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A Clash of Kings > 11/27/15 - Chapter 59: Tyrion XIII

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Clara 1-Tyrion is watching all burn, and the way it’s described how the lower clouds had a shifting green color is just beautiful. The people was cheering, but Tyrion knew better, they had half the victory. He knew Stannis was watching, and he thought it was Stannis’s fault as well, the river and all the burning and the chaos in general I think. I forgot Stannis was in the rear, although I’m not surprised.

2-I also forgot Varys told Tyrion Stannis had a crown of red gold, at first I guessed it was gold painted red, but I remembered gold can have many colors, so it could be red gold. And of course, the points had the shape of flames. It sounds cool!

3-Joffrey saw his ships burning and was worried or upset, I couldn’t tell. But Tyrion told him they could not control the wildfire. At some point it was mention wildfire doesn’t last forever, so I guess it just burns out. But I still want to know for sure.

4-I also forgot it was Bronn the one who raised the chain, and had orders to let the ship pass the Red Keep to lift it. If they saw the chain, they would not pass. But Davos saw it I seem to remember. Or maybe I thought he did because I knew it was a chain.

5-Not all Stannis’s ships were burning, and men got in the shore, so things weren’t the best for Tyrion. He sent a runner to tell Bywater they had to fight the riverfront. I forgot they used runners for messages, but it makes sense.

6-Joffrey complaining about the Whores being his was so annoying. Is that all he cares about? His mother told him he could have them, and I imagine the conversation and I smile. “Joffrey, I give you the Whores” or something like that, lol. Anyway, he kept his visor open, which wasn’t a good idea, so Tyrion put it down. The King was having fun flinging the Antler Men to Stannis, because that’s how the little shit rolls.

7-A runner came to tell Tyrion Stannis’s men were in the tourney grounds, and there was a ram on the King’s Gate, bad news. Tyrion goes, with Podrick and Ser Mandon besides him. Tyrion wanted them to go out, but Sandor said no pretty clear. Tyrion could tell he didn’t want to go out to the fire, and was afraid of it. Fear spreads really fast, so none wanted to go out, all the sellswords were afraid. I don’t blame them. So, Tyrion, being brave and desperate, says he’ll command, he’s going out. The Hound laughs at him, but he means to go. No more than 20 responded to that. I wonder of those men were sellswords, or guards of some sort.

8-Funny how pride works on people. Tyrion said he is called halfman, so what are they then? If I fight, they must do the same, or they are less than dwarfs. It worked, because men started mounting, but he has to go out now, and he’s no fighter. Interesting he said he would not shout for Joffrey or Casterly Rock, he would be defending the city they all lived in. And I guess he didn’t look back to see if the men followed him, because if they didn’t it would have been a really hard thing to take. And he would know he was about to die for sure, if he didn’t had men behind.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments Your point 6 made me laugh. I have no idea how that conversation went, but I wouldn't be surprised. Joffrey treats it like a game. He is just a boy, after all.

1. Tyrion sees the wildfire’s work from the mainland, along with everyone else. He can’t deny it looks beautiful, a terrible beauty, like dragonfire. Not sure how he’d know what that looks like if he’s never seen a real, living dragon before. Though they destroyed Stannis’s fleet, it is only half a victory. They still have to deal with Stannis’s army on the south shore. I like that Tyrion knows Stannis is watching this too, from the other side. Stannis is more cautious like Tywin; they both prefer to command from the rear, unlike Robert, who loved to fight in the front lines.

2. I just love how Joffrey’s freaking out about his ships and doesn’t see the point of sacrificing them to trick and destroy the enemy. Tyrion says their fleet was doomed anyways; it can’t be helped.

3. Apparently not all the ships were destroyed. Eight were able to land under the city walls unscathed. Others landed on the south shore, which would be enough to transport Stannis’s men across the river once they regain their courage.

4. The ones who’d landed on the north are coming up from the charred remains of the riverfront. They’re going to have to deal with these guys quickly before their own men lose courage. Tyrion wants the Whores to take them down but Joffrey says his mother said he could command them. Gods, he wants to fling the Antler Men at Stannis, lol. Tyrion caves in and says fine, but be quick about it.

5. More men have landed on the tourney grounds and they have a ram with them. They’re heading up to the King’s Gate. The map in the back of the book shows that’s the southwest entrance. By the time Tyrion and his men reach King’s Gate they already hear the ram trying to break it down.

6. Tyrion tells the men standing guard to go out and deal with them but Sandor Clegane defies him. He’d been burned on his way back from fighting men all along the waterfront, poor Hound. One of his ears is burnt off. Half his men are killed or injured. The wildfire apparently hit some of them too. Tyrion realizes Sandor’s afraid. The only thing that man is afraid of is fire and Tyrion is making him run out in it again. He just can’t do it. I like that Tyrion tries to explain why he needs him to do this. But it’s no good; he still won’t budge. And because Sandor’s afraid, now everyone else is scared too. That is not good.

7. I forgot Jaime said Ser Mandon Moore is a dangerous man. Tyrion would have him lead the sortie but he’s not the sort of man people would follow.

8. He needs to find someone to lead them and quick; the gate is about to crash. In the end he volunteers himself. Woot! So brave! Lol, only twenty men back him up. They all look terrified, awe. More follow when Tyrion tells them he’s only half a man, “What does that make you?” He knows if he fights and they don’t they’ll be shamed; they’ll be seen as less than dwarfs. That is sad logic, but it works. Now he has twice the number behind him.

9. I really like how Tyrion tells them they won’t hear him shout for Joffrey or Casterly Rock. He’s going to kill these sons of bitches who are attacking their city! :) He heads for the gate and hopes they’re still right behind him, lol.

Clara About your point 1, I guess he just imagined how it looked like, from all the books he read.

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