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Sarah & Colleen - The Enchanted

Colleen (colls) | 491 comments Hi Sarah!

This was available for the longest time on my library's overdrive app and suddenly there's now a waitlist. :(
If I don't get it by next weekend, I will go ahead and grab a kindle copy off amazon. I am also going to look for it at our local book swap.

sarah Hi Colleen! No worries! i have two and a half weeks before i really need to start my book club book so just let me know when you're ready :) I'm really excited to read this. it sounds so good!

Colleen (colls) | 491 comments I have a copy (huzzah!) and can start this either Saturday or Sunday. It looks like a short book, so it might be a quick buddy read.

How do you want to tackle this? Comments with chapter/page# and spoiler tags or goals every couple of days, etc? I'm up for anything but am usually pretty informal about things.

sarah woo hoo! okay, this weekend sounds great :)

I'm pretty informal for the most part as well. how about we read to our liking and just update as we go on? maybe add in spoiler tags and notate where we are in the book so there aren't any accidental spoilers? does that sound okay with you? we can totally go more structured if you'd like. maybe comment every 3-5 chapters or so? let me know your thoughts!

Colleen (colls) | 491 comments The commenting with spoiler tags sounds perfect.

sarah awesome :) sounds like a plan!

Colleen (colls) | 491 comments I started this last night and it's not what I expected (not a bad thing, I'm finding it interesting and liking it more than I thought I would)

Up through the end of chapter 4(view spoiler)

sarah thank goodness my phone doesnt allow me to read spoilers. this weekend was busier than i thought so i will be starting this tonight! I'm glad you like it so far! I'm super excited to delve into it

message 10: by sarah (last edited Dec 08, 2015 03:21AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

sarah Okay, I was finally able to sit down and start! I'm all caught up now (I have read through chapter 4).

I totally agree with you. I am enamored with Denfeld's prose. You pinpointed many things that I underlined in my book.

(view spoiler)

Colleen (colls) | 491 comments I finished this, but am on my phone until Friday (and can't read/post spoilers). All i can say is that it was an unexpected read and I really liked it. I can't remember where I first heard about it, but I'm glad you mentioned it on the buddy read thread - it motivated me to get to it.

sarah I'm so glad you liked it! i really want to finish. i was too tired last night but im determined to get it done, esp because I'm so intrigued! take your time on posting. it's all good! hopefully by then I'll be done!

sarah just an update. I'm not quite finished but this book is just so ugly and beautiful. i put it down awhile ago when my husband got home but it's still haunting me. i really want to pick it up and finish it but i have to be up bright and early because my in-laws are visiting.

Colleen (colls) | 491 comments Ugly and beautiful is a good way to describe it!

sarah right? the juxtaposition of ugly and beautiful is really what drives this book. it's so interesting. i won't be able to go into more depth until sunday (in-laws are still here and then my husband has a work party), but this book is just so interesting. I'm dying to finish up the last little bit. i had no idea denfeld was previously a death row inmate investigator, but I'm not surprised with all the little details in the book.

message 16: by sarah (last edited Dec 15, 2015 05:19AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

sarah I finally finished! Sorry it took so long. I didn't realize that I'd have to do so much with my in-laws here. They have finally left, and my husband's holiday party is finally over. I'm happy I was able to just sit and read the rest of the book today.

(view spoiler)

Colleen (colls) | 491 comments What a wonderfully well thought-out comment! I agree with everything you said.

I also felt a bit werided out by the lady and the priest getting together, but they were both so damaged I'm not sure they would've found peace with anyone else.

I desperately want to know what Arden did, he obviously killed someone at the farmhouse in a horrible manner, but what made it so horrible? Things York did and things done to York (and others) were pretty horrific - was the fact the author left out the details meant to drive us crazy?!!? (haha - probably, in all honesty, leaving it a tantalizing mystery is brilliant - there are enough details and the reader's imagination can do the rest)

It's curious what you say about the omniscient vs. unreliable narrator -- I think the argument could be made for both, but only if you think the place was truly enchanted. ;)

sarah You're right about the lady and the priest. I can understand that they wouldn't be able to find peace with anyone else. I believe there was a part in the book where it discussed the lady and her previous failed attempts at a relationship, so it does make sense that she was able to connect with someone just as damaged.

Someone said that the author was trying to relay that even those who are free are still imprisoned by their pasts/present lives, and I have to full-heartedly agree. The lady, the priest, the warden, etc... Their lives were so damaged that mentally they were not able to move past such terrible experiences. Yes, we have actual prisoners, but just because someone was literally free (not in prison) doesn't mean that they weren't battling their own isolation due to illness, fear, etc. We're all just people in the end. "Even monsters need peace."

Yes! I'm itching to know what Arden did! As you've mentioned, we can totally use our imaginations, but I would still like some more! More, more! :]

I love what you said!! How the argument could be made for both, only if we thought the place was truly enchanted. That's a brilliant statement.

You know, I'm happy Denfeld decided to add in those enchanting moments. The book was filled with so much pain that she broke it up with those magical moments--the golden horses, the flibber-gibbets, the men in the wall with hammers. It was definitely a nice balance.

Anyways, this was a great read, and I would definitely read more by this author! Her writing was truly engrossing.

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