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Wren was walking down the hallway in her gray nike sweats and her blue sports bra, humming a tune when this wave of anger hit her. As she drew closer to the training room, she heard noises that someone was beating the punching bags. She quietly slid into the room just as Lala finished, sending the bag flying across the room. Wren was impressed. Sure, she could easily knock someone out, but it was difficult for her to use a punching bag. Seeing this girl beat the shit out of it was awesome. She didn't want to anger her or get on her bad side. She had come to climb the ropes that were hanging to the ceiling, her hands wrapped up to avoid damaging the scarred skin. Wren nodded to the girl as she walked towards the ropes, beginning to climb. Using just her arms, she climbed quickly and silently, getting to the top in no time. She slid down a little ways, leaping from the rope to the next. It took a lot to do it, but it was Wren's way for blowing off steam. She had been upset, and with Lala's emotions combined, she was overrun with feelings.

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Wren had seen Lala out of the corner of her eye, obviously in thought. She tended to do that to people, especially with her scars. There were several slashes across her stomach and up her arms, which made many people uncomfortable. But frankly, Wren was past the point of caring what others thought about her appearance. She had a feeling though it was more about who she was than appearances though. She could feel the anger subside as she leaped down from the ropes, heading over toward the table where there was water bottles. "Thanks," she responded with a grin when Lala commented on her skill. "You did pretty impressive too," she responded, looking at the punching bag at the other end of the room. "You're Laila, if I am correct?" she asked, wracking her brain of what she had heard of her. She was a Banner, had some mild anger management issues, and her mother was deceased. That's about all she could recall because that was just about all she had heard. And she retained almost everything she had heard, whether or not people noticed. Wren was sharper than she let on, and her grades proved that. Straight A's, which she was proud of.

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