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{ Theresa "Reese" Lione }

▴ female ▾ 17 ▴ bisexual ▾ leo ▴ daughter of venus ▾

« a p p e a r a n c e »
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Theresa, or Reese, as she prefers to be called, is a tall, leggy girl with naturally blonde hair and a knack for applying mascara. Born of the goddess Venus, she was gifted with an extreme amount of beauty by her mother, and with that gift came a nicely tan skin tone all year round and slim, long limbs that made her stand far above all of her friends back at her old school. Her eyes are big and green, rimmed with lovely, thick lashes that frame them perfectly. Her lips are plump and pretty, and have the ability to complete the perfect pout in photographs. Her hair is naturally a golden blonde, and Reese had never felt the need to color it. It lays in long waves past her shoulders. She's very much a stylish girl, and with an ego the size of hers, she tends to turn heads (which is just how she likes it). Reese enjoys attention, and has a way of making beauty effortless (probably because of her mothers gifts). She's usually seen wearing something simple or casual, nothing too fancy unless she's going to an event, but she does like to have some edge in her outfits. Even in a pair of overalls, Reese could make you feel underdressed in her presence.
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« p e r s o n a l i t y »


Reese has grown up pampered, so she happens to be a very spoiled girl. She knows what she wants, and she always gets it, so usually, there's no issue. But when she doesn't get her way, things can turn sour, and she's been known to throw hissy fits or be passive aggressive until she wins the battle. So usually, she gets her way, and she's quite happy being in control of mostly everything. It's when someone else tries to be controlling that she can get to be a tad unfriendly. She has a dark sense of humor, and amongst her friends, can be a teasing shithead. She just loves to tease and make bad jokes. Some people find it endearing, others don't, so she tries to only joke like that with her good friends. But with as big of an ego as Reese has, it can be hard to hold back her huge personality, so generally, he blurts things out and insults people on accident. She personally thinks, though, that anyone who's that sensitive isn't worth her time. Despite her questionable sense of humor, Reese has a ton of friends, and is very likable in school. She's the classic popular girl, complete with the jock boyfriend that allows her to match his tie to her homecoming dress. She's very pleasant, even to people she doesn't know, and will honestly kick someone's teeth in for being rude to her or someone that she loves. As lovely as she is, Reese is obviously more of a wild child. She loves to get in trouble and party, what else would she do with her weekend? Her favorite snack is vodka-soaked gummy bears, and dancing is her way of relieving stress. Getting into things she shouldn't is a classic move for Reese, but trouble isn't exactly something that she worries about. Consequences just aren't real for Reese. When it comes to matchmaking, Theresa is a not-so-subtle push in the right direction. She's very good at what she does, so when she makes a match, it lasts. But she does have some trouble focusing on other people long enough to actually make a match, seeing as she gets easily wrapped up in her own relationships and busy life.

⑅ Can sense passion between people as an empaths with emotions
⑅ The ability to erase the doubts of others
⑅ The ability to create physical attraction

⑅ Good booze
⑅ Physical intimacy
⑅ Gymnastics
⑅ Partying
⑅ Shocking people
⑅ Making matches

⑅ Homework
⑅ Adult responsibilities
⑅ Breakups
⑅ Her father

« h i s t o r y »

A daughter of Venus, given to her birth father just after birth. The man that fathered her was a famous man, one that acted in movies and stuck his names on clothing lines and colognes. Jackson was handsome, of course, but not exactly the fatherly type. He was more the one to schmooze women and take them for a night, then cast them away, forgotten. And when Venus gave him her daughter, Theresa, to raise all alone, she expected him to change. Or, at least, to carve out some time to be with his little girl, but he didn't do that. He stayed exactly the same, and while claiming to love his daughter, he didn't love her enough to take care of her himself, and instead hired nannies to raise her. Jackson himself was either at work; sitting on movie sets and reciting the lines of his heroic characters, or out enjoying parties and the night life of New York City. He was in his 30s, but no one was about to stop him. Not even the whining of Theresa, who used to poke out her bottom lip and pout until he promised to come to her school play, but he never showed up anyway. He would promise, and give the six year old diamond earrings or a tiny Gucci handbag whenever he fell through on such promises. Theresa didn't want the earrings or the tiny handbags, she didn't care about them. She just wanted her father at her school play, or at back to school night, or watching her cheer at football games, or to come watch her gymnastics practice. Reese was just a little girl, she never wanted things, she wanted a family. So after some time, she made good friends, and those friends began to feel like her siblings. It wasn't hard to do, with gymnastics and cheerleading in her life. She spent at least 4 hours a day at practices, one before school and one after. She was surrounded by girls that had the same interests as her, and so she was bet friends with a small group of them, the small group that she called her family more than her father.

