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This is where you post your Gifted students that have already been approved by Myself or another Mod.

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First Name: Edward
Middle Name: Willis
Last Name: Heller
Nickname: Edd, Heller

Age: 16
Date of Birth: 31/12/1999
Place of Birth: Berlin, Germany
Nationality: German

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Crush: None currently
Relationship Status: Single

Appearance: Edward has an almost very peculiar look for what you would expect from a german boy. He has white hair that his around medium length. Along with almost white eyes with some very slight touches of purple in them. He looks slim and tall for his age, being mistaken for a senior student when he is just a second year student.
Full Physical Description: Edward is 6,2ft tall with a very slim overall body. Not particularly Muscular but still retaining some muscle on him. He has a few scars around his eyes and ears from some special implants.

Dressing Style:He often wears his old school uniform which consisted of a black jacket, White button up shirt, Black pants, black shoes and a few rings on his fingers.

Personality: Edwards personality could be described as shy or kinda timid by some, or brilliant and a amazing by others. He has always been a good kid, When he came to the academy for the first time, he thought it would be a great time. Though due to bullying and constant competitive environments he had decided to let his grades drop so he could be put into E-class. Admittedly he could have easily outsmarted those who bullied him, though he was to nice of a person to do anything to them. He became happy and more open once he joined E-class, The people were all at the same level there. It was starting to help him come out of his shell.

History: Edward was born in the capital city of Germany, Berlin. Though upon his birth there he wasn't exactly like all other children born in there. He was born in a lab where his genetics were all put together by scientists into one embryo. Surrounded by scientists he was created to become hopefully one of germany’s greatest scientific success stories. Due to all of the genes that were mixed in his DNA, He was very different from all of the other attempts. His white hair and eyes were something that made the scientists fascinated with him. Though that being said he didn't come with a few problems. The amount of genes had caused him to miss some particular parts. His hearing and sight were nearly nothing, So they had decided to put some experimental tech into his eyes and ears. Implants that allowed him to see and hear, something that was unheard of at the time, due to it still being in its very first prototype stages. These implants would later be upgraded when the technology had more funding. He had gained 20/20 vision thanks to the eye implants along with a very good sense of hearing thanks to the ones in his ears. He went through school getting highest in every class he took. This was giving him a lot of attention that was making him always kinda anxious. Then before he was about to start high school he was given the new and improved implants. That would allow him to do quite a bit more. His eyes could zoom into to see things from afar. He could hear a needle drop in a room three doors down. Along with his ability to process things was greatly increased due to some new implants in his head. He got into the most prestigious school in japan when he moved there. Though its marret was short lived when he dropped all the way down to E-class in order to get out of that environment.

Father: Stan Heller
Mother: Marian Heller
Sibling(s): N/A
Other: N/A
Pets: N/A

Friends: None yet
Enemies: None yet

Talents / Gifted skills. (For Talented & Gifted Students only. 1 for Talented, 2 for Gifted students)
◆ Excellent Strategist
◆ Is an absolute dead eye shot without even really trying.
◆ Can process information and learn information at a very quick rate.
Strongest Subjects
◆ Math
◆ Science
◆ Language arts
◆ History
◆ Art
Weakest Subjects
◆ Gym/P.E
◆ Home Ec
◆ Dramatic arts.

◆ People with a nice attitude.
◆ Girls that contrast him well.
◆ Using Math in anything he can.
◆ Logic
◆ Neatness
◆ People with a mean attitude.
◆ Girls that are to normal.
◆ Physical challenges.
◆ People who believe in the Paranormal
◆ Messy rooms or places.

Home: An apartment that he lives at near the school grounds.
Roommate: N/A
Level of Student: Gifted
Area Of Study Gym/ Physical training.
Assassination Preference. Shooting or using his intelligence to take his target down.

Strengths: (Personality Wise.)
◆ Very kind and supportive.
◆ Honest and very forthcoming with information.
◆ Helpful to those around him.
◆ Good sense of humor
◆ His caring attitude.
Weaknesses: (Personality Wise.)
◆ His social skills
◆ His shyness and timid nature.
◆ Almost can be a little to honest at times.
◆ He is very particular about information and will correct people on everything.
◆ Has problems with anxiety when around groups of the regular academy students.

◆ Has two Eye implants.
◆ Has two ear implants.
◆ Has one Head implant.
◆ Can access information kept in government files and other places with his implants.
◆ Can view time at a slower pace in order to give him more time to process things.

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Love him like always!! :D But i think you need to post him in the Workshop until Cole accepts him, at least, thats what he put in the info stuff XD

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((Lose the teleporting implants and its approved.))

