinkle from strands on the walls and decorative hanging lights from the ceiling. Menorahs glow in the windowsills and a refreshments table takes up the entire left wall from the entrance. The teachers all have their own table at the back of the room and have some of their own refreshments. The entire floor has been cleared for dancing and music plays from the teacher table.

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Grace walked in, her hair was piled above her head in a bun, and she was wearing a blue dress, ((kind of like this: She glanced around the Great Hall.

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Alexi walked in in her black dress.


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Alexia walked in.


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((I'm surprised Flare isn't wearimg this:

Daniel walks in, he taps flare on the shoulder. He bows and grins up at her goofily "May I have this dance?"

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 78 comments ((Can I join))

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((Haha! :) ))

Daniel led Flare to the dance floor. He satarted leading her in a dance.

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Daniel grinned at Flare. " are you?" He asked.

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 78 comments Jarin entered the room in his usual clothes.

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"Fine." He reached into his pocket, a few seconds later, a stink bomb errupted on the teachers. He acted innicont, he tok his hand out of his pocket and continued dancing.

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 78 comments "Really dude." Jarin asked Daniel.

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Daniel shrugged. He grinned. "Well you have to was hillarious!!"

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 78 comments "No." Jarin said.

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Daniel shrugged again.

((He needs another trouble-maker. Antone up for making partners in crime with me?))

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 78 comments ((I'll make one))

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"I don't know..." he grined and let go of Flare "mabye because of my good looks." He smiled.

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Daniel grinned.

Alexia looked around, she was so so bored!!!!!!!

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 78 comments "Well that was a interesting show." Jarin said.

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Ardent || LoveArdent || Raya (loveardent) Farro walked in and saw all of the decorations. "Woah!" He looked around for Grace

Ardent || LoveArdent || Raya (loveardent) Gloria entered wearing a purple dress with diamonds and matching earrings (

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Alexi looked around. " wow" she said

Ardent || LoveArdent || Raya (loveardent) Farro waved to her

Gloria went over to her. "Hey Alexi, how are you?"

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 78 comments "Hello Daniel." Jay said as he turned visible.

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 78 comments "There you have him also." Jarin said.

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Grace saw Farro. She walked towards him.

Daniel grinned and Slapped Jay's hand. "That was pretty epic if I do say so myself."

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 78 comments "Totally." Jay said.

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Daniel nodded and grinned. "What next, I'm just getting started!" He said to Jay.

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 78 comments "Well, I don't know." Jay said.

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Daniel lokked around.

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 78 comments "Maybe we can scare someone?" Jay asked.

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"How?" Daniel asked.

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 78 comments Jay smirked and turned invisible. Jsy then grabbed Daniel and flew into the air. "Like this maybe." Jay said.

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Alexi smiled, " i`m fine. u? " she asked

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she waved back to flare

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(( no prob))

(( do u have a male character alexi could roleplay with ))

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(( kay ))

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Daniel smiled. "Yeah."

Ardent || LoveArdent || Raya (loveardent) Farro spotted Grace. "Hi Grace! Having fun?" He smiled

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 78 comments "Great." Jay said as he let Daniel go.

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 78 comments Flame walked inside the ball wearing a luxe tuxedo.

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Grace nodded. "Yeah.....sort of." She smiled.

Daniel landed just next to Flame "boo." He said then grined.

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Grace looked around. "Sorry....I have to go." She said then hurried out the door.

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Daniel waved to Jay then left.

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(( still up for rping elric?? ))

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 78 comments ((Yes))

Jarin smiled at Alexi. "Hello." Jarin said.

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(( just warning u, she`s not a girly,girl giggly boy person))

Alexi looked at who was talking to her. noticing the boy she said " heyy"

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