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Margo had only gotten out of school half an hour before, but she had already wound her way down to the Tech Lab of her father's tower. It seemed to always be calling for her to enter it, to run her hands over the hypersensitive keys of the latest in keyboard technology, to pull up her various programs and hack into the back account of whomever she chose. It was her passion, really.

The air in the Tech Lab was surprisingly cool for how many different pieces of technology were humming inside. Yet, it made sense. Most tech opperated better at a cooler level. She glanced around to see if her father was around, which thankfully he wasnt. As much as she absolutely loved her dad, he wasnt so hot about her hacking affinities. She slide down into a gentle chair infront of a black screen and booted up her favourite computer. It took about three seconds, impressivly quick. She smiled as it hummed beneath her outstretched fingertips.

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Icarus had no real business being in the tech lab. He wasn't as savvy with it as Tony was, or Margo, for that matter--but he could certainly say he was a little better than Cap--but he always found himself doing his paperwork down there. The endless hum of computers and technology and thriving idea of something scientific always calmed him. Which, in light of his work, was certainly something he needed when doing hours of admissions. That, and the numbers seemed to be especially quiet when they were faced with the superior computing capabilities of Stark inventions. Not mention Jarvis ever lingering in the background.

A hunched over figure in his seat with papers littered about him, it wouldn't be too hard to miss his presence. Ic had always hoped for so when people came in, though not as much with the Avengers, but with most people at least. Eyes lifting as the door opened, he remained poised in his spot in the corner, pen paused mid-letter. Gaze landing on the small brunette getting up to her usual shenanigans, he smiled for a moment before looking back to his work.

Clearing his throat, he offhandedly greeted her with, "I don't think Tony would be so happy about you hacking into the NSA again."

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Margo's cheeks immidiately flushed a deep, scarlet red. And it was not the cute sort of blush, but the sort which only appeared when one was completely and utterly mortified. She had barley bothered to check her surroundings, and had only stopped to listen for the telltale signs of her father tinkering away, before she got caught up in the draw of the computer in front of her. Its siren song was almost too much for her at most times.

She pushed her thick glasses, which had slipped down the gentle slope of her nose, back to their appropriate location. "For your information," she said, spinning around in her office chair, "I was only going to do some quick chemistry homework. I have no idea what you are talking about." it was a quick attempt of a recovery, though not a good one. Technically, it wasnt a complete lie, she did have a few chem problems left, but it seemed rather obvious she was lying.

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Ic's brows rose in response to her statement. For the time that Icarus had known Margo, she wasn't one to not do something she wasn't supposed to on a computer. Probably something she picked up from her father. Chuckling softly and cocking his head to the side, he fixed her with a pointed look that told her just how much he believed what she was saying.

"Just don't get caught again," he stated, "I don't want to be the one to have to play dumb again."

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Margo sighed, "I won't get caught...the guy I'm hacking today is the worlds biggest idiot...." By which she meant Donald Trump. She had a good plan really. She'd hacked him before, it wasn't hard. His accounts Really didn't have the best protection. She was going to go into his account and very simply send some money towards funding a 'Cruze is the Zodiac Killer' fund and have the news conveniently slipped to the press. Anything to make the sleazy guy look worse in the public eye.

"And you don't have to play dumb if you don't pay too close of attention to what I'm doing," She gave him the smallest hint of a smile. Margo usually fell herself shying away from the Avengers, and even from some of the older kids. She felt far too nerdy for the likes of them, not that she minded this much at all. She was much happier being herself than attempting to please others.

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[ MY BAD ]

"It's sort of my job to pay attention," Icarus stated, "Well, to dying geriatrics, but still. And it's not like I can just ignore you when I know you're up to about as much as good as an internet troll is. I will, however, admit that I found your last hack to be hilarious." Even if Tony didn't. It should have been disconcerting that the government had been hacked by a teenager, and what that could have meant for the state of their country, but it sort of fell back in light of the fact that the same girl who'd just hacked them was probably nowhere near their suspect list and was instead replaced with her father. The same father that had hacked S.H.E.I.L.D. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, huh.

"Sometimes the biggest idiots get smart too late," he stated, thoughts trailing off at the appearance of numbers. They came and went as they pleased, inciting riots in his neurons every time they stayed past their welcome. Sucking in a breath, he closed his eyes and tilted his head back.

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((girl dont you worry it's all good))

Margo smiled slightly when he said he had found humour in her last well-known hacking incident. It was something the brunette couldn't help but doing, hacking. The second her fingers hit the keys of a computer, they begged her to use them for mischief. Mischief angling towards the general direction of goodness.It was second nature for her. She creaked her first hacking program at the age of nine. Albeit, it was a bad program, but still.

When he closed his eyes, she took a secret moment to study the Avenger who sat so nearby to her. It was crazy that she got to be so close to these heroes. And it made her rediculously nervous. She was sure her sister would be the kind of get nervous from things like this, yet her sister rarely got nervous at all. "Too much going on up there?" she asked quietly, tapping her own head to indicate what she was asking about.

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