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 105 comments << I just moved them to the workshop... gosh dangit. Alright. will do >>

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❝Now let's not get over zealous here, you've always been a huge piece of shit, I'd kill you if I could, but that's frowned upon in all fifty states. So having said that, step back, fuck yourself, and burn in hell.❞╬

↳[first name]: Frey
↳[middle name]: Eagle
↳[last name]: Montra


♑ - Capricorn
Age➛ 17
⤿Birth: Jan. 10

Gender➛ Male
↳Sexual Orientation: N/A
↳Relationship Status: Open
↳Feelings for: N/A

Physical Apparition ➤
(view spoiler)

t e c h n i c a l ● d e t a i l s
✮Hair✮ White, sometimes blue
✮Eyes✮ Bright Blue
✮Scent✮ Pine
✮Height✮ 5'6
✮Weight✮ 135
✮Body Type✮ Average
*Frey's night job, the way he earns money, is through DJ'ing at a popular club downtown. He's always found himself particularly good with music

Dressing Style➛
Casual, he loves anything casual, and often times wears a particularly nice suit in a very casual fashion, with an untucked tie and messy hair, specifically for the purpose of looking cool.

❝Look buddy, we all run out of material sometimes. I'm more of a, run with the crowd kind of bro anyways. I tell people by faces.. and I wouldn't dare tell what your face says right now.❞╬

[Main Traits]
↳ Frey portrays a very laid back, comical kind of person, often cracking puns and sleeping in the oddest of places. He is accepting towards anyone of any gender or sexual preference, and doesn't judge people easily on what they like, or who they like.

❖Level Headed
↳It is extremely difficult to provoke any kind of malicious response from him, even when dealing with his weaknesses, or whenever Frey himself is on the verge of dying, it would still be rare to provoke a personality changing response from him to indicate that he is in any kind of danger, or that he cares about that danger.

↳Frey usually doesn't speak about his interests, but he has a deep passion for science. Mostly quantum physics, and anything to do with time machines. He's also into really shitty science fiction movies, and cracks scientific puns that no one ever really understands. Though he kind of just cracks a lot of puns in general, so that's not much of a change there.

↳Beyond all other traits, Frey is loving and caring towards everyone he meets. He may not show it, but he tries his best to remain a pacifist, and despises conflict. He wants everyone to get along, and even though he can be a bit of an asshole at times, Frey really hates the sight of blood, or the sounds of guns, anything that could harm another being. So when someone does wrong to him, he usually depends on karma. But when someone does wrong to someone he likes, well shit's going to go down.

✓Shitty science fiction
✓Anything of value
✓Flashy things
✓Loud obnoxious people
✓Comical acts

✗The sound of metal on metal
✗People dying
✗Fighting in general
✗When others are sad
✗When people take his head phones
✗Being depressed
✗Being found out

He can Sing
Loves the violin
✪ He can strip, not showing that you pervs
✪ Can teleport due to machines he's invented
✪ VERY good inventor

❏ His friends
❏ His pride
❏ Fear of himself
❏ Self destructive tendencies
❏ His unwillingness to let go
❏ Clinginess

✹ He crossdresses from time to time due to not feeling like a guy
✹ When he's alone he jams out to Marina and the Diamonds
✹ Generally doesn't feel like a guy
✹ Kind of hates himself for not being a girl
✹ Hides his emotions, no matter the intensity
✹ Is very open to talk about most things

Preferred Method of Assassination:
Frey had always been dead set on becoming a photographer and music producer, it's been his main goal since as far back as he can remember. He's always been particularly silent, and so his favorite approach to assassination would be the silent one. He is very tactical, and due to his cool kid facade, Frey has always had the advantage of being both charismatic and highly admired. Because of his great memory, he takes notes on most everything he sees mentally, and tries his best to observe most everything about any given situation.

Strongest Subjects:
◆While Frey might seem gifted in math and science, his real strong suit in school was Literacy, as he has a vivid vocabulary that he rarely ever puts to use in real time talking.
◆As said before, Frey shows that he can excel in the areas of math and science, but due to his lack of motivation, never particularly lets these gifts show
◆Even though it had been an elective back on main campus, Frey was always at the top of his class in philosophy and sociology

Weakest Subjects:
◆Physical Education has always been his weakest point, as Frey has never been the strongest in his class.. or really anywhere. He's always been the best at running, and is particularly agile, but he can't lift anything for the life of him.
◆While Frey is talented in most of the things he is passionate for, Frey shows a lack of interest in most all subjects in school. So even if inside he may be a genius, he never has the motivation to apply that to his grades.

