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message 1: by Cole, Korosensei (The Tentacled one.) (new)

Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 188 comments Mod
This is where the Mods post their Teacher characters. That have been approved by Myself.

message 2: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) First Name: Ana
Middle Name: Creanna
Last Name: Tripxell-Decker
Nickname: Fire-Fist

 photo 17181152_zpsiraviuwo.jpg

Age: 25
Date of Birth: July 21st, 1990
Place of Birth: Gloucester, Scotland
Nationality: Scottish

 photo 17181152_zpsiraviuwo.jpg

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Crush: Her husband
Relationship Status: Taken

 photo 17181152_zpsiraviuwo.jpg

 photo Evil fT_zps7bdrzask.jpg
Full Physical Description:
Ana has extremely long hair that goes practically to her calves. Half her head is shaved, and her dark hair is brushed to the other side, woven down in a tight braid that whips about behind her. She commonly weaves blunt objects into this braid so while fighting, a quick whip of the head will immobilize her enemy. She has bright amber eyes, that glow a lemony color. Her skin is lush and pink, and she fills out whatever she wears very nicely. She has two blue arrow-tattoos on her shoulders.
Dressing Style:
What she is wearing is generally a skirted tight fitting leggings halter top sort of thing, which is generally very generous on displaying her curves. She always wears a long, red ruby pendant, the first gift from her husband, and brown leather boots. She tends to favor earthy tones, ranging on the reddish side.

 photo 17181152_zpsiraviuwo.jpg

Personality: Ana is saucy, sweet, and pretty strict, for the most part. She treats her husband with a mutual respect, and only shows her fondness in more private locations. Towards students, she’s strict and kind, guiding them, but making sure they do their best, OR ELSE. To her associates, she’s the life of a party, always listening and laughing and helping with everything, while still participating in karaoke or dancing or everything.

 photo 17181152_zpsiraviuwo.jpg

History: To Be RPed

 photo 17181152_zpsiraviuwo.jpg

People: Her Husband
Father: Dead
Mother: Dead
Sibling(s): None
Other: None
Pets: Her husband

 photo 17181152_zpsiraviuwo.jpg

Friends: Various associate teachers
Enemies: Various associate teachers

 photo 17181152_zpsiraviuwo.jpg

Talents / Gifted skills (For Talented & Gifted Students only 1 for Talented, 2 for Gifted students)
◆ She is well versed in all forms of hand to hand combat, focusing on Krav Maga.
◆ Ana is an expert in all sorts of firearms and keeps quite the gun closet.
◆ She is also an expert on torture, but that’s not quite as advertised.
Strongest Subjects
◆ Martial Arts & Gunning
◆ English –quite the literature enthusiast
◆ Chemistry –She can make any explosive known to man from your bathroom’s contents.
Weakest Subjects
◆ Mathematics –Once she got to Calculus, everything lost its appeal.
◆ History –She knows the basics, and that’s enough to learn from the past.
◆ Music –although quite the enthusiast of the violin, when she plays, it’s the worst sound in the world.

 photo 17181152_zpsiraviuwo.jpg

◆ Her Husband
◆ Being the ‘Bad Cop’ on all these students, while still being incredibly helpful
◆ Playing cat and mouse with those around her, generally for fun
◆ Chocolate, in certain degrees
◆ Sparring, verbally or physically
◆ Someone who lords over her
◆ Being pinned down
◆ Little punks
◆ Alcohol
◆ Constricting clothes

 photo 17181152_zpsiraviuwo.jpg

Home: A home nearby the school that is for the teachers and other faculty to stay in during the school year.
Roommate: Husband
Level of Teacher: Legendary Ninja
Area Of Study Physical Education
Assassination Preference Up close and personal

 photo 17181152_zpsiraviuwo.jpg

Strengths: (Personality Wise)
◆ Dedicated
◆ Stubborn
◆ Clever
◆ Saucy
◆ Sarcastic
Weaknesses: (Personality Wise)
◆ Impetuous
◆ Rash
◆ Doesn’t focus sometimes
◆ Rude
◆ Proud

 photo 17181152_zpsiraviuwo.jpg

◆ Carries a sidearm
◆ Has knives strapped to her waist
◆ Weaves stones into her braids

message 3: by Cole, Korosensei (The Tentacled one.) (new)

Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 188 comments Mod
I see that pet thing. I'm not sure I like it XD unless it works both ways considering their nature.

message 4: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) XD Well, it was too tempting!

message 5: by Cole, Korosensei (The Tentacled one.) (new)

Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 188 comments Mod
What is their relationship. Having husband next to pet section scares me.

message 6: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) They're peers. But she dotes on him like a pet, while respecting and working alongside him.

message 7: by Cole, Korosensei (The Tentacled one.) (new)

Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 188 comments Mod
He is going to cal, her shortstack then. Just to piss her off. XD

message 8: by Cole, Korosensei (The Tentacled one.) (new)

Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 188 comments Mod
First Name: Killian
Middle Name: William
Last Name: Decker
Nickname: The Silent Shot / Hōshusensei (Gunner Teacher.)