She got through middle school that way, depending on her friends more than on her father. She was fairly popular even then, but in her first year of high school, things got to be even worse. She was invited out to parties by senior boys and the high schools football team, all of which she went to. These were elite parties, all thrown by some of the richest high school students in Manhattan, and though they were thrown in the most expensive co-ops on the upper east side, they could get out of hand. Theresa always ended up passed out in a corner, and she was always protected by her friend Jamie, a senior girl who was always in attendance, and made sure no one took advantage of Reese when she was intoxicated. If she made out with someone, or hooked up in a spare room, that was one thing, but once she passed out, Jamie would make sure no one messed with her, and usually sat near her to keep a close eye on her. Reese's father never really cared about what she did after hours, since he wasn't really in their apartment, either. But Theresa wasn't just a teenage girl with a rich father, she was a teenage girl with a movie star father, and so when she did something really wild, reporters would take notice. Theresa went to w party one Friday, and stumbled into some police on her way home. They wanted to know if the under aged girl had been drinking, and obviously she had been, but instead of trying to get home without being arrested, Reese decided to disrespect the cops and tease them, even flirt with the younger one and kiss his cheek. She was arrested, and it hit headlines. Her school suspended her, and that's when Jackson finally took notice of his daughter. He grounded her for the first time in her life, and with that sentence meant no leaving the flat, and 24/7 supervision of their housekeeper, Mona. She kept watch over the delinquent daughter, while Reese's father was under fire in the media for never taking care of her.

During her suspension was when she got the letter from Cupid Academy. Theresa had always known about her goddess mother, she'd gotten some visits and such from her as she grew up, and of course she had her gifts, which always helped her in the more devious aspects of her life. She was ecstatic, seeing as a lot of her so-called friends had left her behind since her debacle with the police, and she wasn't really interested in being around people who weren't loyal to her. So Cupid Academy it was. Within a few months, she was off and enjoying the school. She fit into classes perfectly and joined different sports. She was co-captain of the cheerleading team in her first year, and is well on her way to being the captain of the gymnastics team. Theresa joined some clubs as well, things like theater and student government. She shines brighter at Cupid than she ever did in New York. Of course she's still partying every weekend, but she's with her close friends, and her boyfriend, whom she's been with for about ten months now. They started dating just weeks after she got to Cupid, and she's never been unfaithful to him, hasn't even thought of it. Theresa thinks that maybe she's found her match, and as she goes through her classes, actually able to accel in school for once, she's very grateful for the turn her life has recently taken. Going into her second year at Cupid, Reese can't wait to dust the dirt of New York off her shoes and really get into her favorite lifestyle again.

« r e l a t i o n s »

⑅ Jackson Lione, Father
⑅ Venus, Mother
⑅ _______ , Boyfriend
⑅ Sierra, Ex-Bestfriend

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{ Rosemary Lou Allen }

▴ female ▾ 23 ▴ heterosexual ▾ cancer ▴ teacher of lifelong matches ▾ daughter of hestia ▴

« a p p e a r a n c e »
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Rosemary isn't exactly the blonde bombshell, and that's something she's always resented about herself. She isn't a gorgeous daughter of Venus or Aphrodite, she didn't get asked to model ten thousand times in high school. But she is absolutely and authentically pretty. She's a fairly short girl, only standing a few inches above five feet, but has extraordinarily long hair that's a lovely golden blonde color. She has slight curves that are nice and feminine, but for the most part, she has a fairly slim figure. Her eyes are a lovely blue green color, her skin pale. Her style of dress is usually classy and chic, but if she's not working, she prefers more relaxed silhouettes.

« p e r s o n a l i t y »

Rose was raised in a household with very traditional values, and she still holds them close to her heart. She believes in doing things by the book, and when she doesn't get to, or when she doesn't have control, she can be a bit of a frazzled mess. She likes things organized, color coded, if possible, and like to see the world as a very ordered and put-together place. To Rosemary, things need to go as planned, because, as planned, things make sense to her. If everything is in a jumble, she gets really stressed out. And as far as values, she very much cares about family, friends, honesty, love. She truly believes that the best things in life are the ones you can't buy. She worries far too much for any sane person, and can be whirlwind of stress when things aren't exact or meticulous. The only exception is when she's on the volleyball court, or when she's coaching. When in her sports frame of mind, Rose has laser focus, and doesn't let anyone get in her girls' way of winning a match. She can't wait for her team to really start playing, as she's already been working with them for about a month. She's a highly competitive person, and a little egotistical,too, since she's intelligent and knows it. An annoying trait, but Rosemary would much rather be overly confident in herself than hate herself how she used to, back in school. She's just a little bit snarky towards people at times, nothing serious. Overall, Rose is a very sweet person, and in reality, would never hurt a fly. She just wants to help people, and cares more about those around her than most would.