Commonly Seen With:
⟹ No one

❝Don't waste your time trying to piss me off. You'll have a bad time.❞╬


↳[Cry his father] Love:♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡
❝[We never talk.. but if we did... I think I might like him. He's cool I guess.]❞

↳[Nate his younger brother] Love:♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
❝[You touch my brother and I will personally make your life a living fucking hell. If you so much as lay a finger on him, I will rip your nails off and mutilate you with them.]❞

Theme Song➛:
➦ Continued Below

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The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 105 comments description
♠❝I pride myself in knowing secrets. The deepest of secrets tell you everything you need to know about a person, why they act the way they do, their motives. Secrets are the key to deconstructing a personality and exposing it for what it really is, because each person has a core belief, a core motive. And if you reveal that core motive, you reveal that person for they really are.❞♠


⇝Overall Description
Prideful, distant, and reclusive, Frey has never really had many bullies. He's a person who is both easily ignored, and easily remembered, depending on the impression he wants to give you. He is non judgmental, but could easily make someone self conscious about something without even mentioning that thing. He's got a cool and calm exterior, not so stoic to make him seem cold, but not so expressive to make himself seem like any other person. He's outgoing, but in his own way, as he has the interesting ability to draw attention to himself when he wants to. He has a plethora of talents and hobbies that he rarely applies to his school life, and that not that many people know about. He likes to keep his home life, and well, personal life in general to himself, never bringing that drama to school. The year before this current one, he graduated in A class as one of the top of his class. Though he was kicked out because he simply grew bored of the mundane. He was always the eccentric one staring out the window when the teacher was giving a lecture, the one that didn't feel like doing the work, not the one that couldn't do it.

♠❝You know, I don't care about this kind of stuff. It doesn't always tickle my fancy, but if you keep going the way you are, you're gonna have a bad time❞♠

Frey is immensely caring towards the people he loves, so much to the point that it's a little bit clingy. He tends to make people a little uncomfortable with this, as while he's usually very calm and collected, if anyone threatens to touch the few things he cares about, i.e., his little brother, he will flip his shit. Everyone has a fatal weakness, and that one weakness for him, is his unfaltering love and compassion towards his brother, the undivided care he has for the one thing he has left in his life worth it. He is protective of his little brother, and at times, even takes a motherly position in his life. One of his biggest problems on the regular campus, was that he was always late first period, though the reason behind that was because he had always woken up every morning a little bit earlier in order to wake his brother up, get him ready, send him to school, and then get himself ready. The relationship he has with his brother is possibly the only real one he has, as the one between him and his eccentric father Cry isn't really existent. So fair warning to anyone who decides to piss him off, he never forgives, and he never forgets. While it's very difficult to really aggravate him, those who have accomplish such an impossible feat claim that he can be both extremely intimidating and completely different from when he's just being his normal self.


⇝Early Child-hood
As a toddler, Frey spent a good amount of time alone. His brother hadn't been born yet until he was around four, by that time he'd mastered a good amount of the english vocabulary, and was studying French. He was a very active child, mentally of course, as he was also incredibly small for his age, and would get angry if people commented on that. His main areas of expertise were the violin, music mixing, and taking toasters apart. He'd actually get in quite a bit of trouble because he'd wake up early and bound his way into the kitchen to take things apart just to reassemble them as devices no one knew how to even correctly use.

While Frey wasn't a particularly happy child to begin with, he fell into a deep, overwhelming depression when his mother died at age six, two years after giving birth to his younger brother Nathan. Frey then took on the role of a parent, even at the young age of six. He took care of the bills (using his father's money of course), he managed raising Nate and buying things for him, he set up school registry, and he even grocery shopped for his father, who usually just sat in the car rolling the windows up and down. He wasn't the most caring parental figure, but he tried as much as a six year old could.

⇝Teenage Years
His teenage years didn't change much. He still took and still takes care of Nate within his ability to. His grades slipped drastically and he was put into E class for flunking out of every class he'd been put into. He didn't care for the people that made fun of him for it because he'd never grown attached to those people, thus their opinions didn't matter to him. Though despite this, he did care deeply for each student he met, and he respected them as people, even though he didn't quite care for the ways they acted, he saw humans as more intricate beings. Beings who could be easily molded and shaped, especially ones so young. He saw them as a product of a cruel man's thinking, and thus, it wasn't their fault. Which is why he never blamed them. This is also about the time where he'd started to really think about who he was as a person, and also sort of hate himself for personal reasons that are a bit too deep to log on here.


