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Harper made her way to the common room after changing out of her uniform and into a pair of purple leggings and an overly large gray sweater that belonged to Clint. With her she brought a small, moleskin notebook to do a bit of doodling and writing if anything were to come to mind. She was tired, mentally, after such a long day. But she kept a light smile on her lips, for show of course.

The common room was surprisingly empty when she slipped inside, a rareity. The common room was almost always a bustling hub of energy. She curled up on one of the couches close to the fire and nestled into the cushions. Opening up the notebook, she began to draw a small image of the building she had infultrated on her mission.

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Emma | 75 comments Natasha wasn't the type to be seen in her loungewear. So any time she was in public, she made sure to look put together, even if that just meant a pair of jeans instead of leggings and a nice top instead of a sweater. She was nowhere near combat-ready, but at least if something happened (as something usually did) she wouldn't feel as vulnerable. As she walked into the common room with her mug of tea and a book, she was surprised to only see one other face there--the room was usually quite crowded for her tastes. "Hey, Harper." She said with a smile, sitting down one one of the couches. The two redheads had known each other for a long time, and had a kind of mutual understanding. They both came from dark places, and though they didn't discuss their pasts much, could understand things about each other that some people couldn't. "How are you doing?" Natasha had decided she'd leave her book for a while to be social with one of her few closer friends.

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Harper looked up, startled. She had been so intent on her drawing that she hadnt heard the other assassin approaching the room. Clearly, the last mission had thrown her off her game, which irked her. "Hey Nat," she said with a soft smile, closing the notebook on a hasty black sketch of the hallway where she was trapped and the look of the men she faced. "How have you been?" it was hard to say she and Nat were good friends, but it was also difficult to say they weren't. Their friendship was built on far different things than traditional female bonds, yet that was just how Harper liked it. And she couldnt deny it, she had missed Nat slightly while she had been gone--her dry humour, and her complete understanding of some of the things Harper had done.

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"I've been fine, haven't had a mission for a few days." She was actually enjoying her downtime, though it hadn't been all relaxation like right now: she had been training for a lot of the time. Though that was pretty normal for Natasha Romanoff, always staying her best, most capable self. "How did yours go?" The team only really got together for disasters, and solo agents and smaller groups went out for issues that could be handled more quietly. The avengers tended to attract attention, and as such were not always the most discreet or effective team to handle more sensitive matters. But that was exactly why they had agents like herself, Harper, and Clint.

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Harper frowned slightly at Natasha's question and she tucked a strand of red hair behind her ear. "Well, to put it lightly, it didnt go well." of course, Nat knew firsthand of what happened when Harper had lost control. When she had been part of the Seven Deadly Sins she lost control quite often. And it had happened a few times after joining the Avengers as well, particularly whenever Clint had been harmed, or when Wren had been returned to her and they had the opportunity to hunt down her captors. The cat inside her took over, and her ferocity went wild. In those times, she was only a vessel, an observer, of her own body. And that is exactly what had happened on her last mission.

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Harper's face and the vague answer told Natasha that "didn't go well" meant that something had gone awfully, awfully wrong. "Do you want to talk about it?" She wouldn't push her friend to discuss it, because Natasha knew how badly she herself reacted when pushed to do things, and the two redheads weren't actually all that different. "Or if you want to blow off some steam, I'm here." Sparring matches could be dangerous if Harper got a bit out of control--if either one of them got out of control, but Natasha wasn't any assassin. She was the black widow, and she was capable of holding her own, even against enhanced people.

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Harper had already discussed things minimally with Clint, but she also knew Natasha knew and understood these things a little better than he did. After all, the two redheads came from dark pasts, and while their roots were different, they could understand what it was like in a time before SHIELD and Avengers. She sighed and cracked her journal a little, looking at her last sketch. Sketching and writing was how she brought back the memories of what happened when she lost control.

"They cornered me, I'm not sure how or how they found out I was anything more than a secritary..." she began. "I was outnumbered, which normally wouldnt be an issue. But there was something about the halls...the halls were changing. Walls were appearing where they shouldnt have been." the assassin closed her eyes, picturing the utter hatred in the eyes of the men closing in on her. Only one of them seemed uneasy about what was going to happen. "One of them pulled the trigger. I remember the initial click....and then nothing. The cat, she took over." Harper frowned, subconciously fiddling with her hair. "I dont remember all the details yet...but I know I killed them. All of them."

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Emma | 75 comments ((hey yeah I'm super sorry things got hectic and I kinda forgot I had to reply here, but I should be able to get it done tonight!))

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((No worries cant wait!(: ))

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