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Clara 1-Osney Kettleblack was the one bringing news to Cersei, about what alredy happened in the other chapters. I forgot the Sept was full with people praying, but it makes sense, they couldn’t do much. The Queen asked for Joffrey, who was lifting spirits, haha ok. Cersei was drinking too much wine (although t sounded like it was delicious, and I am not a fan of wine), and Sansa thought she looked even more beautiful, and her eyes were like wildfire. Interesting!

2-They had all kind of entertainment there, fools, jugglers and musicians to forget what was going on outside, buta ll were pretending. Cersei told Sansa a woman’s tears were her weapon, and men had swords. She told Sansa Jaime said to her he felt alive in battle and in bed. I wonder if Sansa picked that up, he’s not supposed to sleep with anyone. Although they bow to never get married, but I guess is like in the Wall. They are all men after all.

3-Cersei says she would sooner be fighting outside instead of being seated there, and it’s a thought she was a lot in the series. But she is the Queen, and things are expected of her; the women there would tell the men who survive how brave she was, and how she always knew they would win. She attacks Sansa out of nowhere, telling how she knows Sansa wants them to lose, she seems drunk alredy. I forgot she planned, at least for a momento, to yield to Stannis. He would kill her anyway I think.

4-Cersei tells Sansa a hard truth, the women in the strees and the servants like Shae would be raped and some killed if Stannis’s men get into the city, and the highborn ladies could be raped as well, no matter their statuses. Sansa is horrified when she hears this. I always find this terrifying as well, and never understood all the rapes, but sadly it happened.

5-I can’t imagine Sansa’s face when Cersei told her she had better change to seduce Stannis’s horse than to seduce him. Lol, it’s truth. She then tells Sansa another weapon beside her tears is the one between her legs, and she should learn how to use it. I guess Cersei knows how to.

6-A groom and two servant girls tried to go, the first traitors of the night said Cersei. She sent Payne to cut their heads, which would be put in spiked outisde the stables to show what happens. I really liked Sansa thought if she was ever Queen, she would make people love her, not fear her like Cersei told her she should. It’s better too in my opinion.

7-Cersei was determined to not open the gates, not even when rich people were out, merchants among them. She ordered them to go home. Well, they are there because their homes aren’t safe.

8-I forgot the story Cersei told, about her and Jaime dressing up when they were kids as each other, and spend a whole day like that. They looked so alike Tywin couldn’t tell them apart. You can tell she’s not happy about Jaime being taught how to fight, while they taught her how to sing and smile, just because he was a boy, and she a girl. But it was truth, how she was later sold, although I don’t remember if her father forced her to marry Robert. Besides, in this world men rule, not women.

9-Cersei ordered Joffrey to go back and start flinging Antler Men, and she said nothing about her son doing that. She didn’t give a shit about what Tyrion said, and ordered one of the Kettleblacks to bring him back. I guess she had no hope at this point.

10-Sansa was really scared when Cersei said she knew about her treason in the godswood, and Sansa does not look at Dontos, and lies about praying for Joffrey. Luckily she just thought Sansa was praying for Stannis or Robb. If she knew from before, she didn’t so a lot about it though.

11-Cersei made Sansa drink wine, and told her Payne was there to kill them, Stannis would not get them alive if he takes the city. I wonder if she commanded to bring Joffrey back to be killed with them, if the city falls. Cersei said the Starks would get no joy from the fall of the Lannisters. Wow, just wow.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments 1. The queen is drinking a lot but it only makes her more beautiful, and her eyes remind Sansa of wildfire. Symbolically, that woman is the epitome of wildfire, I swear. I keep thinking about her when I read about it.

2. Everyone is doing their best not to be afraid of what’s going on outside but some of the guests start crying anyway. Cersei says a woman’s weapon is her tears, a man’s weapon is his sword, and that tells you all you need to know. Hmm.

3. Omg, Cersei tells Sansa that Jaime only feels alive in battle and in bed (that would be the testosterone); her inhibitions are definitely down! She admits she’d rather be out there, facing swords, than having to deal with these hens. She also accuses Sansa of wanting the castle to fall. :( Cersei tells Sansa soldiers always seem to prefer flesh to coin, and if the enemy wins they’re all in for a bit of rape, maybe some torture, but for the most part they’ll be spared the worst because they’re worth a lot of ransom, being highborn. Can’t say the same for the common women down in Flea Bottom. :(

4. I laughed when Cersei says she has a better chance of seducing Stannis’s horse than him. Yes, because your cunt is your greatest weapon. What a horrible woman to tell Sansa, a twelve-year-old girl, to start learning how to use it. Cersei truly is a slut.

5. Sansa wonders why she’s never heard of these Kettleblacks before they came into service with the queen. She hears nothing but good things about them now. They keep the queen updated as to what’s going on outside, frequently coming in and out.

6. Cersei tells Sansa the best way to earn your subjects’ loyalty is by making them fear you more than they fear the enemy. How horrible. I smiled when Sansa tells herself if she is ever queen she’ll make her people love her. :) I don’t think that is being naive. I think that’s wise. People tend to avoid things they’re afraid of.

7. Lol at all the food...everyone outside the walls are starving but look how much food is being wasted in here. Most of these hens are too afraid to have an appetite anyways.

8. OMG... Cersei wants the rich merchants who were not invited to go back to their houses or get shot. She even says she’d kill them all herself if she could. What a hateful woman. I just can’t stand her, lol. These people are frightened for their lives and she offers no hope whatsoever. I’m sure there is room somewhere in the castle for them. It’s not like they’re the poor, filthy people with sticky fingers, lol.

9. Drunk Cersei tells us she always hated being treated like a girl, being jealous that Jaime got a sword and she didn’t and stuff. Jaime was the heir of Casterly Rock and she was “sold” off to be ridden whenever her “owner” liked, ugh. I’m sure that’s how she honestly sees it, but I still don’t agree with her. Life is what you make it. And I truly believe that if Cersei was kinder to Robert he wouldn’t have treated her so terribly. She brought her misfortunes upon herself. Sansa points out that she got to be the fucking queen, though. With this woman she is never satisfied with anything; she always needs more. After all, she was born into the richest House in Westeros. She plays the victim a lot and blames others for any problem that befalls her. She feels entitled to everything. I’m surprised how immature she is being. I mean, I know she’s drunk, but still.

10. Cersei has no respect for Tyrion whatsoever. She calls him wretched and mocks him. What the fuck more do you want from him??? He’s trying to save your ass, you fucking moron! She is just impossible. I really hope she gets it, lol.

11. Ugh, and now Cersei is going to ruin everything by demanding Joffrey’s retreat back into the castle...

12. A great amount of the guests decide it’s better to go to the sept to pray than stay here. Yeah, they probably can feel the vibes from the queen that not all is well.

13. Next Cersei tells Sansa she knows all about her treasons in the godswood, uh oh! Sansa hopes she doesn’t know about Ser Dontos and forces herself not to look at him now. She asks what she means and is relieved to find out Cersei’s idea of “treason” is that Sansa’s praying to her father’s gods for their defeat. That woman...

14. I really don’t know why Sansa insists on continuing her terrible lie that she loves Joffrey. I don’t think a single soul believes that anymore.

15. Now Cersei tells Sansa the real reason Ser Ilyn is here. If they lose the battle, he’s going to execute them so Stannis can’t take them alive. She tells Sansa she had best pray again and for a different outcome. “The Starks will have no joy from the fall of House Lannister, I promise you.” :(

Clara I can see why you think Cersei represents wildfire in your point 1. Good observation!

Lol at your rage in your point 10. I think she just hates him.

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