❖gяєαтєsт мємσяy❖
First meeting his little brother, seeing the sparkle in those small eyes of his. His happiest memory is laying down by the fire on the couch with his father and his mother while holding his baby brother. His father had been much more social those days, silly and a bit of a derp, but still social. His mother was the most graceful woman he'd ever met, and he admired her kindness and willingness to help other people in need.


Frey is unbelievably skilled in the art of craft, as such, his logic and reasoning are also two skills that he has mastered. He knows how to take things apart, and naturally, how to make them better, this reflects into his social skills, in the way he disassembles someone's way of speaking, acting, and generally, their personalities. He is very observant because of this, and is a particularly fast learner when it comes to most things. While he is amazing in this area of expertise, Frey finds it extremely difficult to apply his knowledge to things that actually matter, rather than just using his knowledge for his own advantage and convenience, making him seem a little bit selfish, even though he is not.

✪The Gift of Harmony
Frey has always been skilled in both Music and Literacy. Harmonizing is something that comes to him better than most things, and some would argue that he's even better at producing music than he is at inventing. He constantly wears a pair of ear phones during class, before class, after class, and even while he's asleep. Music is something that he would never ever give up, as he has slight ADHD, and in order to calm his nerves, he listens to certain types of music at certain types of the day to level his brain activity. Though some people find it a bit rude. His acute attention to detail is the reason he's so good harmonizing the way he moves, which makes him almost graceful and a little feminine.

[Extra Information:]
Inventions he's successfully made:
-knife launchers
-built in heating implants
-very small wireless earphones
-Upgrades for his computers (He's into coding and such)
-The pictures with him wearing a white mask are him in his dj outfit

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XD oh wow lol well, i still love him

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 58 comments Mod

First Name: Norway
Middle Name: Lukas
Last Name: Clarkland
Nickname: Lukas (Being that his parents named both himself and his twin brother after the countries they were born in, his mother born in Norway, his father born in England, he prefers to go by his middle name, Lukas)

Age: 17
Date of Birth: May 17th
Place of Birth: England
Nationality: N/a

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi, mainly into guys
Crush: Open
Relationship Status: Single

Full Physical Description: Norway has short, light blond hair and dull indigo eyes. He usually wears a brown belted, navy blue sailor top with a lighter blue collar, tie, and cuffs, with matching pants and sailor hat. He sports a Nordic Cross barrette in his hair, and has a detached hair-curl that floats independently beside his head (which often has a dot that floats independently beside it). He speaks in a Tsugaru dialect.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Lavender
Height: 5'3
Weight: 130 lbs
Scarring or Markings: None
Dressing Style:


Description: Lucas is very energetic, clever and imaginative. Lucas is known to make friends easily due to being hyper and outgoing, at least more then his twin brother is. However, he's easy to anger, which could make some people distant from him. He's also said to be Witty and Adaptable. He seems to make up words on the spot and he's known to say a bunch of words to confuse people in order to change the subject. Its also said that he's also persuasive, seductive and great at bribery. He always knows what to say or do to get people to give up, usually that is. If he cant, he just lets his brother do the fighting. However, he has bad traits as well. Its said he can be superficial, impulsive and restless. He cant sit still for too long and due to this, he has insomnia, being unable to sleep at night due to his thoughts never shutting up and that he'll get nervous if he holds still for too long. He's also very devious and indecisive. He finds it hard to decide on something when the attentions on him and seems to find loop holes in how to complete certain things. However, that can be a good thing too, but he's been known to pick a dangerous route for the class to do and doesn't seem to care about killing himself in order to kill the teacher, making him a bit reckless as well.
Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:
*Hates being called by his first name
*Protective over his older twin brother, England
*Unlike his brother England, Norway is very cunning and seductive, not to mention persuasive
*Easy to anger

History: Much like his twin brother, Lukas doesn't really have an exciting history. When 4, his parents got divorced, each taking there favorite son out of the twins, so he was raised by his slut of a mother and his brother was raised with there rich father. So, he never really saw his twin or his father since then and soon was forced to forget about them. He couldn't even ask his mom about them, since it always seemed to upset her. His mother worked as a stripper. It was hard to pay bills, so since the boss seemed fond of her, he let her and Lukas stay there in a private room every night. However, when she had to work, she always told him to stay up there so he didn't have to watch her. He didn't really like going out anyways, he always got weird looks and as he matured, he was.. Touched more often in uncomfortable places, mostly by men, so whenever he had to leave early from school, he always tried to leave before the club opened so he wouldn't have to deal with those weird, sick men. He loved his mom though, she always tried to care for him and later on, Lukas found out she even paid the boss extra each month so the boss would allow Lukas to stay there, since he wasn't very fond of him. By time Lukas was 12, his mother died. He had no way to pay the bills and since he looked older then his actual age, the boss agreed to let him stay for free IF he became one of the male strippers, which he accepted, he had no choice anyways. Not to mention he was one of the bosses 'favorite' strippers as well, but he didn't mind. By then, he didn't really show much emotion, except being cunning and seductive.
His grades in school were never good either and he often got in fights, since kids picked on him claiming his mother was a slut and that he was one too. However, his fighting was.. Different.. He'd usually dodge really well and flirt with them, though he often got beat up for it. He wanted to become a better fighter, so he requested that he be enrolled here and to his surprise, he was accepted. Probably because of his 'special skills'. Once he got in, thats when he met his twin and they've been nearly inseparable.
Favorite Things:
*Being around his twin brother
*Video games


