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Sara B. Due to your request! Thank you!

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Jayden smiled evilly as he walked into the Library. He didn't know what to do first. Knock books of the shelves? Yell extremely loud? Annoy the librarian? So many options.

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Sara B. Patrick Pain, stepped into the library, he could already tell his was going to be interesting. There was someone in there he recognized, Jayden, hooks son! Patrick could barley hold his excitement!

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Solstice looked up from a table where she had been reading. She closed her book and stood up. Jayden was looking for something or someone to prank, and she did not want to be the one being made a fool of. Instead, she began strolling through the shelves, humming to herself.

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Jayden rubbed his hands together. He reached for his sword but remembered it wasn't there. It had been confiscated because he was "threatening people with it." He sighed and continued walking around, running into people and knocking things over.

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((I'll rp now))

Solstice glanced over at Jayden and withdrew further into the shelves. She didn't want to get involved in the chaos.

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Sara B. Patrick sees Jayden messing up books and people so he yells "library prank wars!!" The old, wrinkly librarians shush him. Then, he take some liquid glue off of the counter and globs some on each seat!

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Solstice winced and decided to step up and defend the library. "Excuse me, what do you think you're doing?" she asked angrily, tapping Patrick on the shoulder. "There are people trying to study here."

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Jayden heard his two favorite words, prank and wars. His eyes lit up at he grinned. He checked his backpack to see what supplies he had. He had an airhorn, his laptop, sneeze power, a couple bags of chips and whoopie cushions. He could work with this.

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Sara B. "Ok?" Patrick said. He didn't care what this stupid girl thought about him. He pushed her finger off of his shoulder. He looked back, and her finger was bright red. He felt sorry, he didn't mean to hurt her, but he was NOT going to say that!

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Solstice frowned, her eyes narrowing. "You're causing chaos. I came here to read in peace!" she huffed angrily. She wasn't going to back down now, not from this fight. She could win the argument yet.

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Jayden went up to the librarian's desk and smirked at her before opening a chip back and spilling some on the floor before eating it obnoxiously. He made a trail behind him as he walked around. He opened his laptop and started to play some extremely loud music.

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Sara B. Then, Patrick walks up to Jayden. "How about we change the game, how about its who can prank that girl the best!" Patrick points to the girl clutching her finger. The girl who disrupted him.

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"In the name of-" Solstice began before cutting off. She wasn't going to curse, not here, anyway. "I'm sick of this!" she snapped, gathering up her things.

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"Oh she'll be easy." He said. He was pretty sure this was his roommate. He walked around her then back to Patrick. He took out his air horn. "Let the prank wars on the girl begin!" He yelled as he honked it.

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Solstice could feel her jaw tightening and her muscles tensing up. "They're just looking for a show," she told herself repeatedly as she shoved a few crumpled papers into her bag. "Don't give them one," she muttered. "No laughs, they'll lose interest."

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Sara B. (( sorry I was X Ed off Goodreads!)) Patrick followed the girl to the door."why are you leaving so soon?" Then he grinned one of
Those HuGE Cheshire smiles.

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Sara B. (( sorry I was X Ed off Goodreads!)) Patrick followed the girl to the door."why are you leaving so soon?" Then he grinned one of
Those HuGE Cheshire smiles.

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"Because I have two people to work some voodoo magic on," Solstice replied with her brightest, sweetest smile. "And I already know which pins to use." Her smile darkened to something eviler.

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((It's good. Me too))

"We haven't even caught your name." He as he followed Patrick. He looked in his bag again. None of the stuff in there would do the trick for her.

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"I'm Solstice. Though you can call me Sol," Solstice said with a glare. "What do you want? I'm planning sweet revenge."

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Sara B. "I don't want anything Solstice, nothing from you." Patrick knew she was lying about all of the stupid voodoo. Nobody could do that!

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Solstice just put on her most fierce glare, muttering curses under her breath. "Why did you approach me then?" she asked Jayden.

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Sara B. " give me one good reason why I shouldn't have!" Patrick challenged! He wanted her to fear him. He couldn't tell if it was working or not.

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"Me? That was him." He pointed to Patrick. He always put the blame on someone else to stop himself from getting in trouble or even worse...killed. "He gave me a challenge so I'm just here to finish it."

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Solstice just shook her head, letting a smirk cross her face. "Wow. I've never met people like you two. Quite a duo, eh?" she asked, still seething but hiding it under a layer of indifference.

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Sara B. "Oh, so that's how it is? It's not like you wouldn't of done it without my challenge!" Patrick turned to jay, and slapped him. (( I hope you guys are ok with that!))

