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name / age / group

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sydni nicole mcintyre━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━{ sydni }
( S Y D / S Y D D I )
❝ age ;; 23 ┋ twenty three
date of birth ;; 03. 14. ┋ 9:18 pm
place of birth ;; on the outskirts of the city

❝ gender ;; femme ┋ she/her pronouns
sexuality ;; demiromantic heterosexual
relationship status ;; single ┋ infatuated with name
blonde hair · blue eyes ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━{ gigi hadid }

( 5 ft 5 in/ 165 cm · 115 lbs/ 52 kg · soft, almost melodic voice · ectomorph )
(   i can show you the world, new horizons to pursue   )

Sydni is absolutely stunning, with light blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.
❝ occupation ;; minister of diplomacy
{ allegiance lies with the council }

loyal ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━{ dynamic }
{ bum } bum bum we've got personality personality personality
likes } one · two · three
dislikes } one · two · three
strengths } one · two · three
weaknesses } one · two · three
aspirations } one · two · three
fears } one · two · three

dob━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━{ time to spare }
{ history } goes here. look at the pretty words, how they shine for you.
relation } name surname · life status · love: ?/10
relation } name surname · life status · love: ?/10
relation } name surname · life status · love: ?/10

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malaenie (muh-lay-nee) brooke johnston
eighteen x march twenty-second x angeles
two x illean x pro athlete


(portrayed by miss mallory pugh)


mal is hardworking, silly, and a leader. she knows how to be a team player, having played team sports all her life, and consequently knows how to interact with others. she is quite disciplined and has extreme self-control, other outcomes of her life as an athlete. she is very passionate when there is something to be passionate about, and enjoys a good challenge when she is presented with one. mal is a bit of a goofball, and enjoys being silly and dorky around her friends. on the flipside, mal can come across as dorky (which is obnoxious to some), and her focus and dedication to her sport may be viewed as obsessive. her competitive nature can sometimes hinder her ability to enjoy herself or her company, and she is very anxious about being socially accepted. she isn't the smartest in terms of books and school, but she is fairly sharp in terms of general wit and awareness. mal also cares deeply about whether or not people like her and what people think, which could be a very dangerous trait to possess heading into the selection.


○ soccer
○ volleyball
○ sugar
○ puppies
○ running
○ music

● vegetables (but she'll choke them down)
● schoolwork
● people that are rude
● people that think they're better than everyone else


○ athletic
○ good in group situations
○ social

● trusts easily
● cares about the opinions of others
● a bit awkward one on one


○ soccer
○ volleyball
○ running
○ listening to music

● rejection
● spiders/other creepy crawlies
● a career ending injury


malaenie brooke johnston was born the second of three children to iris and malik johnston. her older brother, uriah, was four years old when she was born, and thrilled to have a little sister. at first, anyways. malaenie was born into a stable household with steady income and all the necessities. she was loved, nurtured, and raised to be respectful and responsible. mal attended school at the proper age, and immediately got involved in extracurriculars, mainly athletics. a natural born athlete, mal had speed, strength and stamina that made her one of the favorites when it came to picking teams in p.e. classes. she loved to run and play with her peers, and became quite the socialite through sports. while she played many sports as a child, soccer was always her favorite. despite her success in athletics, it didn't translate into the classroom. she wasn't a terrible student by any means, but she wasn't a valedictorian either. she passed every grade, not with top marks, but with marks that showed she put effort into her studies. when mal was six years old, the fifth member of the johnston family entered the world. taelynn johnston was born, and malaenie had to adjust to being the middle child. she no longer received the attention she used to, and she couldn't escape her brother's endless teasing as easily, since her parents were mostly preoccupied with baby tae. of course, there was still plenty of love to go around in the johnston home, but mal found herself having to become much more independent.

as mal emerged from primary school, her involvement in every sport narrowed to involvement in just two, soccer and volleyball. the more work she had for school, the less time she had to play sports. she played both for her school and club teams, leaving her rushing from practice to practice to game to school for her whole secondary school career. her grades slipped on several occasions, but with some grit and extra credit, mal kept herself within the b-c range. by that time, taelynn was in school, which means her parents able to pay more attention to all their children. as the middle child, malaenie always felt a little neglected, but her success in athletics and her parents' pride in that success was enough to keep her satisfied. malaenie's school team, varsity of course, won their province championships all four years of high school for soccer, and three out of the four years for volleyball. her club teams found success as well, winning reigonals (after province championships) in soccer and making the province championship in volleyball. mal's losses in the province volleyball championships were heartbreaking, but they were a valuable experience that she carried with her as motivation. at age seventeen, malaenie was approached by the manager of the angeles galaxy, the local women's professional soccer team, who offered her a spot on the team. having aspired to make the illean national team, in addition to play for a team in the illean league, malaenie accepted. she transferred to online school to make it easier to accommodate her new training schedule. however, mal had to give up volleyball, which was tough for her. in the end, she had always liked soccer better, but she was still passionate about volleyball too.

mal was promoted to the second caste, and has been training hard with the galaxy. a forward in top scoring form, malaenie has been scoring often, and has been starting almost every game. she has yet to be recognized by the illean national team, but she continues to work hard in hopes that she will find a way onto their team. in the off season, mal's mom entered her into the selection, having always wanted a daughter to participate. her mom doesn't care whether or not she wins or how long she stays, she just wants mal to have the experience before she gets too old.


iris merian johnston / mother, age 49
malik drew johnston / father, age 52
uriah malik johnston / older brother, age 23
taelynn marie johnston / younger sister, age 13

tbd; but mal is hoping to make some friends during her time in the selection

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