⑅ The power to relax conflict
⑅ The ability to soothe others
⑅ The power to bestow fertility

« h i s t o r y »

Hestia wasn't supposed to fall in love. She was the goddess of the hearth, the goddess of domestic family, but she never thought she would fall in love, and definitely never expected to crave a family for herself. But then came a man named Peter. An American man, Peter and she met in a large city where no one knew the person sitting next to them, and got lost in each other. Hestia did fall in love, and much to her family's dismay, she married Peter in a human ceremony. Of course, they all thought it was dumb, to marry a mortal man. Mortals were stupid, they got sick, they died. They weren't sturdy creatures like the gods were. But Hestia didn't care. She knew what she wanted out of life, and just over a year after she and Peter married, she got it; a baby girl. A demigod of course, her daughter wasn't normal in the least. But her baby girl had gleaming blonde hair and pretty blue eyes that flashed green when she was excited, and she had Hestia's heart in a moment. Her brothers and sisters all advised her to just let Peter raise the girl, to return to Olympus and spend her time there, but how could she leave her child? Hestia didn't want to, and when she named her daughter Rosemary, she declared that she would never leave her little girl behind.

So Rosemary didn't grow up like most demigod children. Her godly parent wasn't shrouded from her knowledge for the majority of her life, but instead, her mother lived in the same house as she did, and raised her equally with her father to know that she was a demigod girl. She was raised practicing her gifts, mostly those of soothing minds and nullifying conflict. She was very much an enchanted child, and even her teachers could tell that there was more going on with Rosemary than a little girl with her head in the clouds. She was always an advocate for peace on the playground, and was such a sensitive girl that it only took one tug of her hair to make her cry, only took one mean nickname to shatter her. She didn't think much of herself in general, and though her mother tried to rectify that, it didn't actually work until she searched out confidence herself. Rose always did well in school as a kid, but she did get in constant trouble for spacing out and not paying attention. She just had so many other things to think about, and overall, she hated being at school. She was the freak there, the girl that thought she was special, the one who though she had a magic mom. The other kids picked on her all the time, so why would she ever want to be there? Her father explained it like this; it wasn't that the kids didn't like her, it was that they didn't understand her. Now, Rose was smart enough to know that her father was being a big fat liar, but she appreciated his effort, anyway.

It was when she hit late middle school that Rosemary actually blossomed and grew into herself. She joined volleyball per the request of her gym teacher, and found that it was a great way to exercise and get out any extra energy that she had. Not only that, but the volleyball team was a very tight knit group of girls, they were people that understood her, people she could trust, and they accepted her for exactly who she was. Of course, Rose didn't talk about having magic powers anymore, but she knew they were there, and often used them on the team to keep things peaceful. It didn't always work, but Rosemary barely cared. She had a lot of great friends on the team, and happened to be their star server. Her mother was so proud that she was flourishing on a team, and almost didn't want to tell her about Cupid Academy when the letter came, but Rosemary found it. She was so ecstatic to see an offer where she could go to school with children that were actually like her. Did she necessarily care about becoming a cupid? No, not really. But being a cupid could be fun, she supposed, and she would've done nearly anything to get out of going to the completely mortal school. Yeah, she loved her volleyball team, but they had volleyball at cupid. She had made sure to check.

And so off she went, ready to start her own life in a new place. Her mother was sad to see her go, but it's not like she could've stopped her. Rose had a thought in her head, and therefore, she was going to just do it. She was glad that she did. Once again, Rosemary ended up being different. She wasn't the child of a love goddess, like basically everyone else there, but she did have some natural spunk and charm, and she did have one thing going for her genetics-wise, she was the only one there who was the only child of her goddess mother. That was extremely unheard of, and some of the other kids were even jealous of the amount of her mother's attention that she got. Volleyball at cupid was even better than at her mortal school, and she was still one of the best on the team, team captain for three years straight. Her only issue was that she really did have to work harder than the rest of the kids. She wasn't the child of a love goddess, so she didn't have natural talent in matchmaking, so no one thought she would be one of the ones to get a pair of wings, and that's exactly why she had to. Rosemary worked tirelessly until she was better than the top student in her class, and when it came time for graduation, she was one of the ten students to get a pair of wings.

After graduation, she worked as a cupid for a few years and during those years, she made a lot of great matches. She found a lot of people the perfect spouses, and made so many people very, very happy. But after those few years, Rosemary grew bored with the work. She'd made plenty of matches, and just wanted a break from that type of work, so this year, she's going back to cupid as a teacher for her very first year of teaching, and is going to not only teach a Lifelong Matches class, but will also be coaching the volleyball team.

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⑅ Hestia, Mother
⑅ Peter Allen, Father

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