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Sara B. Due to your request! Thank you!

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Jess Zhen Li was i the park behind a huge clump of trees training like her mom and dad had taught her while her lazy baby dragon Mishi watched. "Mishi!" Zhen exclaimed when her baby dragon are a bug in front of her. "You know how much that grosses me out." She reprimanded softly Mishi just hocked her head in an innocent 'I have no clue what pure talking about gesture' "Don't pretend like you don't understand me." Even though Mishi couldn't talk Zhen knew she understood her owner perfectly she just chose not to listen.

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Solstice was walking along, hands stuffed in her pockets, thinking about life- it was her biggest issue- when she heard a voice. Curious, Solstice snuck off the path to some trees, where the voice was coming from. Solstice generally didn't hear voices when nobody was around unless it was the dead talking to her. "Hello? Anyone there?" she called, nearing the trees.

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Jess Mishi sensed that there was someone else in the park besides them first she hissed and arched her scaly back. "What is it Mishi?" Zhen asked as she watched Mushi jump onto her open palm, of course Mishi didn't say anything she just pointed her tail towards where Zhen suspected the other person was. "Hush Mishi it's probably just a walker you know taking a walk." Zhen watched as Mishi slowly became less tense and promptly fell asleep in her palm. Zhen snorted softly dragons were very protective but also extremely lazy especially when they're babies. Zhen finally heard footsteps nearing the trees and a voice, Zhen decided it was pointless hiding since the person had most likely heard her whole conversation with Mishi "Yes, I'm Zhen." She said softly not wanting to disturb the baby dragon sleeping in her palm.

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"Oh." Solstice paused, not seeing the speaker. "Are you a soul? Is that why I can't see you?" She was confused. The deceased usually showed themselves to her.

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Jess Zhen rolled her eyes and struggled to get up with only one hand. 'souls?' what on earth was she talking about then she thought about her dead ancestor's ghosts and thought that maybe it was possible this girl saw the dead on a regular basis. "No why would I be a spirit?" She asked stepping out from behind the trees she carefully slipped Mishi into her jacket pocket leaving the flap open so that the little dragon could breathe.

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"Oh!" Solstice exclaimed, taking a step back. She hadn't expected a human. "Well, dead people… they kinda talk to me," she explained sheepishly. "Sorry about that."

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Jess Zhen contemplated for a moment whether or not the girl in front of her was telling the truth and decided that she was probably telling the truth why would she lie to a complete stranger like that. "That's alright it happens I suppose." She said "I'm Zhen by the way and this." She said pointing to her jacket pocket "Is Mishi."

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"You look alive," Solstice said with a wry grin. "I have friends on the other side and not many living ones," she told Zhen. "I'm Solstice."

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Jess ((Im going to edit my last two comments because Hoodreads glitches on me and right now it doesn't really make sense))

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Jess ((Edited))

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((K, great))

"You call your pocket Mishi?" Solstice asked, confused. "I've never met a pocket named Mishi before."

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Jess Zhen shook her head while trying not to laugh so she wouldn't wake Mishi. "No Mishi is my pet baby dragon who is sleeping in my pocket." She said "If show her to you but baby dragons need aloy of sleep." At that moment Mishi poked her head out of Zhen's pocket "Speak of the devil." Zhen chuckled "This is Mishi." Zhen announced proudly "And Mishi this is...." Zhen trailed off realizing she didn't know the other girls name.

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"Solstice," Solstice said quickly. "I'm Solstice." She looked down at Mishi with a smile. "She's cute. Really cute."

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Jess "Well there you go Mishi this is Solstice." She said teachings hand down for Mishi to climb onto, Mishi scampered onto her hand and gripped Zhen's thumb with her tiny claws. "See Mishi she even complimented you I told you there was nothing to worry about." She teased her pet "Thanks she's about four years old" Zhen said "Do you have any pets?" She asked

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"No…" Solstice replied, contemplating. "Not real ones, anyway. I mean, there's a ghost cat that follows me around… but she's not really my pet."

