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my reality is my nightmare and my dreams are my true happiness

Alaska Magdelaine Hunt

Age: 17
Date of birth: 1 April
Place of birth: Alaska
Nationality: American

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Crush: nil
Relationship Status: {single}


Description//dressing style:

♪ Standing at 1.63m, Alaska is your average teenager with dirty blonde hair and dark brown chocolate eyes. The girl is slim yet fit and often dresses casually to school with a plain t-shirt and her favourite light blue jacket. If it's a formal event, the girl does know how to dress up, alternating between the neutral and warm colours.

♪ Extrovert
(view spoiler)
♪ Confident
(view spoiler)
♪ Fun
(view spoiler)
♪ Cheeky
(view spoiler)
♪ Loyal
(view spoiler)

Alaska's mother was a single mother and single-handedly brought the girl up, which resulted in Alaska's personality. Her mother was only 20 years when she gave birth to Alaska and thus did not really know how to bring her daughter up the right way. Despite that, Alaska learnt morals through her school lessons and through the way the teachers teaches her, thus she isn't really such a bad kid. As she grew up, she felt a strong sense of reliance to those whom are close to her, like her mother and most of her classmates/friends. They were her anchor to the real world since she always liked to break rules and do things that aren't favourable. Hence it made her feel more loyal towards them, and she would willingly give up everything for them. As she was in the middle of high school, her mother suddenly broke the news to her that her dad {whom she had thought was deceased} was actually Eros. Of course, Alaska thought it was all a joke but, she realised that it wasn't when a group of monsters suddenly decided to attack her after school. She was captured and revealed the truth, but just at that instant, her powers awoken and she somehow made them look at each other as enemies, distracting them long enough for her to escape. Afterward, she quit school and wanted to protect her mum though she didn't really know how to use her powers. It was the right choice because they were constantly on the run and Alaska tried to do the same thing over and over again, until one day after she defeated an entire group of monsters, did a cupid (view spoiler) come to her and told her about a school called 'Cupid Academy' where they could help the girl hone her powers faster. Driven with the will to protect her mother, she agreed to enrol and has been there ever since.



♪ Father - Eros
♪ Mother - Snow Hunt
♪ Sibling(s) - nil
♪ Others//pets - nil


♪ Friends - Ehem, everyone's her friend~
♪ Enemies - nil

♪ Love perspective manipulation
(view spoiler)
♪ Match-making
(view spoiler)

Likes // Dislikes
♪ Reading
♪ Having fun
♪ Being adventurous

✘ Disloyal people // betrayers // back-stabbers
✘ Studying
✘ Following rules
✘ Standard PDA couples!

House: Aphrodite
Room mate: nil
Occupation: nil

Strengths // Weaknesses
♪ Parachuting
♪ Writing
♪ Matchmaking weird couples
♪ Taking small, petty revenge.

✘ Enclose, tight spaces. {claustrophobia}
✘ Swimming
✘ Math
✘ Friends. (view spoiler)

-- nil --

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