Age: 28
Date of Birth: September 25th 1987
Place of Birth: London England
Nationality: English / British

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Crush: His Wife.
Relationship Status: Married

Appearance: Killian has Semi long black hair that he often keeps in a messy but almost clean like appearance. He wears a black sleeveless vest along with long fingerless gloves that go up to his elbows. Often described as a knockout assassin and now Teacher he along with his wife are known to show a lot of skin during their assassin days and nothing about that has changed. The back of his vest has buckles in order to tighten it for when he needs to maneuver. This all black outfit is the one he will wear around the E-class students but will switch into a full suit when visiting the main campus for assemblies and other school meetings.
Full Physical Description: Killian is a quite tall man with an above average looking level of fitness. He is around 6,6ft tall which allows him to look more imposing and have longer reach on opponents. He is built to be an assassin and was always a hit with the ladies because of his really fit and well toned body.
Dressing Style: He often wears his custom made assassin clothing that he used to use when he was in his assassination job. Either that or a nice clothing that lets him blend in with the schools regulation dress code while he sticks to his own style on the E-class campus.

Personality: Killians Personality can be best described as good. He is very caring to those who he is close to and will do anything to help or protect them. Though that being said he is still known for his cold and precise personality that had made him so famous in the assassination business along with government business. When he is focused on either training or killing a target it could almost be described as an assassins personality. Where he is in the perfect state for killing a target. These qualities are what made him a good Assassin, Teacher, and husband to his assassin wife.

History: TBRp’d

Father: Colin J. Decker
Mother: Julia C. Decker
Sibling(s): N/A
Wife: Ana Decker
Pets: N/A


Special Skills (Skills for Teachers that make them an assassin.)
◆ Exceptional Skills in Firearms training and Close quarters Combat
◆ Very well versed in almost all forms of hand to hand combat.
◆ Can use pursuasion and intelligence to make a person off
Strongest Subjects
◆ He is an exceptional coach and gym teacher
◆ He can also be a very good language arts teacher if need be.
◆ He is also very strong in math, Which has proven itself in his sniping work.
Weakest Subjects
◆ History on other assassins was not something he found interesting. He has limited knowledge on that.
◆ Chemistry was never one of his strong traits and he avoids mention of it when teaching.

◆ Attempting to Shoot the ‘squid’ when ever he can.
◆ Eating italian food.
◆ focused students with a want to learn.
◆ Training the students in their prefered combat style.
◆ The seclusion of the E-class campus
◆ Blending in with the other teachers when on the main campus.
◆ Being made a fool of. (Generally by Korosensei)
◆ Students that neglect learning and are a general pain.
◆ Being told how to train his students.
◆ The Main campus of the academy.

Home: A home nearby the school that is for the teachers and other faculty to stay in during the school year.
Roommate: His Wife Ana Decker
Level of Teacher: Legendary Assassin
Area Of Teaching Gym Teacher / Boys combat instructor and trainer.
Assassination Preference. Firearms or close in more personal assassination techniques.

Strengths: (Personality Wise.)
◆ Able to adapt to others views
◆ Able to take criticism and insults with ease.
◆ Strong nature and hard to put down.
◆ Caring nature that allows him to connect with students.
◆ Protective nature for his students.
Weaknesses: (Personality Wise.)
◆ Can often be overprotective when it comes to the ones he cares about, which can get him in trouble if he does something bad.
◆ Is not a fan of really cold weather and really hot weather.
◆ Not good with very young children.
◆ Has a very shaky trust with the government and chairmen of the academy.