Father: Vincent Clarkland (Look at England's template for pic of him)
Mother: Agni Clarkland (Look at England's template for a pic of her)
Sibling(s): Older twin brother, England (Again, look at his template to see his pic)
Pets: None

Friends: Open
Enemies: Open

Talents / Gifted skills:
◆Amazing inhumanly hearing
◆Inhuman speed (Much faster then just about anyone)
◆Great eyesight (Though not as good as his brother, so this is one of his weakest talents)
Strongest Subjects
◆Language Arts
Weakest Subjects
◆His eyesight isn't as good as his brothers
◆Studying basically (He isn't too fond of reading, his mind likes to wander off on its own)

◆Cold weather (Mostly snow and rain)
◆Being around his twin brother, England
◆When people hurt his twin
◆People calling him by his real name, Norway
◆Cocky, arrogant people
◆Being alone (Secretly, wont admit it)


Roommate: Open
Level of Student: Gifted
Area Of Study: Math and Language Arts
Assassination Preference: He's very cunning and seductive so he likes to try to persuade people or bribe them into giving in, he lets his brother do the fighting if it comes down to it

Strengths: (Personality Wise.)
◆A little funny i guess
◆Doesn't give up easily
◆Can hear very well for about 100 to 150 miles away, all deepens on how well he focuses on listening
◆Works well with team members
Weaknesses: (Personality Wise.)
◆Can be a bit clingy at times
◆Easy to anger
◆Heat (He blacks out if he's too hot without enough water, more then the average person would need to drink in the heat)
◆Loses his focus too easily
◆A little too curious for his own good

Theme Song:

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 58 comments Mod

First Name: England
Middle Name: Arthur
Last Name: Clarkland.
Nickname: Arthur (Being that his parents named both himself and his brother after the countries they were born in, his mother born in Norway, his father born in England, he prefers to go by his middle name, Arthur)

Age: 17
Date of Birth: May 17th
Place of Birth: England
Nationality: N/A

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi, mainly gay
Crush: Open
Relationship Status: Single

Full Physical Description: England has messy, short blond hair and green eyes. He usually dresses in Black pants with a brown leathard belt with silver metal hoops hanging from it and a white loose top along with a white jacket and black boots. He speaks with an English accent, when he speaks that is.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'6
Weight: 134 lbs
Scarring or Markings: None
Dressing Style:


Description: Arthur is said to be very dependable, persistent and loyal. Despite being really quiet and not really a people person, those people who he does get to will find out he's a great friend and would never turn his back on whoever has gained his trust. Its also said that he's patient and generous. He's known as a great tutor, being that he tutors a lot of people, without even asking anything in return just because he likes to study that much. However, he can also be stubborn, lazy and possessive. He doesn't like following anyones orders unless its his own and if it doesn't benefit him, he wont do it until he decides to do it on his own. Not to mention that those people he does like, he can be a bit possessive of them and easily jealous. Its said he can also be materialistic and self-indulging. He sometimes thinks of himself before others, making him not so good in team group up assignments. He also seems to care about money a great deal and will only use it on others if he likes them or feels the sudden urge to, like if the person needs it more then himself. He finds it difficult to say no to his twin, however, so if his twin needs money, he'll gladly give all of it to him.
Deadly Secrets and Things to Know:
*Quiet but deadly
*Puts his studys above anything else
*Very protective of his twin brother, Norway
*Doesn't trust others easily
*Him and his brothers talents work together. For ex. he's got great eyesight and strength, where as Norway has great hearing and speed, so they coordinate together a lot.

