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Here's where I'll post things about me and how I was inspired to write my own Heroic stories.

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I used to write fanfictions, but I'm limiting myself on those. Since I'm writing my own Heroic stories that were inspired by The Avengers, Asgardians, Jotuns, and Dark Elves.

Songs: Christian, Country, Oldies, TheSaddleClub, Barbies.
Places: Mountain areas with forests and in the forest lies the hiddened GhostTown.
Characters: All Marvel Universe Characters that I've seen so far.
Quotes: Only my favorites from the movies.


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I find these movies very inspiring:

Crimson Peak.
Thor 2: The Dark World.
The Avengers 1.
The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.
Captain America 2: Winter Soldier.
Captain America 3: Civil War. (Trailer)

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