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message 1: by Denise, Manufacturing Director (new) - rated it 4 stars

Denise (destiny_chan) | 5586 comments Mod
Colleen & Krissy - Old Man's War

Colleen (colls) | 491 comments Hi Krissy!

I have a copy and can start whenever you want, although I'm in no particular hurry. I'm looking forward to this - I've heard good things and I'm in the mood for some space opera. :)

message 3: by Penni (new) - added it

Penni | 993 comments Sounds interesting. One of the genre's listed for it is Speculative Fiction. Never heard of that genre before. Looks like it has good reviews also.

Colleen (colls) | 491 comments 95% of the time I get the impression that "Speculative Fiction" is just a fancy term for people who think "Science Fiction" is too geeky or something.
It's kind of like the argument between "literary fiction" and "popular fiction" - there is a difference, but it is nebulous.

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3135 comments I plan on getting the audiobook but my credits won't be available until 5th so either that day or anytime after that I'll be good to go.

Have you read John Scalzi before? I've only read Redshirts but I enjoyed it. That audiobook was narrated by Wil Wheaton who happens to be my favorite male narrator. It's too bad he won't be narrating this book as well.

Colleen (colls) | 491 comments The only one I've read is Redshirts and I listened to it as well. I have heard good things about his space opera - but stayed away because his series gets split and goes off into some ridiculous number of books. Which is a silly reason to stay away, so I'm glad I saw you bring it up.

I'm flexible on starting time, so I'll check in on Monday to see if you were able to get it and if you're ready to queue it up. I have plenty to read, so I'm in no rush. :)

Have a good week!

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3135 comments I'm ready to start this whenever you are :)

Colleen (colls) | 491 comments Hi Krissy

I can star this on my flight home Thursday. Had to travel to a client unexpectedly, but at least connections/long flights are good for reading. ;)

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3135 comments Thursday sounds good to me!

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3135 comments 13% ~ nothing much has happened yet. They are just now leaving earth. I am enjoying the humor and I think the audiobook narrator is doing a pretty good job.

Colleen (colls) | 491 comments I'm up to mid-chapter 6, page 77 (eBook version)
(view spoiler)

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3135 comments 55% ~ I'm loving it so far. The brain pal scene was great!

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3135 comments 68% ~ Chapter 13 (view spoiler)

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3135 comments Finished!
The first half of this book was great! I loved the characters and the author's sense of humor is right up my alley. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. But then the second half of the book the story kind of petered out for me. I never warmed up to the new secondary characters and the humor that I so enjoyed in the first half of the book was almost nonexistent in the second half. I would give the first half 4 stars but the second half 2 stars. So I met in the middle with a solid 3 stars.

(view spoiler)

Colleen (colls) | 491 comments Way ahead of me! :)
I haven't gotten any further than I was yesterday, but hope to wrap it up tomorrow/Monday.

Colleen (colls) | 491 comments I haven't abandoned this, I just got sidetracked with work and holiday preparations and OMG how is it the 18th already.

I'm up to the point where John has met Jane and he's joined her on the Special Forces ship. They're preparing to go into battle and Jane wants to learn about Kathy.

Like you, I'm finding I don't care so much about the new batch of characters that are coming in. It's sad that we were introduced to this interesting bunch of 'Old Farts' and now they're mostly dead. I understand that it seems more realistic (as realistic as space war can be) that they wouldn't stay together, but narratively speaking I would've preferred it that way. I suppose I'm used to ensemble stories now, and the solo protagonist isn't what I was expecting.

I am curious to see how this battle goes and what develops between John and Jane.

Colleen (colls) | 491 comments I think Jane's character isn't one you're supposed to warm up to right away. She's emotionally 6 years old, so I"m not surprised she comes off a bit flat. I wonder if she develops better as a character later in the series.

The humor didn't work as well in the second half, I agree. John tried, but it was a token effort (or an inside joke sort of thing that was funnier to the author than to anyone else)

I'll probably continue the series, but I'm in no rush.

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3135 comments Same here. I'll mark book 2 as a maybe. But I am definitely not giving up on this author just yet.

Colleen (colls) | 491 comments Thank you for tossing this book into the buddy read thread, I'm glad I finally got around to reading it.
Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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