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Harper had been sitting on the edge of the roof for several minutes, dangling her legs over the edge and staring off into the distance. The roof was always secretly her favourite spot. It was the place she used to bond with Clint, her best friend and the love of her life, and a place of peace for her. Today she was hoping to find him here, but she was in no such luck. She had returned from a short recon mission, and she had missed him so much her heart was aching. Not that she would ever let it show.

And of course she missed their children too, each of them. But they were her children, not her other half. Not the one she could explain the grittiness of the mission to, or explain why her eyes would burn with anger over the simple mention of the word "Turkey" for at least the few following weeks. Clint was.

But he was not on the roof, and that was okay, she supposed. So instead she sat on the roof, watching the sun slowly set, tapping her long nails against the seat beneath her. They were growing too long again, she would have to shape them down when she got back to her room. She had not even stopped there yet, and still wore her skintight black suit. As she looked out at the city below, a sort of saddness filled her. A saddness for the lives she had to take on her mission, a sort of saddness for the control she had lost. Often, the animal inside her took over and she could only hope for the best. Not many understood what that was like for her, except for Bruce Banner, bless him. But she knew Clint would recognize the look in her eyes, and that in itself was comforting to her.

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Clint had been talking with Tony about some new techno stuff he wanted to add to Clint's bow and arrows. Clint had just been telling him hands off the boy when F.R.I.D.A.Y interrupted them saying that Harper was back. Clint's eyes immediately lit up with excitement he lived his kids but it was always nice to have his better half around. He quickly apologized to Tony before asking F.R.I.D.A.Y where Harper was. The A.I told him Harper was on the roof there special place so Clint walked out of the lab and into the elevator.

It didn't take very long for the elevator to reach the roof. As Clint stepped out he could immediately tell that something was off. He walked up to her making sure to announce his presence by the sound of his footsteps he didn't want to startle her. "Hey." He said softly sitting down beside her "How'd the mission go?" He asked her. He recognized that look in her eyes and he knew that something had happened she hadn't even taken off her black suit which meant that she had something on her mind.

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Harper's ears twitched the second he stepped onto the roof. With her hearing, she should have heard him coming from quite a ways away, but she had been so distracted that she had completely missed all the signs. When he sat beside her, she turned and smiled softly, an obviously sad smile, and leaned gently into his shoulder. "Hi, I'm glad to see you," she murmured. She knew he could tell something was wrong, and she loved that about him. She thought about how she should bring it up. It wasn't always easy to admit she still lost control on occasion. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly between her teeth.

"It ended up being more than just recon," She admitted at first, biting her lower lip. She kept her head leaned against him, still staring out at the city below them. "They needed me undercover, so I went in. I figured everything was going to be fine, but someone tipped them off. I don't know how, I don't know who. One minute everyone had no idea I wasn't their bosses new secretary of the week, apparently he goes through them often, and the next I had everything from handguns to submachine guns pointed at me." She furrowed her brow, trying to remember the specific details of what happened next. "It was fine, really, I should have been able to get out. But they got me backed into a corner. My own foolish mistake really...." she trailed off, thinking back to the flicking hallways, the wall that shouldn't have been a hallway. "And I could feel her, in me," she said, referring to the cat inside her, whatever beast she was, "She was panicking, and I tried to reason it out. But she took over. I switched off the comms...." she bit her lip again, "And when I woke up, I wasn't there anymore. But there was a lot of blood. Not my own."

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Clint wrapped an arm around Harper's shoulders, kissing her forehead lightly in greeting. "I'm glad you're home the kids and I missed you." He said waiting for her to bring up what was wrong, he knew she'd talk about if she wanted to and that he shouldn't push her. No matter how much he wanted her to tell him so that they could figure it out together like they always did. He waited patiently for her to say something, looking out at the city.

Finally she spoke and Clint turned to look at the red-haired beauty. He listened to her not interrupting once while stroking her hair between his fingers absentmindedly. Once she was done telling him what happened he pulled her into a full hug. "What happened wasn't your fault, you couldn't have known who or what was in that building and it was their mistake for cornering you like that." He said rubbing her back "Don't blame yourself for what happened." He told her, pulling back a bit so he could see her face. He brushed a few strands of hair out of her face.

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Harper loved Clint's hugs, more than nearly anything in the world. Burrowing her head into his neck she breathed in, taking in his scent, which was so intoxicating to her, and always had been. It was this distinct mix of sweat and cologne, a spicy mix that always made her smile. She looked up at him, a soft look in her eyes. While perhaps she didnt necessarily believe it wasn't her fault, she loved him for comforting her. "For someone whos a bird brain, you always do know what to say, Barton," she quipped, cracking a faint smile. God it felt good to be home. "Has anything worthwhile happened since I was gone? With the kids or with you?"

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