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Solstice backed away from Patrick, her jaw dropping. After a second she recovered her composure. "Ladies, ladies! How can you friendship last if you two bicker all the time? Although it would stop you from being as annoying as the current situation."

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((Don't matter to me))

"Quite the duo...I don't even know this guys name." He lied before being slapped. "Why did you do that?" He asked. "I wasn't going to acutally let you get voodooed by her."

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Solstice rolled her eyes and turned to leave, but thought the better of it and lingered in the doorway. "You two are strange. Very strange. Annoying, but I guess I could get used to that…"

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Sara B. "Shut up! " Patrick demanded at Sol. Then his anger made him go up to her and punch her in the shoulder!" Don't mess with me!" He yelled! The librarians sushed him.

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Sara B. "What does that mean?" Patrick wondered outloud

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Jayden took turned Patrick around to him. "Temper bro. Calm down." He said. "Take deep breaths." He didn't just say that just because Sol was punched it was more because he didn't want to get punched by all mighty Hercules over here.

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Solstice just shook her head. "You call that a punch?" she asked. She exhaled a puff of air, calculating. "Two dolls… 3 pins for each… Nah, I'll use just one. One would work just fine."

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Sara B. "Excuse me?" Patrick got offended. Which made his temper rise even more! But he was happy to hear Jayden cared about his temper. " would you stop lying about those stupid voodoo dolls??"

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Sara B. (( I have to go! See you guy tomorrow!!))

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"They're not stupid. They're real," Solstice said, an evil grin crossing her face. "And so are the dead. The lost spirits that float around without a purpose. Oh, voodoo and souls… Yes, they're real." She had made her voice hollow and spooky to match her words.

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He turned to Sol. "Let's try and keep his temper down. When is rises it doesn't come down very easily." He said. He also had nothing to defend himself with if Patrick hit him. He had to admit the guys punches hurt.

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"Souls…" Solstice trailed off. "I'm crazy, did you know that?" she asked the boys.

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"Well most villian descendents are. I usually carry a sword around with me and not one of the flimsy ones you get from the store. A real cutlass one like my old man uses." He shrugged. "I guess you could say I threaten people with it just like you threaten people with those stupid dolls."

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"Stupid dolls?" Solstice asked, raising an eyebrow. "You, young Jayden, have never seen the dead. And neither are you ready to see voodoo magic in all its might." She snootily lifted her head higher. "Don't tell me what's stupid and what's not."

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"Young? I'm pretty sure I'm older than you." He said. He was taller than her but height didn't really have anything to do with it. Then he sighed while smirking, "I guess I have to spell it for you. I-D-O-N-'-T-C-A-R-E."

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"I can give you a full demonstration, music and all, about stupid and non-stupid things," Solstice replied, placing her hands on her hips. "Age has nothing to do with youth. I'm talking about immaturity." She rolled her eyes. "You people are confusing. This is why I hang out with the dead."

((Well this has been fun, but I have to go. Shall we pick up tomorrow?))

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((Okay that's cool with me. Bye))

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Jess ((Hey can I post real quick?))

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Jess Nicolas had just run away from a pair of bullies who thought it would be funny to pick on Nicolas while he alone. Good thing he wasn't alone he had Cocoa with him and she sent them running with out actually doing anything but growl. Cocoa wouldn't hurt a fly but the bullies didn't know that and Cocoa could be quite convincing when she thought her human was in danger. Usually Nicolas didn't bring his pit bull with him to the library but ever since last week he had taken Cocoa everywhere with him he just felt a lot safer around her Nicolas touched his cheek and winced slightly it still hurt a lot, at least now the bruise was only a dull blue which would hopefully turn yellow and then disappear. He walked into the library and passed the librarians he hoped they wouldn't stop him and thankfully they didn't.

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Solstice noticed Nicolas and paused for a moment, calculating what to do. "I'll leave you boys to get to know each other," she told Jayden and Patrick while looking over at Nicholas. "I must be off- my friends are calling me." Solstice slung her bag on one shoulder and gave the boys a nod. "Dogs never really liked me. I have a sort of bad aura." She grinned one final time before exiting the library, heading for the dorms.

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Sara B. Patrick was quiet for a while because he was fighting with himself to get his temper down.((and because Sara had to leave but...)) come on dude, Calm down , nobody like it when your like this. He thought then his other side fought back! I don't care about how other people think of me! Would that girl stop lying about the stupid voodoo? Then he became aware of his surroundings, sol had left him and Jay. "What do we do now?"

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