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"It's lovely out here." Kristal said happily to Candie.

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Jess "That's cool." She said stroking Mishi "Is the cat here right now?" She asked curiously she really wanted to test a theory about whether dragons could see ghosts.

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"I come here a lot. Just to calm down." Candie says.

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"I can see why." Kristal said. "It's so calm and peaceful here."

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"Let me check, she's a bit elusive," Solstice replied with a smile. She looked around, checking the tree line. "There," she said, pointing to a misty white shape against the greenery. "Not a cat, but a man. In a suit." The soul came into focus, more details sharpening.

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Jess "Really? I don't see anything. Do you see anything?" She asked Mishis and to her surprise her dragon nodded "Well look at that." She murmured to herself "You can see ghosts!" She exclaimed excitedly "Do they ever talk to you?" Zhen asked Sol curiously

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"Yes, quite often," Solstice said. "They're lonely, you know. They just want someone to understand how sad they are and how they wish they fulfilled their obligations." Solstice sighed. "The lucky dead people aren't stuck on earth," she explained.

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Jess "I never thought about it like that before." Zhen said thoughtfully "When were you able to ghosts?" She asked

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"I saw them when I was six," Solstice told Zhen, thinking. "The first time I remember something. And I could talk to them when I saw them, too. People thought I had imaginary friends," she said with a grin.

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Jess ((This is so reminding me of a demigod RP that I do))

"That's a long time." She said while Mushi crawled up her arm Zhen made sure to keep her arm very still so Mishi wouldn't fall.

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"It's not that much of a problem," Solstice responded. "May I pet Mishi? I've never seen a real dragon before."

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Jess "Sure." She said before clicking her teeth Mishi instantly crawled down to sit in Zhen's palm. ""Mishi behave." Zhen said sternly Mishi turned to give her a look that seemed to say when don't I behave? "Alright fair enough. Here you can pet her now just stroke her gently on her back with two fingers." She said demonstrating Mishi stretched and made a sound that almost sounded like a purr.

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Jess ((Please be patient I'm in the middle of hw I can only do so much at a time))

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Solstice hesitantly began stroking Mishi, surprised that the dragon had let her get anywhere close. "I'm not usually good with animals," Solstice told Zhen. "I don't have the right vibe."

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((Comm Arts))

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Jess ((French))

"Mishi is not really picky about the people she hangs around. If you ever met my ancestor's then you'd understand. I've never met them because well they're ghosts but Mushu told me all about them." She said

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"Mishi talks?" Solstice asked, surprised.

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Jess "Mishi can't talk yet but her dad can." Zhen explained

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"Oh," Solstice said. "Mishi's great. She so cute." She continued stroking Mishi, careful to be gentle.

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Jess ((Yup the more the merrier!))

"Thank you." She said "I've had Mishi ever since she hatched" Mishi was now full blown purring and sounded a lot like a motorboat. "She likes you!" Zhen declared happily

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Candie was walking in the park, tired with the highschool drama. Rick just broke up with her, the gossip. She just needed a quiet place, this is why she is at the park. Then she heard some voices and she walked closer to them. She hid behind a fat tree and then accidentally stepped on a branch. Shoot!

((thanks for letting me join))

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Solstice froze when she heard the branch snap, drawing to attention. "Looks like we've been joined by someone," she told Zhen nervously, then began walking slowly to the direction go the noise. She wasn't sure if it someone she was friends with or an enemy. Solstice peeked around the biggest tree she saw only to find… Candie. Thank goodness. She breather a sigh of relief. "Candie! Come meet Zhen!" she exclaimed.

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"Sorry........Am I Bothering you guys?" She asked nervously.

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"No, no," Solstice said with a grin. "Come on, you have to meet Mishi! She's so cute! I'll bet you've never seen a real baby dragon before."

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"Okay." Candie says and follows Solstice. They knew each other from school and the music fest. "Hi." Candie says in a quieter voice.

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