History: Arthur doesn't have much of a history. When he was 4, his parents got a divorce and split everything, including taking there favorite son out of the twins, so Arthur was raised by his dad while his mother took Lukas. He never really saw them much after that. Arthur's father was rich, owning a few different toy stores in England, with Arthur's help of course. Arthur always helped him by giving him toy ideas and testing out the toys before being put on display, however, his father was so busy with work that he barely got around to hanging out with Arthur. In fact, barely anyone knew that he had a son in the first place. Whenever they came over and met Arthur, they were always shocked when they found out he was Vincent's (His father) son, since he never talked about him or gave him credit for the cool toy supplies. Vincent wasn't even there to get the ideas, he had the nanny get the ideas from Arthur. Arthur was a very quiet, obedient child and always seemed to be more into his studies then anything else. He was into the toys from age 5 to age 11, then by age 12 he seemed to enjoy reading more, so his father no longer found interest in him. He would always quietly sit inside the library either writing, drawing, reading or doing his homework. Of course, the servants always said how proud they were that he was a straight A student, but his father still never showed interest in him. People often described Arthur to be quiet and reserved, someone who barely smiled yet had a kind heart. This was shown whenever someone was hurt how he'd always tend to there wounds carefully, or he'd sometimes read in the garden just to be near the flowers, or whenever people forgot to feed the dogs, he'd always make sure they ate at least once a day, even if it meant giving them his dinner instead of eating it himself, he just never talked or smiled, at least, not around others. As he grew older, his father started paying more attention to him. But, that was mainly because he knew Arthur was the only son he had (He had no longer considered Lukas to be his son) who could take his spot as head of the Kirkland mansion. So, when he hung out with him, it was only to introduce him to owners of other companies that benifit his own company who had daughters to try to arrange a marriage for them. However, losing his virginity at age 13, he knew he wasn't into women, though kept his mouth shut since last time he told his father, his father just told him it was a phase. So, Arthur tried dating women though broke it off not long after, not finding any satisfaction in it.
By age 15, something changed him, for the better or worse, Arthur still isn't sure. He got in a fight with someone. He was tired of being bullied and when this bully was hurting a guy he liked, he stood up and.. Well.. Beat his ass. He never knew he was good at fighting until that fight happened. However, after that, his father enrolled him into this school, telling him he'd learn how hard it was to be a fighter. He enrolled him hoping it would make him better behaved and hate fighting. But really, Arthur found that he liked it. Plus, its where he met his twin for the first time in 11 years, so when his father wanted him to leave, he refused and has been going here since. Of course, after graduation, he'll have no where to go, but he could care less, since he's finally at a school that he likes.
Favorite Things:
*Being alone
*Quiet, dark places
*Full moons


Father: Vincent Clarkland (view spoiler)
Mother: Agni Clarkland (view spoiler)
Sibling(s): Twin brother, Norway (Look at his template to see him)
Pets: None

Friends: Open
Enemies: Open

Talents / Gifted skills:
◆Amazing Eyesight
◆Supernatural Strength
◆Inhuman speed (Not as fast as his brother though and only for a limited amount of time, so it can only take him so far, this is one of his weakest talents)
Strongest Subjects
◆Gunning, Language Arts, Mathematics and just about anything else the Core Classroom can teach him
◆His Strength and Eyesight
◆Due to being quiet, rarely anyone will know when he's there so he can quietly observe you to find your weakness quicker then others would
Weakest Subjects
◆Working as a team, unless its just himself and his brother, then they're unstoppable
◆Not good at persuading others (His brother is, so he leaves that to him)

◆Being outdoors
◆Loud places
◆Crowded areas
◆Working on a team without his brother
◆Cold weather (He gets sick easily when its cold)


Roommate: Open
Level of Student: Gifted
Area Of Study: Teamwork (If theres a class for that)
Assassination Preference: He likes to be quick and get it over with as soon as possible, he cant be persuasive and cunning/seductive like his twin

Strengths: (Personality Wise.)
◆Even if he's not a people person, he's still kind and will protect whoever is on a team with him
◆A bit of a gentleman once he warms up to you
◆Hard worker
◆Quickly able to find weaknesses of others
Weaknesses: (Personality Wise.)
◆Not a people person
◆Too quiet
◆Would rather be alone then eating with the team
◆He cant ever find an excuse to say no to Norway

Theme Song:

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Galzia Tekrus | 36 comments
"Once every hundred thousand years the most epic party in the universe will be thrown by Ninja Sex Party, as it was foretold in the scrolls.
So take that pudding, pour it on your chest and let it melt down to your genitals.
It's go time."
- opening of Lets Get This Terrible Party Started
First Name: Daniel
Middle Name: You, as in "enveloping you in a sensual manner."
Last Name: Sexbang
Nickname:Danny, Dan, Danimal, Extravadanza, Mazel Tov Cocktail, The Unicorn Wizard, Savior of 6969, Dragon Slayer

Date of Birth: New York
Place of Birth:New York
Nationality: American Israeli

"These balls are beautiful."

