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The Zeta-tubes can transport you anywhere that there is another zeta-tube.

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Angel came through the Zeta-Tube, " let go of me" he pushes the girls hand of his arm. " I have a girlfriend ". Fixing his goggles over his eyes, it always sucked when he got a piece of dust stuck in his eye when he was running. The goggles were also black with his stealth suit. Red circles appearing, he was now looking in thermal.

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Kasey smiled when Angel came through, proclaiming her his girlfriend. Then her smile quickly vanished when she realized that he would hate her when he found out. If he found out, that is. She would have to break it off, which made her sad. But she wasn't about to tell someone who Nightwing, Batman, and herself really were. Even if he was another hero. It wasn't her place to tell, and she would have to if she continued to date him. It just wasn't the right thing to do. She would have to sacrifice her love life. She was out of sight, already invisible and using her powers. Shadow revealed herself, right in front of them. "Well we should get going," she told the two of them, not bothering to remember the other girl who hadn't come through the tube yet.

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((Please use parenthesis. And when Sheldon posted, he said that Angel pushed her off of him. We wait 24 hours and if she doesn't respond, then we go on. Be patient.))

QUEEN | 208 comments Jesse belle stood confused. She did't understand the human customs. She head heard his voice in her head, he did;t like to be first. So as she was good hearted, she offered companionship though the tube. She pushed down the feeling of annoyance that began to fester within her.

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Marina had come through the zeta-tubes last. She wasn't really used to working it a team. Usually it was just her and Zatanna, so she'd have to get used to working with more people thought for her it shouldn't be too hard.

((sorry I got really busy))

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Angel kept a blank expression on his face, well as blank of a expression as they would have noticed. " everyone's here. So fearless leader. What next?" He sarcastically said to Shadow. Already walking in front of everyone, he just wanted to fight or something. Not caring who or what he fought. He hated having people snap or yell at him when he just tried to help, sometimes it even asked his conscience why he eve became a hero. Nobody treated them with respect. It was just fear turned to a smile until they messed up. Then they get hated by the world. What was to like? However that's not why he was completely mad, his date tonight probably ran out of dinner faster than he could have. What would have been that important to just leave without even a bye.

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((I'm just going to continue. If that's ok with everyone. It's hard having an order if not everyone is on at the same time.))

Marina jogged to catch up with Angel. He seemed upset and they were teammates now so she decided to see if he was ok. "Hey you okay?" She asked, walking next to him. "You seem upset about something." Marina had always been good at helping people when they were down.

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(( we still doing this one?))

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QUEEN | 208 comments ()Can i know if my character is approved?))

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" upset. Kinda, sometimes it sucks being the hero. Having to leave everything and everyone behind just to be someone who accidentally got his powers. I met the first real girl that didn't just want to play around for a while and wanted to be in a actual relationship. I was going to forget about coming out tonight so I could stay with her but she ran out just as quickly as I would have if I used my speed." Angel shrugged. He didn't have to worry about them ruining his life on the inside, they didn't know his identity so he had nothing to be quiet about.

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QUEEN | 208 comments "My powers saved me," Starfire said making her presence known. "Those without it are defenseless and at a disadvantage."

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Marina nodded in understanding. "It's hard living a double life." She said, "and I'm betting that girl likes just as much as you seem to like her. She probably had an emergency with her family or something."

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