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message 1: by Motiopa (new)

Motiopa | 1 comments Just started The Discovery of Witches, and just started in the Delaware County Online Book Book Discussion Group - so no spoilers, please!

A recent radio broadcast from a local Christian station was concerned about the rise of Wicca and other supernatural beliefs. According to their program, there are only two supernatural powers on this earth, God and Satan. Everything that is not God is from Satan, including Wiccan practices, Tarot cards, and Psychics/Mediums.

Is anyone else interested in Wicca and the supernatural, but also worried about how it jives with being a good Christian?

It will be interesting to see how this subject is dealt with in this book. (The author will probably avoid it altogether, like J.K. Rowling did in Harry Potter. Many Christians disagree about whether or not to read HP.)


message 2: by Wendi (new)

Wendi Foos | 33 comments Mod
Great topic. I will be interested in your views after you are finished with the book. Without giving spoilers, I do believe the subject was avoided but maybe this was just my perception of the book. I am excited to hear your interpretations. I did love the historical realism that is not usually included in fantasy/paranormal novels. Happy reading!

message 3: by Dierdra (new)

Dierdra Hunter | 10 comments This is a great question!!! I do consider myself Christian, but I also know I believe differently than a lot of Christians. I am very interested in the Wiccan religion, I do not know much about it honestly but I think it is different than the commonly thought of practices.

I honestly think something like this all come down to respect. If I am a respectful person, I can have my own beliefs without judging you for yours or projecting mine onto you. I am someone with a very open mind and I am capable of having a conversation with most people about most things without becoming annoyed or angry if we disagree.

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