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Crush: Open
Relationship Status: "Ready to mingle, ladies."

Full Physical Description: He has an amazing JewFro and shaves constantly, he is slim but muscular and strong, 6'9"
Dressing Style:Either wears blue spandex with a red Star of David in the middle, with a cape lined with fur of a wolf, or he wears his usual Multi-Coloured Kimonos

Danny is extremely sexual and flowy and is known to be high quite often, but when he isn't under the influence of "Mary Jane" he is quite deadly. He believes that he is "A Jewish Super Hero." And the cockiness to boot. He is apparently so amazing in bed that he can only last 3 minutes, lest the ground around him will start crumbling."

"I know exactly who did the broad's man's brains in... Mycaruba." -Mycaruba Skit

His Father, an Israeli tank commander in the Yom Kippur war. His mother, a single lady in Manhatten. They met after his father moved to New York and got married and had child. That child is the child of prophecies, Leigh Daniel Avidan, also known as Daniel Sexbang. At the age of 17 after being unemployed, he played so much Morrowind after smoking tons of weed and avoiding physical contact that when he did go outside he saw people as Morrowind characters. He ate 29 weed brownies in the span of three days after a friend had one, been in a threesome with two females. He was born into an extremely good family, as when he was ten and was riding in the car, he stuck his head out the window and his NY Giants hat was blown off, his father, Avi, turned around, went through traffic to pick it up. He recently met his friend/bandmate/roommate, Ninja Brian, quite recently, and they have already released 3 albums; NSFW, Strawberries and Cream, and Additude City, and has an upcoming Cover Album: Under the Covers. He supposedly went to the year 6969 and stopped the anti boning regime, restoring peace and sex to the world. He has also allegedly "Won the Super Bowl by himself, can lift an entire continental shelf, and cured all diseases." The last statement is surprisingly true, there was only one antidote, and after a patient was givin it and stated that they were "Immediately feeling better." Ninja Brian broke their neck and stabbed them 900 times, he apologized to Danny

Father: Papa Sexbang
Mother: Momma Sexbang
Sibling(s): N/A
Princess Tinkles
Baron Von Poopenstein

Friends: Ninja Brian

Talents / Gifted skills. (For Talented & Gifted Students only. 1 for Talented, 2 for Gifted students)
◆ Extremely Fast
◆ Can wrestle an Everglades Alligator whilst high
◆ Seems to be immortal as Brian has killed him multiple times
Strongest Subjects
◆ Anatomy ;)
◆ Music
◆ P.E.
Weakest Subjects
◆ Math
◆ Science
◆ Literature

◆ Skittles
◆ Ritz crackers
◆ Ninja Brian
◆ No Reason Boners
◆ Abstinence
◆ Ninja Brian

Roommate: Ninja Brian
Level of Student:
Area Of Study (Refer to Student information Thread.)
Assassination Preference. Big and Loud ;)

Strengths: (Personality Wise.)
◆ Singer
◆ Incredible Photoshop skills
◆ His Jewy Caramel center
◆ His full on Jewform

Weaknesses: (Personality Wise.)
◆Terrible Photoshop skills
◆Extremely Cocky
◆Smokes Weed too much and is unable to unleash his true Jewy potential

"She tells some ghost story 'bout some man she thinks done her man in, 'cept it ain't no story. Everyone in the neighborhood's heard it by now, the story, about Mike Aruba."

◆ Theme Song: NSP Theme Song
◆ In a band with Ninja Brian Called Ninja Sex Party
◆ Weapon:
((It also shoots beams when he strums it because fuck you that's why))
◆ His real name is Leigh (pronounced Lee) Daniel Avidan
◆ Our favorite pizzas:
Danny: 14" sausage
Ninja Brian: fuck you

Our favorite ice cream flavors:
Danny: Fudge Nipple
Ninja Brian: go eat a huge sack of dicks

Our favorite condiments:
Danny: Gentleman's Relish
Ninja Brian: *murders you*

"Little did I know that the broad herselves would soon end up dead. Killed. By Mahcarooba."-Mycaruba Skit

Ghost~still Luna~ | 44 comments First Name: Leora
Middle Name: Isis (middle name is from the egyptain goddess isis)
Last Name: Kuranai
Nickname: Leo,Ra,Isis,Kura

Age: 16
Date of Birth: August 24
Place of Birth: Tokyo. Japan
Nationality: Japanese

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Crush: To be revealed soon
Relationship Status: Single


