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message 1: by Raven (last edited Nov 29, 2015 08:16AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Raven Hudgins (cielorayn) | 3 comments Hi all, I always hate asking, but I feel like I need to get my debut novel, Death Callers, out into the world more lol. I know a lot of new authors feel that way too. I'm hoping someone will pick it up and spread the word--I also do swaps of reviews.

Here is my blurb: Aislin Gray has finally turned eighteen--the pivotal moment in a banshee's life, but with it comes her first Death Call--visions of someone's death. It isn't just anyone's death--it's Kaelin's, the human who left so long ago. Now he's back and Aislin will do anything to keep it that way, even if it means starting a war.

If anyone is interested, you can find it on Amazon. Kindle Unlimited is free. Here is the link:

Sadaf.   Zulfikar | 12 comments Hello. I like the blurb and would like to review this for you. Are you interested in a review swap. This is the desc of my novel-'The Grasp of Nighttide'

'You can forget the past. But can you get rid of it?

A little girl jumps off a window, two men die in a car crash. They seem like unfortunate incidents, but are they connected to the demonic group ‘Grasp’?

Fifteen long years later. Alice is alone and without her memory. In an unforeseen happenstance she meets her neighbour’s rich and charming boyfriend Derek. He seems a person she could confide in, a person she could trust and perhaps also a person she could fall for. Will Alice be able to keep distance so that she could return to her forgotten love- Lance?

Meanwhile the Grasp re-summon a demon responsible for many deaths. They clearly have some unfinished business with Alice, and there is only one way for her to find out- recover the past. But will the past be the solution to her problems or a life threatening problem with no escape?

Under the Grasp of nighttide both Alice’s love and life are at stake as she braces for the abrupt turn her quest will take.'

Sadaf.   Zulfikar | 12 comments This is my debut novel as well and if you are interested you can message me here or mail me at

Raven Hudgins (cielorayn) | 3 comments Sure :) I wouldn't mind doing a swap. Is it on Amazon?

Sadaf.   Zulfikar | 12 comments Yup, it is Raven.

Sadaf.   Zulfikar | 12 comments Let me know how we can continue:)

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