◆ Carries dual anti korosensei knives.
◆ Has made custom anti Korosensei shurikens and throwing knives.
◆ Known for using a anti korosensei bb pistol during class.

message 9: by Cole, Korosensei (The Tentacled one.) (new)

Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 188 comments Mod
Want to RP with them. Like before the semester starts maybe they are preparing. Or just getting ready to move to the country where the school is.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 58 comments Mod
(view spoiler)

Part 1

First Name: Helen
Middle Name: N/A
Last Name: Otis
Nickname: Bloody Painter

Age: 27
Date of Birth: October 1st
Place of Birth: Japan
Nationality: N/A

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Crush: Open
Relationship Status: Single

Full Physical Description:
Hair: Black
Eyes: Bright, Crystal blue
Height: 5'7
Weight: 134 lbs
Scarring or Markings: Has some bruises and scars on his back
Dressing Style:


Description: Helen has many personalities, just deepens on the person really. In the past, he was described to be diplomatic, graceful and peaceful, being one who didn't really like conflict, but now a days, he's often seen as blood thirsty and someone who likes when fights break out. He's often blunt and rarely shows emotion, so if he smiles or laughs, its either really cute, or really freakin' creepy. At times, however, he can be idealistic and hospital. He often hates others, but if he finds an interest in someone, he'll allow them to be with him and survive. This doesn't count for the kids though. The kids, he has to be nice to them and not kill them. He can be completely calm yet blow up in seconds, making him seem easy to anger and a little bipolar as well. He can be sarcastic and is usually one to always start a fight, just by saying certain things to piss people off. He can also be sort of superficial, vain and indecisive. He doesn't like making decisions in fear that he could get his class hurt, but he hides this well. He can also sort of be unreliable. He isn't someone you can count on. In fact, he's even usually late for his own class, 10 minutes late but its still late. And if someone's in trouble (For example, one of his students), he doesn't get there to save them until last minute. However, he's always there to save them before they die.
Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:
*Dangerous if his paintings or any of the explosive arts he makes are judged
*Rarely shows emotion
*Not a big fan of children
*Wears a mask when he goes out to kill people, but in class he doesn't, which somehow makes him creepier

History: Helen had a pretty cold and lonely childhood growing up. He didn't come to this school at all when a child. In fact, he went to a normal school and just recently became a teacher here. Helen was one of the kid's who was often ignored and anti-social. He hated socializing and was always too scared to protect anyone who became bullied, so he'd often stand off to the side on his own while drawing. Even in class, he'd be in the back row by a window and just sat there drawing, his grades were pretty good, however, despite the fact he rarely paid attention in class. It all didn't start until he was 13 years old. He was sitting there drawing when he heard a passing conversation. It was about some girl losing her watch. Next thing he remembers, the boy walking with her came over and snatched the watch out of Helen's bag. Helen claimed it wasn't his doing, but neither of them believed him. After that, day after day he was bullied. And each time he had fresh bruises, he'd just tell his parents and the teacher that he fell down the stairs or ran into a wall. He was too scared to tell them what the kid's did to him. Besides, what would the teacher do? Expel the whole school? She wouldn't do that. His parents didn't really care either, they just asked to make it seem like they were interested, but they were too wrapped up in there jobs to really care, and Helen knew that was the case. And, it was not his business. He kept all the hurt inside and ignored them all.
A few months later, Helen got a friend, Tom. Now, Tom used to be bullied a lot too, but after people started focusing on Helen, they forgot all about Tom, so he was aloud to live in peace, as long as he kept quiet and out of things. Tom and him often messaged each other, Tom always telling him he knew how he feels and that he was there for him, and Helen feeling like he could tell Tom anything, which often took the stress away from him when he complained about his day to him and to show his happiness when texting, Helen would often reply with a ':)' in his messages. But, it didn't last long. Around time he was to turn 14, Tom had him meet him on the roof after school. Tom told him everything. He told him he framed him in hopes that people would leave him alone, and that his life was a lot better since he did that. He couldn't believe it, Tom was like his best friend, like his brother almost. It started an argument which ended with Tom slipping off the roof. Helen tried to pull him up, but he was too weak to do so. The last thing Tom said was that he was sorry, before he released Helen's grip and fell from the 6 ft. story building. Helen closed his eyes, he didn't want to see what would happen after that.
The police came and questioned everyone, even questioning Helen, but he was too upset and scared to say anything, so they let him be. The bullying continued, however. Most kids thought Helen pushed Tom off the roof. But some, very few, claimed they thought Tom slipped and Helen was trying to pull him up, since they saw him trying to pull Tom up.
It was a late Saturday night, a few months after the event. Most kids stayed in dorms at the school, but Helen, since his house was near by, lived at his house. It was always quiet and more relaxing anyways, since his parents were usually at work. Even when home, they'd try to avoid each other or it would cause them to argue, since they weren't very fond of each other and mostly stayed together for Helen's sake. Helen was in his room crying, he has been crying nearly every night since Tom died. But.. This night.. A thought accured to him.. Tom deserved to die! Thanks to Tom, he has been bullied non-stop for a little over a year now. That thought made him feel a little better. Tom got his punishment, and he felt the rest of the kids should too. That night, two girls, one of them being the one who lost her bracelet, were chating on Facebook together. Due to police looking threw there computers, they saw one of the girls claiming she saw a bloody guy outside her dorm with a mask on and thats the last time she replied. Then, with the girl who lost her watch, they saw on her computer, she replied to her friend with "Dont be excited for tomorrow, because there never will be a tomorrow :)". Due to police reports, its said they found all the students chopped up and in piles in there rooms and all over the school were bloody smiley faces on the walls. After that, Helen was never seen. They even checked his house, just to see even his parents were killed the same exact way and all over there walls were bloody smiley faces as well. After that, police kept searching but were unable to find him.
By time he was 18, they finally found trace of him. It went viral being on tv and in news papers so all would know of the great threat coming to him. They found him due to a family being killed, the same way AND again, having the same smiley faces on there walls. Everyone was confused on why he finally striked again, but have never gotten there answers. They caught Helen and brought him in to try to kill him. Though, due to his strength and speed, they found out they couldn't. And any police who tried, he'd kill them. So, they brought him to this school to be a teacher in hopes that the kids could kill him. He's a chemistry teacher, but.. He doesn't let on that he's a serial killer. He's calm and doesn't try to attack them, which is very unusual. Was he really the one who killed all those people?
Favorite Things:
*His mask
*Art (Any kind)
*Teaching Chemistry