Full Physical Description:
Face claim:  Noire~ Hyperdimension Neptunia 
Height:  5"1
Weight:  N/A 
Hair:  White 
Skin:  Pale but fair
Eyes:  Teal
Bodʏ:  Appears fragile and delicate 
this mark is above her heart it is a blue crescent moon with three small stars,she was born with this mark

Dressing Style:

Leora is a kind girl but when threatened her personality goes from happy and cheerful to dark and ready to tear someone's throat out.Leora after an incident is dealt with returns to her happy cheerful state of mind.She also is a bit shy around people who she doesn't know but once she gets to know someone she warms up to them.
Leora has a few downsides though,she gets offended easily depending on what is said.She also has moments where she is a bit of an airhead but when she doesn't have the moments she's very charismatic and almost princess like.Leora is the type of girl who depending on her mood might kick someone's ass. 

Leora has moments where she is a bit forgetful but when she remembers she gets flustered and embarrassed.Other than that she's mainly sweet and kind towards those who aren't a threat to her.Leora also has a bit of a meanstreak in her sometimes.She normally would be helpful to those who are kind to her and if not well she might try to help if she feels they deserve her help.
Leora does have some issues with her past but she is slowly getting better,although woe to anyone who dares to say anything bad about her friends or family ,it brings back very bad memories,when she starts to get angered and slowly go into a bloodlust rage it is almost impossible to control her,there are very few people who can.She is mostly a pacifist when not angered and she tries to stay away from fights so there is no repeat of the past.
Leora is a bit bipolar but even then it is nearly impossible to tell what mood she is in,when she's happy she isn't trying to start a fight or anything,she normally will just hang out with friends or possibly just go through the halls without nearly decking someone.
Other than her being bipolar she is mainly sweet and good natured

As a child Leora had been born and raised in Tokyo,Japan but due to the family she was born into she was to start training day in and day out with maybe an hour worth of rest and sleep at the age of 5 and to this day the same type of training continues.Leora eventually had made a few friends but each time she did she would have to leave and never return and the friends she made would have to forget about her.Her family is a family of master assassins and Leora is the result of a very slow painstaking experiment and cultivation of each family member's skill and gene,although not perfect she is good at what she does.

At the age of 10 it was decided by her mother that Leora be taken away and trained in the art of seduction and close combat assassination,five years later at the age of 15 leora had excelled past her mother in the art of seduction but surprisingly no one got close enough to touch her or to even try to disarm her and claim her as their own.Leora on the way back to her family's home had come across a pure white ferret in the woods and it was only a baby so she had decided to take the ferret in and nurse it back to health but ever since then the ferret became her beloved pet which she named Lunaria.
At the age of 16 Leora was sent to the school and was immediately placed in class 3-E,they had high hopes that she would be the one to take down the 'squid' but Leora is biding her time,but until the right moment she plans to take it easy.She also manages to avoid most people but someone in Class 3-E has caught her eye so she plans to stick around for awhile. Leora is the last in the Kuranai line and she is the heir to her family's fortune and house(or throne depending on how you look at it) She doesn't fool around when it comes to business and if neccesary she turns into a coldblooded killer. Leora didn't grow up like most girls(as you have read thus far) She didn't have many luxries but she is proud of how she grew up and doesn't plan to change a thing.

Father: Sasuke Kuranai
Mother: Akita Kuranai
Sibling(s): None
Pets: A white ferret named Lunaria

Friends: open
Enemies: Open

Talents / Gifted skills.
Persuasion and Seduction
able to predict an opponents movements before they know what hits them
Strongest Subjects

Weakest Subjects
American history

Card games
People she has grown close to
Her pet ferret
to sing occasionally
to dance depending on her mood
The 'squid' Korosensei
Parts of her family (will be explained in rp

Long range combat
Certain people> (TBA)

Level of Student: Gifted
Area Of Study: anything she can study
Assassination Preference: Persuasion and seduction

Strengths: (Personality Wise.)
Calm and collected
can turn coldblooded in an instant(hence her killing ability
protective of friends and loved ones (sometimes)
Weaknesses: (Personality Wise.)
Mean streak
too good natured occassionally
her ditziness sometimes
occassionally a klutz
Is too quiet

Leora prefers to use kunai considering how easy they are to hide
She likes tricks and occasionally pullin pranks on some people
She doesn't know exactly how to act girly due to how she was raised so she's a tomboy (girl who has a bitof a boyish nature and prefers to dress boyish)
She was born with the moon and stars mark on her chest above her heart
She may be the best at what she does but she has trouble working with others sometimes 
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