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Christy with a baby!

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message 1: by Jourdan (new)

Jourdan | 10 comments Ok we, as lovers of Christy and Katie, need to write Robin and tell her that she needs 3 more about Christy (with a baby) and 3 more about Katie (getting married). If we all work together and write her as much as possible, maybe she'll listen and write something amazing for us!

message 2: by Tayler (new)

Tayler | 1 comments I think that is a really good idea. I hate how the book ends with christy getting married. There is another book after that one about Katie but still, we need more about Christy, Katie, AND Sierra!!

message 3: by Jourdan (new)

Jourdan | 10 comments I know! I want to know what else happens with Christy and how her and Todd are working out. And I want a Katie update like a year after this last book was finished. She needs to be married. I actually didn't like Sierra that much. I read her first book, but I never got into any of the other ones. I read the Departures book and I didn't like Sierra's that much.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I totally agree, Robin should write more books about Christy and Todd with a child. Ever since I finished the 3rd book in the Katie Weldon series, I have been thinking about it non-stop! It's buggin' the crap out of me. LOL! :)

message 5: by Jourdan (new)

Jourdan | 10 comments I know! You can only reread them so many times before you need more!

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Ya, well until she does write more about them I guess we'll have to read other books she's written. Have you read the Glenbrooke series yet? I've been reading those. I only have the last book left to read. They're really good. :)

message 7: by Jourdan (new)

Jourdan | 10 comments Nope not yet. I know that they have some of the Christy characters in them. Right now I'm rereading the Katie series.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

I bet you would also like anything by Jenny B. Jones. She writes good young adult Christian romance and her books are also very, very funny. My favorite series by her is A Charmed Life. Next to Robin Jones Gunn, Jenny is my favorite author. :) Jenny B. Jones Jenny B. Jones

message 9: by Jourdan (new)

Jourdan | 10 comments I don't think I've ever heard of her before. I'll have to look at some of her books.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Ya, you definitely should, she's awesome! :) So, what else do you like to read?

message 11: by Jourdan (new)

Jourdan | 10 comments Well in Christian fiction, Melody Carlson. I saw you like Debbie Vigiue and I loved her Candy series. Those were the best! In Non Christian I like Sarah Dessen, Ann Brashares, Lisi Harrison, and Andrew Clements.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

I loved Debbie's Candy series too. That's all that I've read by her though. I've never really read anything by Melody Carlson except for one of her series called Girls of 622 Harbor View, they're for younger kids, I read them when I was younger and I don't really remember much about them. I've always wanted to read some of Sarah Dessen's books, some of the girls in my classes at school are always reading them.

message 13: by Jourdan (new)

Jourdan | 10 comments You should read Melody Carlson's Diary of a teenage girl series. There's like 30 books or something. There's like 3-5 books about a different girl. I've only read Kim but I really liked them. Her books about Samantha Mcgregor are good too. I read the first book in her true colors series and it was ok. The character annoyed me lol. If you read a Sarah Dessen book, I recommend Someone Like You and Along for the Ride first. Those are my favorite!!! Have you ever read the traveling pants series?

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Thanks, :) I'll definitely get some of the Diary of a Teenage Girl series, and no, I haven't read the traveling pants series. Are they good?

message 15: by Jourdan (new)

Jourdan | 10 comments Yes! They're the best! My copies are all worn out from all the times I've reread them. They really make you feel like you're there and really touch you.

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Are the movies like the books?

message 17: by Jourdan (new)

Jourdan | 10 comments Ummm...Kinda. Only read the books first!!!!! Unless you've already seen the movies. The movies do not do them justice. The books are too amazing for movies. And the second movie fits in 3 books. It skips sooo much.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

No, I haven't seen the movies yet so I'll make sure to read the books first. Thanks for all the book recommendations! :) ttyl!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 19: by Michelle (last edited Nov 18, 2009 07:02AM) (new)

Michelle Moyo | 3 comments totally agree. and doug and tracy too...

message 20: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Moyo | 3 comments movie???@#@#%?@#%?$%? wat movie? wats it called ill look for it. i was hoping the'd make a series or something. from season 1-50 ha, something like that.

message 21: by Jourdan (new)

Jourdan | 10 comments More books about Doug and Tracy or a baby for them? Because they already have a baby. The movie of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Have you seen it? Which book are you talking about?

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