Father: Classified (And dead)
Mother: Classified (And dead)
Sibling(s): Classified (And dead)
Pets: None

Friends: Open
Enemies: Open

Special Skills: (Skills for teachers that makes him an assassin)
◆Knows how to make just about any explosive and poison
◆Sneaky (When he goes to kill someone, he'll put his life in danger to do it, though always gets away on time. He just likes the thrill of danger)
◆Incredible speed and strength (For the speed, his eyes can see just about any movement in slow motion, much like a fly can, allowing him to dodge just about any attack)
Strongest Subjects
◆His teaching skills, no ones as good as teaching kids to make poisons and explosives like he is
◆He has also been known to help kids ace there history tests
◆He's also good with long distance (Like guns) and close up (Like knives) combat
Weakest Subjects
◆He's never really been good in P.E. Sure, he's athletic, but he could never teach kids how to be athletic, since it just comes naturally to him
◆His lack of emotions prevents him from using persuasion and seduction on people to get his way

((Continue bellow))

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 58 comments Mod
Part 2

◆Any type of art
◆Teaching Chemistry
◆Just about any food
◆Being unable to teach kids stuff
◆The sun/Hot weather
◆Fighting without his mask on
◆Being interrupted when teaching

Home: Has a home near the school
Roommate: Open
Level of Teacher: Strong assassin/suicide-ish bomber
Area Of Teaching: Chemistry
Assassination Preference: Explosives and poisonous substances, but will use other weapons if he must

Strengths: (Personality Wise.)
◆Lack of emotion (Means flirting with him and trying to persuade him wont work)
◆Laid back person, so its hard to hurt him with your insults
◆Usually great at comebacks at kids, but its usually gory and creepy ones.
◆Anti-social but great at tutoring if children were to need it
◆Protective over his students
Weaknesses: (Personality Wise.)
◆Rarely shows emotions (May make people think he doesn't care about them)
◆Isn't too fond of socializing with people who aren't in his class
◆Has a dangerous reputation, due to the fact he killed his family
◆Can let his anger get the best of him at times

(view spoiler)


Theme Song:

message 12: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Cole wrote: "Want to RP with them. Like before the semester starts maybe they are preparing. Or just getting ready to move to the country where the school is."

I'd love to!

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 188 comments Mod
Ilsa wrote:

I'd love to!"

Shall I create the teachers homes.

message 14: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Sure.

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Why is he named Helen?

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 188 comments Mod
Not My post. We have another Mod now. XD

message 17: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) I know, I'm asking this guy. XD

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Cole Bradeon  (colebradeon) | 188 comments Mod
Guys can be named Helen. XD

message 19: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) I've never heard of a guy named Helen!

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