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The Fault In Our Stars

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Ashlen Buck I love this book, and this was the second time reading it through. I was able to have a connection to this story, because I have had to experience cancer by a couple different people in my family. The story portrays how people keep living and keep trying to be happy, which I love. I think it is important to exemplify the importance of fighting through permanent struggles to find hope and happiness. I liked this book, because Hazel lives her life to the fullest and doesn't hold any regrets by being hesitant, because of her cancer. I love the love story and relationship between Hazel and her boyfriend. Although there are many happy moments, the book reveals the harsh and brutal truths of the effects of cancer. This book shares a good balance of keeping the disease realistic, but also adding hope through love and inspiration.

Dale Pearl yes, excellent story. John Green's other books are equally compelling. I highly recommend them as well.

As far as the movie goes, I thought it was done quite well. I wasn't blown away by the cast of actors but I found it very entertaining. The book though.... had a greater emotional impact, perhaps it is because of the personal experience involved with reading.

Julane Abend Gabby wrote: "Me too I loved dis book too. In fact, I have to say I loved da movie too" yah believe this is a good pice of work from john green!!

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